22 Episode 22: Awakening

 Teresia is screaming beside me.

Oh, dear? Are you kidding me? Rodin, Rodin, oh no, oh no!

 Rodin came back covered in blood on a simple thangka made of sticks and cloth. I run to Teresia. Rodin closes his eyes and doesn't move. He opens his eyes and cries out to get up. But Rodin won't wake up.

It's okay, Teresia. I used my herbs.

"Huh? Lie, this, this kind of ......

 Teresia gives Gerda a look that says why she was so reassuring. The pitch-black clothing doesn't look like an injury that might help you.

It's true. I used a mullase flower.

"Huh? Huh? Oh no, you can't buy that ......

 It's like a potion a peasant can't afford. Slowly let Rodin in the house, telling him it's true, but he won't wake up. Rodin is put to sleep in the bedroom of Teresia and the two men. There are about 20 men in the house who have brought him in. It seems to be all the serfs who participated in the hunt.

"Hey, beth and bodoro, I'm sorry to trouble you, but I need you to get me some water.


 Instead of a reluctant Teresia, Gerda gives the instructions. It looks like she's going to make hot water. Allen goes into the living room and starts making a fire.

(How did this happen?)

 I don't know what's going on, but I'll do what I can.

"You guys are all right now, go get the meat. It's all right.


 Men's voices are heard, asking why he would say such a thing. Mash, awakened by the commotion, is startled and begins to cry. A crowd of men she doesn't know is crowding the place. Teresia hugs her and tries to reassure her.

"You know what I mean. It's a pain in the ass to have them here. I'll take care of the rest, and you can go home.

""All right,"

And also, as you know, don't do anything rash.

"What? It's a commoner's bastard that did this to you! I'm sure Gerda would agree! Let's all do it!

 Beth fetching water, yelling loudly in disbelief. Everyone snorts like it's true. The men's spears against the wall glow suspiciously in the bonfire outside. Mash is startled again, and cries out loudly.

"Hey, Beth. I'll take this one. So take the meat and go home. Talk to me, okay?

"Wow, I get it. ......

 The words were low and strong. I felt angry in a different way than Beth. Gerda is not calm. Beth and the men are overwhelmed and reply.

 The men leave on their way back the way they came. In the end, all but Gerda have left.

 Teresia and Gerda rip off their blood-soaked clothes.


 Teresia is shocked to see the wound marks on Rodin's stomach. It looks as if he had once been severely injured and welded to his torn belly.

I told you, the effect of the murase flower was real. It's really fortunate that the apothecary happened to have it.

 Saying this, Gerda joined in and cleaned Rodin's body with a rag wrung out with warm water. Teresia has also calmed down a bit and notices that Rodin's chest is moving up and down with his breathing.

"But how could you use such a precious herb?

"...... knight came by last time and gave me a gold coin. It's a good thing I left some for you.

 When Mash finally fell asleep after being cried to there, Allen, who has been putting him to sleep on the futon in the children's room, asks: "What happened?

What happened? Is it true that commoners did it?

 Teresia and Gerda are surprised by Allen's behavior. He shouldn't be talking like this, I thought. Allen's eyes are filled with anger for doing this to his precious father. Teresia also looks at Gerda. I want to hear what happened to Teresia too.

"It takes a little longer. Sorry, water.

 Allen draws water from a water jar into a wooden cup. Apparently he was quite thirsty, or maybe he drank it all at once, Gerda.

"The chief has been telling me for years that he wants the commoners to be included in the boa hunt. "The chief has been telling me for years that he wants the commoners to be included in the boa hunt.

 It's a boa-hunt that I've been doing with about 20 serfs all along. But the commoners were not so happy about it. The reward for boa hunting is a lump of meat. You get a pretty big lump of meat, up to ten kilograms. And whoever brings it back from where it was killed and dismantles it will be rewarded with a third of the meat. About 50 men will take part in the dismantling, and this is done by the serfs.

 The serfs beat them, the serfs cut them up, and the serfs eat the boa's meat. The only thing that comes to the commoners is the wood, salt, and other necessities in exchange for the necessities of the day. And that's just the beginning. If they want it, they must buy most of the remaining meat from the village chief. But C-grade meat is not something a commoner can easily buy. Most of it is processed as it is and transported to the city of the lord.

That's why the commoners want boer meat. The village chief wanted to spread boa hunting among the commoners as well, but no one came forward.

 The chief wants to go. Commoners want meat, but they cannot go. If you go hunting, you have to fight the monster. It's not as if the peasants are just going to kill them. In fact, we're talking about how many people have died in the last ten years. But they still hunt.

 I am not going to tell you why they hunt so dangerously. It's because we have a reason to hunt in front of us. It's for my family.

So why do commoners have to go this time?

 Allen asks.

I wonder if it's because there's a hero among the ...... serfs.

 From among the serfs came the holy swordsman. And it was not the chieftain or the village leaders attending the feast who were praised by the knightly leader in front of the village's leaders. It was Rodin who was praised, even by the word of his lord. After the banquet, the story spread throughout the village.

The chief asked me and Rodin to come with him at the beginning of this month. The mayor called me at the beginning of this month with Rodin and asked me to take five young men who want to go with him, well, it was almost an order.

 We trained because the chief ordered it. About ten days ago, we all got together several times to train how to beat them. But they were commoner youths who were not comfortable with a serf being in the middle of the top group, and their attitude was not very good. Nevertheless, Rodin persevered and trained.

 And today is the day. It was just as he had planned, just as he had trained.

 Rodan had told me many times how to hunt the Great Boar. It's very simple. We lure them out, surround them, and then we all kill them with our spears.

It takes some experience to lure them out and to finish off a rampaging boa. I've got the commoners in the back.

 I gave him the easiest role possible. But the story goes that he failed. The wall player got scared stiff in front of the hexenbiest. The wall fell, and he and the boa were locked in a melee.

Rodin got stabbed by the boa's nose horn. Well, here we are today.

 In the end, it was a no man's land. We got it done, but Rodin was seriously injured.

 He says this is enough talk and Gerda is leaving too. Gerda's wife and daughters are waiting anxiously for her.

 It's quiet in the Allen house as Gerda leaves. Teresia holds Rodin's hand as he doesn't open his eyes for a long time. Teresia tells him to go to bed, and so does Allen.

 Then the next morning. While both Allen and Teresia are awake, Gerda comes in. He brought a large piece of meat. They were told that this is Rodin's share. When they saw the meat, they were reminded of how much Rodan had risked his life for it. Teresia falls to her knees on the floor and breaks down crying.

"Is Rodin still not awake?

 Try not to touch Teresia's tears and draw water from the empty water jar, Gerda.

"Don't worry, we'll get you through the winter. You can have a child in peace.

 Gerda, who says she can handle the cold winter and her belly.

Thank you. ......

 That's when.

"Here, here?

 Rodin is awake. He looks like he doesn't even know where he is.

"Rodin, Rodin!

 Teresia hugging Rodin. Rodin groans, still not completely bruised. Mash too, Daddy! Dad! and hug.

 The three of us crying and hugging each other.

 Watch it. Watching the three of them embrace.

(Oh, what was I doing?)

 Allen thinks. Honestly, it didn't matter that I was born a serf. I only became a serf because the only choice was the serf. I could have been a prince or a traveler. I didn't care. When he was Kenichi, Allen played a lot of games. He's been playing games since he was seven or eight years old. In fact, I never chose a game because of what the main character's parents were. Because it does not affect the subsequent enjoyment of the game.

 But I was born to Rodin and Teresia, who were struggling to live as peasants. She has a brother and a new life in Teresia's belly. You realize that you have a job to do in this world.

 I feel something is awakening inside me. It's as if, for the first time at the age of six, you have truly reincarnated, standing on your own feet in this other world.

Oh, you're awake, Rodin.

 Gerda says, looking at Rodin, who looks a little distressed.

"Gerda, am I alive?

"Yeah, you're in luck. Do you feel okay?


 Rodin tries to get up. Feeling a sharp pain in his belly, he sits down again on the futon. Apparently, the wound hasn't completely healed yet.

"Hey, man, we'll take care of the boa hunting. And hey, we'll take care of your family through the winter, so you just heal up in time.

 An old friend lets out a messy but reassuring word.

"Yeah, not so fast.

"No, Dad,

"Hmm? Dad?

 Rodin is conscious of the first words he hears. There's something different about him. Teresia also looks at Allen as if to see what's wrong with him.

"Let me take care of the house. You need to get some rest and recuperate.

"Huh? Oh, thank you, but Gerda says: "......

 Rodin could not finish. That much resolve was in Allen's eyes.

I'll protect this house for sure!

 It was at the end of autumn when he turned six years old. Allen would start working in the village in earnest from this time. This was the day that Allen woke up.