24 Episode 24 Provocation

 It has been three days since we started digging potatoes. It's almost the end of October.

I'm going out for a bit at noon today.

"Huh? Really? Don't be too late.

Yeah, I'll be home before the evening.

 All the potato digging is done and we have a lot of potatoes in the garden. We are going to sort them into small and large pieces and deliver 60% of them, excluding the seed potatoes, to the village chief. The harvest time is quite busy in the garden.

 As for the tax collection, a man on a wagon comes periodically several times a year at a certain time. The next one is in early December, so you can sort them out before then.

 There is more sorting of potatoes to do in the morning. Farming is going on.

 Gerda also tells us what to do after the potato sorting. They need to remove the stems and roots that are still growing in the field. If not, they will be in the way of planting new ones next spring. They also need to check the narrow irrigation channels to make sure they are not buried and to make sure they are of uniform depth. He will take care of the canals that border the fields assigned to Rodin.

(We'll work on this in between.) But still, we're finally ready to play our cards.)

 Three days have passed since Rodin woke up from his injury.

3 days ago
Beast F11
2 pieces of Insect F
2 birds
15 sheets of grass F

16 copies of the beast F
3 bugs
2 pieces of Insect F
2 birds
Grass F7 sheets

(The card tweaks and enhancement level 2 are over.)

 I reduced the grass cards and increased the number of beast F cards in order to gain strength and make field work easier. And now that I had organized my cards, I continued to spend my magic to raise them to Strengthening Level 2. I now have a better understanding of the effects of the level 2 enhancement.

 Strengthening Level 2
Magic power consumption is 10
The effect is to increase the two statuses of the target of the blessing by 20

(Now we know that all skills other than generation do not change as the level increases, based on the magic consumption at acquisition. (The composite is fixed at 5 and the enhancement at 10.)

 And with the level of enhancement going from 1 to 2, the summoner's status enhancement went from +10 to +20. All the cards in your hand are already enhanced at enhancement level 2.

 From now on, I plan to raise them to Strengthening Level 3 first, and then earn skill experience evenly until the three skills of generation, synthesis, and strengthening reach Level 4.

 In the middle of the morning's potato selection, we'll have lunch. Rodin hasn't come out of his bedroom yet, but he's slowly getting better. Maybe a tree made from grass F and grown on my parents' side of the bedroom will help with the recovery.

 Finishing lunch, Allen went out into the garden once more. Now that both Rodin and Teresia are home, Mash is not lonely and quiet.

 Bring one of the large and small baskets, a good-sized one, to the tree. Willingly, he puts ten stones into the basket. All of them are thrown over and over again, each one about the size of a baseball with its corners removed. The wooden sword is placed in the waistband.

 You go outside with the baskets. You follow the footpath to the fallow field that Gerda told you about.

 When you arrive at the fallow field, you'll find it overgrown with weeds taller than Allen's height. They have not been cared for and the overgrown weeds are dry and dead. Crunching sound enters the room.

 They put baskets at random and wade in.

(First I need to find out what this fallow ground looks like.)

 Weeds that have grown taller than their height make the size of this fallow ground unclear. Wade back and forth to get a rough idea of its size.

(Is this the center of the area?)

 I found the general center of the fallow ground. And from the center, Allen begins to trample the weeds. He trampled the weeds deeper and deeper. He does this silently as the dry weeds are trampled and crunching sounds can be heard.

 A circular space about 10 meters in diameter, like an old-fashioned crop circle, is created.

(Well, something like this.)

 Suddenly goes out of the ten-meter circular space to a grassy area outside it and randomly takes a pebble out of the basket and places it on the ground. Then he grasps his wooden sword.

(summons peonta)

 A summoned beast of insect G is summoned to the center of a space like a crop circle. It is a frog about the size of a bullfrog.

(Okay, provoke it.)

"Gekko Gekko

 Bug G's peonta jumped around, flashing red-blue-yellow. Allen itself gasps in the weeds and watches.

 10 minutes pass.

(Hmm, that's not as good as I thought.)

 Allen holds his wooden sword and looks to the heavens. There are birds of all sizes flying sparsely in the sky.

There are birds in the sky. (There are birds in the sky, but not many of them, or their provocations are ineffective in the sky.

 Winter is coming. We desperately need firewood to stay warm over the winter. So far every year Rodan has been selling the meat from the Great Boar to buy firewood to keep us warm through the winter. I also have a young brother at home. Of course, Allen is six years old and not that strong in the cold.

 Every time we caught one, we got ten kilograms of meat, and we had caught ten of them. About half of it was spent on firewood. He bought firewood in the village.

 But Rodin will not be able to go boa hunting this winter. He was badly wounded, but he managed to kill one boar, and the village chief left him some food to take care of himself. And then there was Rodin, beloved by his friends. He received gifts from the serfs with whom he had hunted the boa. But compared to a hundred kilograms of great boar meat, it seems unlikely that you can buy enough firewood.

 In order to protect his family and the new life of Teresia's belly, Allen is trying to catch the birds.

(Well, aside from a hexenbiest like Albahron, even that cantaloupe-like bird would be at least two kilograms of edible parts. I was easily hoping to catch about 50 birds.)

 In the sky, there are also Hexenbiest birds like Albahron that are crossing to the north. But they're not interested in catching them. Large crane birds are also flying this season. I've set my sights on that area, and I'm setting a trap for them by provoking Pionta, the insect G.

 An hour goes by as I lay low in such contemplation.

(One card won't do the trick. It's a good thing I made three cards just in case.

 Also summons a second insect G. The second G also jumps up and down at the same place as the first one.

 Another hour goes by.

(d*mn! Even with two peontae, it's going to be tough. It's too high in the sky, so it might be difficult to lure them in. We don't know the range of the provocation's effect.


 The bell rings at 3 o'clock.

Three o'clock already. I told Crenna I couldn't play with you today. I haven't seen you in days.

 He hasn't played knightly games with Krsna since Rodin was badly injured. She refuses now because she has her home to deal with. Krsna looked sad for a moment, but said okay. Krena hasn't been to Allen's house for the past two days.

Okay, one more for three. Now you've got them all out.

"Gekko Gekko
"Gekko Gekko
"Gekko Gekko

 The three insects G piñata jump apart in a round space created by a fallow field. The three colors of red, blue, and yellow just seem to have different colors.
 I'm waiting with my wooden sword, but there's no change.

Was it just a raccoon trick? No, it's too early to give up. Maybe I'll try tomorrow with a few more Insect G cards.

 That's when.

 There was an object swooping down from above. Nearly giving up, it appeared before Allen's eyes as he let his guard down. A large claw-like foot attacks a bug G. It turns into a luminous bubble and disappears. It turns into a glowing bubble and disappears.


 It swooped down in the center of the round space, spread its wings, which were four meters long, and let out a loud cry as if to threaten.

 An albaheron has descended from the sky.