25 Episode 25 First Match

 Every fall and winter, the Albahelon flies from south to north. Allen has never left the village in the six years since he was born in the frontier village. This hexenbiest had taught him about the vastness of the world and the flow of the seasons.

 He was named after his father Rodin, who wished him to be like Albaheron, who moved freely through the heavens.


 That Albaheron has descended from heaven to earth. It seems that Bug G's special skill, provocation, can lure the monster. I don't know its true state, but it seems to be in a state of excitement after being provoked.

 It is about four meters from wing end to wing end and over two meters from foot to head. It seems to be twice Allen's height. Its feathers are white on the body. The white feathers turn blue-black as they reach the tips of its wings.

 A space about ten meters in diameter was created by Allen's trampling of weeds. Albaheron landed in the center. And off-center of the circle, amidst the still weeds, Allen lowered his stance and took cover.

(Huh! (Trying to catch a bird and the Alba Heron came down!

 I was surprised, but rarely wondered what to do. Or maybe if I just went into hiding, he'd just fly away and go away.

 Maybe it was because of something he'd heard in the back of his mind when he was a year old. Rodin said the albaheron tasted good when he ate it. Or maybe it was because of a gamer's instinct to fight when he saw a hexenbiest.

 There was only one thing to do. I gripped a rock on the ground as big as a baseball.

 Albahelon bites the second bug G, which continues to challenge him. With the second insect G also disappearing, you throw a rock with all your strength.

 Using all the strength in his body, he throws the stone toward Albaheeron's face, several times faster than an adult's throwing speed, thanks to the Beast Card and Level 3 throwing, and is sucked into the face of Albaheeron.



 A stone slams into his face, blinding his right eye. Albahelon cries out in pain from the unexpected attack and the loss of one eye.

 He picks up another pebble and throws it with all his strength. This time it hits the long neck, and the neck folds back. The head bobs wildly.

 Two throws cause Albaheeron's legs to wobble.

(That's working pretty well!) Whoa, I got it! (First hexenbiest won!

 When this is over, you grab your sword and dance in the grass as you step on it. You close the distance and swing your sword at its neck as if you were jumping up and down.

 The neck is bent by the sword as Allen swings it with all his weight on it. I push it further in. I want to pull it down.

 But while Albaheeron is damaged, he is not dying. He put all his strength into his neck and blew Allen, who had put all his weight on it, away. His strength was still there.


 Unexpectedly, aloud and surprised. Rolling on the weeds.

Oh no! Porgy, cover me!

 All at once, 15 enhanced beast F cards come out of the grimoire. All at once, the 15 cards come out of the grimoire and begin to glow. They turn into summoned beasts at a speed with almost no time difference.


 The beast F is a light brown dog about the size of an Akita, about the same size as an Akita. Surrounding Albaheron while barking.

(Biting pooches!

 It is the beast F that takes the command to bite, a special skill of the beast F, and leaps to its feet, wings, and neck.


 Bitten by the enhanced beast F. Bite the whole body and cry loudly Albaheron. However, the damage is done, but it does not seem to be fatal. Kick up the beast F with its reptilian legs.

 Although Albahelon can't move that fast on the ground, its power is quite strong. The beast F is kicked up and flies even higher than the bushes in the grass.

(d*mn, we're going to be poor if we don't do this!

 One by one, one by one, it gets bitten by its big beak, or killed by its big clawed feet. Every time a summoned beast turns into a glowing bubble, its power of blessing is drained, so you rush to generate a beast F, strengthen it, and summon it from the card. Each one consumes 20 magic power. But it has only 47 magic power. I ran out of magic power after summoning two of them.

d*mn, these D-ranked monsters are too strong. They weren't even able to win at level 1?

 That's when I was about to give up.

 Albahelon's big leg attacks Allen. I used my wooden sword as a shield to block it, but it was too powerful to kill. You'll be blown backward.

 He's blown backward. As Allen rolls through the weeds in the fallow ground, his big, claw-like feet strike. The big feet hold him to the ground. And then the beak of Albahelon strikes Allen in the face. In a panic, he holds his sword to the side to prevent the bite.

(Geez, this is gonna kill you.)

 This is the first time I foresaw death. The enhanced beast F is biting you all over, but you're not deterred by it, and you try to devour Aren. It is more powerful than Allen. Slowly, but you can see the jagged teeth in his beak and the back of his throat.

 The tip of Albaheron's mouthpiece brushes against his cheek. My cheek is slit and blood is flowing. My arms clench desperately around my wooden sword, and it's about to snap. Death comes closer and closer.

 I'm held down on the ground, desperately trying to think of a way out.

What will you do? Think! (Me!!!)

 I have never been more grateful for the tens of thousands of hours of games I played in my previous life than at this time. There are many games, and one thing I have gained by virtue of my playing time. That is experience. Thanks to that vast accumulation of experience, when you see the name of a skill or a technique or a magic, you can roughly guess what effect it will have.

 With no time for the runner-up to arrive, Allen desperately shouts, "Chu!

Chu! Come on out!

 Crushed to the ground, Allen summoned an enhanced Bug F. The Bug F is in the shape of a leech. Bug F is in the shape of a leech. It's a leech like a large sea cucumber in the ocean.

Suck it, suck it, chew it!


 With a squeal, Bug F contracts his muscles from a sea cucumber state and becomes a volleyball-like mass. It then leaps at the neck of Albaheron, who is about to devour Allen.


 Albaheron is sucked into the neck and tries to shake it off. Using its mouth as a junction, Bug F sucked on it and wouldn't leave. I managed to get free of Albahelon's legs while it was in the process.

 Bug F's body flashes strong and blue as it clings to me.

Oh! He's smoking something. (I knew it was an energy drain-like skill.

 Allen's prediction was correct. The bite is a similarly unverified bug F feat of sucking.

 I don't know what it is, whether it's physical strength or offensive power, but it summons yet another Bug F. I'm not sure what it is that it's sucking, but it summons another Bug F. The second Bug F sucked on my thigh and blinked blue. The second Insect F sticks to the thigh and blinks blue.

 Before it shakes off Bug F, it swings its wooden sword again. The beast F bites and joins in. The offense and defense are resumed.

 A leg kick goes to Allen. You use your wooden sword as a shield, but it doesn't feel as powerful as it did when you were holding it down on the ground earlier. He shakes off his leg and brings his sword to his neck. Then pull him down.

Does this reduce its attack power? This time I've brought him down.

 The attack power was reduced by the sucking technique of the two insects F. He puts his weight on Albahelon and falls backwards to the ground.

 He then holds the wooden sword with all his weight on it around his neck, trying to choke him to death. A few minutes pass.

 A grimoire appears, glowing faintly.

Oh, something's logged.

'One Albaheron has been defeated. I got 100 experience'.

 The log of the defeat and acquisition of experience in silver letters flowed.

Oh! We won, we won!

 In front of me is a humbled Albaheron.

 It's my first kill. Decades ago, when I was seven or eight years old. I have flashbacks from when I was seven or eight years old. It seems there's a part of me that remembers that time.

I see, so that's what my first hexenbiest was like. I think I know what it was like for the game's main character when he was 16 or 17 years old to be handed a few coins and fight a demon for the first time outside the town where he grew up. (I haven't left the village yet.)

 It brings back memories of real-world games where you bought something like a club for pennies, worked hard to level up around the city, and then went back to the inn when your energy was drained.

(Even so, D-ranked monsters are pretty strong. And you need to defeat 10 of them to earn 1000 experience points to level up. Well, it's level 1, and the summoned beasts have a rank of F.

 Experience] 100/1000

 Return all the summons to their cards and put the stones back in the basket, while reviewing the experience gained and analyzing the fought.

 Holding the basket in one hand, I put the wooden sword into the waistband and lift the Albaheron. You want to take it home with as little damage as possible, but your feet and wingtips rub against the ground. Allen is too small.

 You carry Albaheeron on your back and head home.

 You go to the front door and find a little girl standing in the yard. It's Klarna.

Huh? (I said I couldn't play today.)

"Oh, what's up with that?

 Surprised to see Allen with scratches on his face and body and some bleeding from a cut in the grass. Go to report to Rodin and Teresia, who are in the house in a hurry.

"Wait, what? Oh, Allen!

 Teresia hugs and sticky touches me to see if I'm seriously hurt.

"I'm not hurt, Mom. We've got Albahron.

 Being safe, it was Allen who reported that he had captured Albaheron, showing Albaheron on his back.

 Thus, the battle with Albaheron was over. This battle with Albahelon was Allen's first battle as a summoner.