26 Episode 26 Tax Collection

 Allen returned home with scars everywhere. Teresia is relieved to see that there are no deep wounds. She's still carrying her albaheron on her back. Place the Albahelon slowly on the dirt floor. It's a little bigger than an adult if you don't spread your wings. It's not a big house, so its legs protrude from the doorway.

"Allen, what are you doing here?

It came down from the sky and I got it, Mom.

(I don't feel like I'm lying.)

"That was awesome!

 Crenna smiles and compliments me. I'm not surprised at Albahelion.

"Oh, my God!

 Mash starts to cry at the sight of Albaheron and hides behind Teresia's back.

(Hmm, mash is a scaredy-cat.) Mash grow up to be a strong man. But it still weighs more than 20 kilograms. The edible parts are about ten kilograms. Probably could use some feathers. So there's a magical stone. I'll sell this stuff, I guess.

 About the materials of Albaheron, to do the math. When I see a hexenbiest bigger than an adult, it looks like ingredients and materials.

 I can hear what's going on in the back. Rodin, who's asleep in the back, knows what's going on. Teresia will tell him. What? No way! And Rodin peeks out to peer. There is a stepped-off area between the dirt floor and the bedroom, or perhaps it's a blind spot, but you can't see Albaheron. I'll grab his head and show it to you.

"Ah, there's Albaheeron. So you caught him, Allen. A rock and a wooden sword?

"Huh? Yup.

 The point of view is different from that of Teresia and Crenna. His right eye is crushed by a stone, and his neck is bent from repeated attacks. I'm analyzing how it was defeated, how it was defeated.

 They want to get a closer look. Picking himself up, Rodin is dragging himself towards the dirt floor.

What? Dad, rest up.

 Allen rushes up from the dirt floor to the living room.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing?

 Then came Gerda.

(Hmm? Why is Ms. Gerda coming at this time? I wasn't even planning to come today, and I'll tell you what, Krsna wasn't planning to come either.

 The day Rodin woke up, and then did not play with Krsna on farm work. He said he couldn't play with Krsna right now because he had things at home to do for both Krsna and Gerda. But two or three days passed, and unable to resist, Krsna came over to see Allen.

 And for the past couple of days, Gerda is told to play more than usual when she comes home from farm work. Playing with Krsna is harder than farming. It was too much and released her into Allen's house, and shortly after, Gerda came now.

 Allen is staring at her, but he won't make eye contact. It seems that it was intentional for her to miss Krsna.

She caught him! It's awesome!

 Despite Allen's speculation, Krena praises Allen's achievement to Gerda, who suddenly arrives. She glares at the captured Albaheron with a dumbfounded expression on her face, and then looks at Rodin. Then he looks at Rodin.

I guess he's serious. But you take it easy, though. Stay in bed. Rodin, would you like me to take care of the rest?

"Huh? I know. Sorry, can you do me a favor?

(Hmm? What? Will you teach me how to handle it? (It's helpful)

Then let's go, Allen.

"Huh? Where.

The chief's house. I have to give you this Albahron.

"Huh? Passing?

(Seriously? (Does that mean the hexenbiest belongs to the village chief?

 I get told to come out for a minute and go outside. I follow Gerda out of the house, grabbing the Albahron.

We need to bleed out, or we won't be able to eat.

 The machete on the floor of the house is used to cut the head, and blood is poured into the canal by the house.

Does this mean it belongs to the chief?

That's right. When a serf captures a hexenbiest, it's all his property. And we'll get 60% of what's left.

(Seriously, I thought the 60 percent tax collection rule was just for crops. Do they also levy on hexenbiests that they catch without permission?

 Apparently, they'll let you off if you're a rabbit with horns, but not if you're a D-ranked hexenbiest. They will be taxed exactly as they should be. The horned rabbit is the lowest-ranked E hexenbiest.
 I'm shocked.

But this time, Rodin's injuries are partly the village chief's fault. There's room to negotiate. It's Allen's first kill. I'll give you a great deal of leverage.

 Rodin was badly injured because the mayor forced five inexperienced commoners into the village. I'm told that we can get as much prey as possible this time, since I'm also owed a debt. It seems that Gerda will negotiate with the village chief.

I see, so this is what I want you to do.

 Allen makes a request about what we are negotiating. Hmmm, I see, and Gerda nodded, saying, "I see.

 Gerda tells Teresia that she's going to the chief's house now that much of Albaheeron's blood has been spilled. I also tell her I'll be back before the sun goes down.

 Gerda carries Albahelon on her back and heads to the chief's house with Allen. I'm going to bring him back to the chief's house, which is also in the same direction.

"Hey, hey, are we going to play tomorrow?

 I will be asked if I can play tomorrow.

(Hmmm, I finished digging the potatoes, so I won't be punished for playing in the afternoon.

 Crenna is waiting for an answer with a pounding heart. For some reason, Gerda is also waiting for your answer with a pounding heart. Furthermore, these days the end of the playtime is 4:00 pm, but the beginning of the playtime may be at 1:00 or 2:00 pm. At the age of six, she has less time for naps and more time to play.

Well, will you be okay tomorrow? Come here.


 Crenna's face is full of joy. Next to her, Gerda is patted down for some reason. I heard it's hard to raise a swordsman.

 Take Kurrena home and walk to the mayor's house.

 As you enter the residential area, all eyes are on you as you bring a large albaheron with you, but you keep walking towards the mayor's house.

Is the mayor there?

 Knock on the door of the chief's house and tell the ones that come out. They're here and you can come in. He walks in, still carrying his Albaheeron.

Oh! This is a fine Albaheron. What's up?

 The Albaheron is placed in the hall used for the feast the last time the knights came. It belongs to the chief and perhaps his people. The two of you will take care of it.

Ah. Yeah. I just happened to catch the late son of Rodin's son getting off the train. And this is how I got it.

 Gerda explains what she and Allen discussed on the way to the chief's house with Gerda.

I see.

"And hey, Rodin can't hunt. I'll give you all his feathers and you can have the rest, okay?


 The feathers on the body can be used as raw material for pens and decorations. Therefore, not only Albahelion, but also other birds are not thrown away when they are caught.

What's that? That's about right.

"No, that's not much, as expected...

 A silence hangs over the hall. Gerda is also staring at the chief, waiting for it to snap, but it seems that the feather alone is not enough.

I'll give you the magic stone too. There's the magic stone, too. How's that? Ohhhhh... Rodin's got a family of four. I'd love to feed them meat. You'll be hurt really badly and won't be able to hunt this year because someone said something stupid.

"What? More meat to bring in, my lord commands. You know that.

(Hmm? (Does the chief want more people to go hunting because the lord wants them to pay more meat?

Yeah, I know. What's up with that? I'm saying feathers and magic stones?

Yeah, that's right. Well, I'm indebted to Rodin. That's good.

 Gerda glances at Allen. Apparently, the story of adding the feathers, and even the magic stone, was Allen's strategy. Obviously, we'll start small at first and work our way to a compromise.

"Thank you, chief!

 Allen replies with a smile.

"Mm-hmm. Grow up to be as big as Rodin.

So, from now on, if I catch you, you'll only need a feather and a magic stone?

"Huh? It's

 This is where Allen wanted to decide. Allen still intends to catch Albahron. The meat, liver, and other internal organs that we decided on this time are all serf's, which is less than the usual 60 percent. The village chief's face grew reluctant.

"What? Oh, come on, the next time you catch me, I'll do the same. If we catch him next time.

 Gerda will join in.

Yeah, that's right. Next time we get him. Just the same.

"Thank you! It's hard to get the meat. Can we do the tax collection in December?

 We also need to decide how to store them. It's not easy to bring a whole one to the chief's house like this one.

"Huh? Well, yes. That's good, son of Rodin.

 I was reluctant to do so, but the village chief replied with a resounding "yes", probably because he didn't think there would be a next time anyway.

 The wagon to deliver the potatoes will arrive in early December. It was decided that we would deliver the feathers and the magic stone at the same time.

 It's getting a little dim on our way home. Let's get home before it gets dark, and the two of them hurry to head home. On the way home, Allen was repeatedly praised for being the son of Rodin.