27 Episode 27 Level Up ②

 Allen is alone in the center of the fallow ground, holding the Albahelon down.

Shit, I didn't think two of them would come down. We thought we were going to die. Well, not a single summoner was killed, so it was a perfect match.

 I can't help talking to myself.

 I went with Gerda to the chief's house to ask him about how to collect taxes on Albahron. Then we continued to hunt the Albaheron every three days. Apparently, if there is an Albaheron flying in the sky and three insects G provoke it, it will become enraged and fall to the ground.

 It won't come down even with one or two insect Gs, and it won't come down unless it's flying in the sky. Also, they are considered to be limited to hexenbiests. So far, no non-magical birds such as the red-crowned crane have ever come down from the sky.

Wait for an albaheron to fly in the sky
Provocation by G3 insects
When it comes down, turn the three insects into cards before you get hit.
Attraction by insects F2
Throwing stones at the weakened point, and pulling down the beast while surrounding it with F16 bodies
Hold down the neck with a wooden sword to put a stop to it

 Although I struggled in the first game, I won the second game unscathed because I was able to grasp the special skills of the summoner. It was a so-called winning pattern.

 And today, when I tried to catch them again, two of them came down at the same time. Come to think of it, the Alba Heron can fly alone or in groups.

(Maybe I'll add a few more insect F chews. I'm afraid of an accident.)

 Meanwhile, the grimoire was glowing faintly. I was holding his neck with my wooden sword, and I made him stop.

''Yes! I'm up to speed!

 You end up talking to yourself even louder. In the grimoire, there was a silver inscription that read, "You have defeated her" followed by a yellow inscription.

I've killed an Albahelon. You have gained 100 experience.

"The experience level is now 1000/1000. Your level is now 2. Your strength has been increased by 25. Your magic power has been increased by 40. Your attack power has been increased by 14. Durability has been increased by 14. Speed has been increased by 26. Knowledge is 40. Good luck increased by 26.

Oh man, that was awesome. That's as expected of an ability value comparable to that of a swordsman. But there's a big difference between S status and C status. I see.

 Check the status.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 6
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 2
 [Physical strength] 39 (65) + 80
 Magic] 36 (60) + 35
 [Attack Power] 14 (24) + 80
 Endurance] 14 (24) + 16
 [Quickness] 30 (51) + 26
 Intelligence] 42 (70) + 10
 Fortune] 30 (51) + 35
 Skills: Summoning <3>, Generating <3>, Combining <3>, Strengthening <2>, Augmentation <2>, Deletion, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 0/2,000

Skill level
 Summons 3

 [Born] 3
 [Combined] 3
 Enhancements 2
Skills Experience
 Combined] 2,610/100,000
 Strengthening] 1,480/10,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] FGH
 [Beast] FGH
 Bird ] FG
 [Grass] F

 Insects] 2 F, 3 G
 Beast] F16 sheets
 Bird] F2 sheets
 Grass] F7 sheets

(I see, as you level up, you get full strength and magic power.

 It is refreshing to see that the magic power is fully restored, since the summoning skill is always depleted when it levels up.

The increased status is added in parentheses and multiplied by 0.6. You can't just level up and then multiply it by 0.6. This is a serious area.

 Checking the grimoire for status increases.

After six years, you've finally leveled up. In this world, I think it's called overcoming or accomplishing a God-given test.

 This reminds me that the level has been raised. Rodin is a lot stronger than an ordinary man. The vats used to carry it from the water fountain to the water jar at home are quite large. He's probably hunted dozens of great boas and his level has risen.
 I asked him once how he could become as strong as his father. He said that God gives people trials, and when you pass those trials, God will give you power. This seems to be the idea of leveling up for people in other worlds and their belief in God.

Oops. They're coming. I've got to hurry back.

 Hurriedly place the second Albahelon on top of the first Albahelon, which was defeated earlier. Hold it together and bring it back. We don't have much time.

I'm home!

! Welcome back

 Do not be surprised when Teresia replies. Allen has caught the Albahelon again today. Today there were two of them.

You caught them again today?

 Rodin in the dirt floor.

"Yeah, Dad. You okay, Dad?

 Rodin has been feeling much better in the past month. He can now sit and stand. But if he stands or moves too long, he feels a pain in his tummy. Now he sits and beats the reaped wheat straw with a stick. The straw is beaten to make it soft and then it is woven into sandals and winter shoes.

 I beat the straw with a rather large club to make sure it doesn't open up any wounds.

You'll be able to find out more about it at ......

 Rodin froze at the sight of Allen's face. He seems to have noticed some change.

'Huh? Dad?

"Oh no, it's nothing. It's just my imagination.

(Oh?) (What's that?)

 It is at that time .


"Ah! No, I have to dry it before Krsna comes.

 With that, Allen carries Albahelon and heads outside to a narrow canal. There is a kind of clothes-drying platform attached here, which is used for draining Albaheron's blood.
 It is a simple structure made of sticks and boards at home with firewood and other materials. With this, you hang Albaheron upside down and cut his neck to drain his blood. The blood goes down the canal.


 The Kurrena comes running in fine. She's clutching a wooden sword in her hand.

"Hi, Krena. Hold on a second. I'm finishing up.

 I play with Crenna every day. It's usually between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. But I tell him to come after the 3:00 pm bell because we have a hunt every three days. You have to catch them before then and hang them above the canal.

 While I'm working on the two albaherons, Krsna comes along.

That's great! I caught two of them today!

 Be seen with glittering eyes. I'm Kena, who has no fear of monsters. I'm going to finish the job of draining the blood from the two bodies quickly, hoping that Mash, who is quite scared, will follow my example.

 After playing for the next hour or so, Krsna will return home. Mash watches from the window of the house. I'm told that next spring mash will go outside. He's almost three years old.

(For now, we're done with our ten body quota.)

 After dismantling one of them, I got a chunk of meat that's the equivalent of a single boa hunt reward. Since there are 10 of them, I should be able to get them through the winter now. Now we just need to turn them into dried meat and trade them for firewood.

(Next month, there will be no more albaherons, so I must hunt as much as possible during this month. There's 20 of them until the next level. (Level 3 will be difficult to achieve this year.


 I was thinking while I was playing, and I was knocked on my head.

There you are.

"d*mn it! Don't be absent-minded!

 Krena puffs out her cheeks when Allen doesn't take it seriously. It was Allen apologizing while rubbing his head to say he was sorry.