28 Episode 28 Confession

 The knightly game with Krsna is over after 16:00. The sun is going to set soon, so Krsna runs home.

 She makes dinner while helping Teresia with her growing belly. When you finish cooking dinner, the blood is draining out of your body, so it's time to move Albaheron to the dirt floor. As you might expect, I don't think it's a good idea to leave them hanging at home overnight.

 Since I killed 10 of them, I've heard that there are often albaherons hanging in front of the house, which is well known to the serfs living around. I've been asked by some serfs to give tips on how to catch them at the watering hole, but I've never explained it beyond catching them when they come down.

 They are hunting in the thick grass of the fallow ground to prevent others from seeing the moment they are hunting. As it is naturally a dead weed, they hear a rustling sound when someone enters. If someone comes into the fallow ground and he hears a noise, he will call off the hunt, but that doesn't happen.

Did Albahelon catch ten of these?

"Yeah, Dad,

 While sitting around the hearth eating dinner, Rodin is talking to Allen.

That's great.

 Apparently, it is quite curious. Farming and fetching water with extraordinary strength. I think it was a fairly large field, but it only took two days to finish picking potatoes. And he hunts for albaherons as a matter of course. I always thought you were a clever boy, but lately you've been showing more power than that.

 Look at Teresia. She looks a little uneasy. She's not saying anything, but she seems quite concerned. I look at Rodin again.

"When Mash is asleep, I want to talk to Mom and Dad about a few things.

 I say while watching the desperate mash beside me.

"All right,

 Rodin seemed to understand just from Allen's words. Allen thinks it's about time, too. I've been thinking about talking to you about why you have the power.

 These days, with his parents at home, Mash doesn't get upset when Allen isn't home. Play with him for a while and he goes right back to sleep.

 When I returned to the living room, I found both Rodin and Teresia sitting there. They've been waiting for me. Allen is sitting in his usual place.

"I think Allen thinks he's Allen.

 Before we talk, Teresia says that no matter what we talk about, her feelings for Allen will not change.

Thank you, it's going to take me a while, but can I?


 Rodin responds.

'Actually, a vision came to me when I was a year old.

"A sign?

Yes, it's a sign from God.


Allen. I will give you wisdom and power.


"Yeah, it's like I'm smarter and more powerful than other people. It was like that.


And I will give you a test you may not be able to accomplish with a hundred men. With the wisdom and strength I have given you, you will pass the test.

"100 people!

 What you would give to a hundred men, you give to one. It was such an endless ordeal.
 Rodin spoke of raising the bar as passing the gauntlet. I made a phrase to fit it.

What did God tell Allen that such a ...... test could be unattainable with 100 people?

 Teresia exclaims.

"Well, I guess we got through that ordeal today.


 But Rodin seems to have gotten the hang of the story. Rodin touches Allen's cheek.

"You may not have noticed, but I had a scar here until lunch.

 He had a cut on his cheek from his first fight with Albahron. He had a cut on his cheek with the tip of his beak that almost got him. Now it's gone. Allen hadn't noticed.

(Huh? When you level up, you'll recover your full strength. (Does that mean you'll recover all of your strength, including old wounds and so on?

 This is the first time I know of this fact. So, when Rodin was seriously injured, the other serfs tried their best to defeat the Great Boar. If they did, there was a chance that Rodin would survive the ordeal and make a full recovery.

I think I passed the gauntlet for the first time. I feel empowered.

"I see. Was it a sign from God. Did God give you a name?

 There are many gods in this other world. The question is, which one is giving Allen a test.

"Huh? Uh, Elmere said.

The Creator. You mustn't call him by his nickname. Master Elmere.

"Okay. I'll dress you in public.

"Yeah, well...

 I don't have a shred of faith.

So what was that thing about the appraisal ritual?

 At the appraisal ceremony, Allen was graded E for all his untalented abilities. I've always wondered about that. I don't think he's not very talented or less capable, my son.

That was a sign from Elmere again two months ago.

"Well, you're recent!

As for your abilities, he said there was no error because he took into account your growth rate, your speed of passing the test. He said he couldn't evaluate the talent because it was a new talent. I'm not sure you heard about the actual talent.

"Oh, I didn't know that.

 Allen decided not to answer about the summoner. It is a talent to summon and use a hexenbiest out of thin air. Maybe it would give some kind of misunderstanding. It's a talent that neither Rodin nor Teresia have heard of before.
 I think we'll talk about it slowly at a later time, when we have a chance to confess it again.

 For now, I'll just say that Allen has been given wisdom and strength to overcome a divinely imposed test that even a hundred men could not accomplish. I'll explain about wisdom and power.

 Of course I didn't explain reincarnation either. Since the beginning of my reincarnation, I have chosen to hide the fact that I have memories of my previous life. If dark eyes and black hair are proof of reincarnation, then the surprise of the villagers is that there may be very few or no reincarnated people in the village. I thought it might be the reaction of a small village, but the knight commander was also staring at me. Apparently, dark eyes and dark hair are quite rare.

 Teresia comes over and hugs Allen.

 I somehow understand why she kept throwing rocks until the bark was flipped wide open. Now I'm fighting the Albahelon for my family. I thought I'd been fighting the trials of the gods all alone.

I wish I'd heard this a little sooner.

Yes, I would have liked to hear this a little earlier. I'm your father. So you were wise because God gave you wisdom.

"I'm sorry, Mom, Dad. I'm sorry it took so long to tell you. I'm going through this ordeal.

 Talk about the future. What? That's Teresia's face. My sweet child is about to walk the path of the wilderness. Even with 100 people, my child is about to walk a path of trials that could not be crossed.

You're right, of course. It's a trial for you, created by God. God won't give you a trial you can't pass. You can count on Mom and Dad for anything you need.

 But Rodin apparently agrees. Having been involved in boa hunting all his life, the trials of the gods were closer to Rodin than to Teresia.

Thank you.

Have you told this story to anyone else?

No, I haven't even talked to Crenna about it.

Yeah, God the Creator is absolute. Don't talk too much about it.

 Some people don't think well of it when they say they alone heard the voice of God .

(Well, they heard me because they were my parents. If people hear it, there's no proof, and it could be that you're cheating on God.)


"Just sayin'


"Can I show off a little to Gerda?



No problem.

That's right, that guy is happy to be a saint of swordsmanship. You have to show him that my child has greatness too.

 Apparently, he was a humanistic father who was quite jealous of his best friend's daughter because of her excellence.
 We couldn't talk much, but the awkwardness of the past few days was gone.