30 Episode 30 Market Research

 Two days after securing firewood for four days. Today I was again headed to the residential area of the village to buy. I'm thinking of going shopping in the morning every two to three days, because Krsna is coming in the afternoon.

 As for the use of the meat of the sixteen captured Albaherons, Rodin and Teresia have left it completely in their hands. I traded them for Mormo berries last time, but they didn't say anything. Mash was happy to eat them. I hope Teresia will get as much nourishment as possible for her baby as well.

 I put ten kilograms of Albahron meat on my backpack and put on a pair of shoes made of thick wheat straw. It's cold indeed in winter with slippers. Even so, the melted snow still finds its way into the shoes. The same goes for the tattered linen, but it's also quite cold.

 An hour's drive takes you to the commercial district. The commercial district is just a few stores clustered together in the village.

(Today, Gerda isn't here, so I'll just do a little research.

 Today I am coming alone, as it is the second time.

 Enter the salt shop. I bought some last time, but that wasn't enough. We need to stock up on salt too.

 You give the brusque owner about 5 kilograms of meat. Weigh the meat with a scale, silently as before. Watching silently, you'll get the same answer as before.

"That's 10 cups.

"So please.

 Give me the crate and use a tablespoon to put salt in it.

Thank you. How much is this one for me to buy?

"Huh? Five silver coins.

(Hoho, I see)

 Next stop, the grocery store. As usual, the woodshop is the last place to go because of the baggage.

Trade this meat for fruit.

"Yes, which one?

(There are several kinds of fruits.)

 Point to a yellow peach-like fruit that you don't usually eat.

"What is this?

This is expensive. It's one popo nut.

(Ugh! Popo too high . (Do you want the usual Mormo berries)

 For mash and yet sweet tooth Allen . Buy fruit again.

Is that so? How much is it worth?

 They are friendly and tell you things. Combined with the information from the last purchase, you will get some idea of the value.

 The following are of equal value
1 chunk of Albaheron meat (about 1 kilogram)
2 cups (about 30 grams) of salt
4 pieces of Mormo nuts
1 piece of popo nut
Firewood for 4 days (about 60 kilograms)

 Salt and fruit are through the peddlers, so it feels quite pricey. Incidentally it is a vegetable shopkeeper who also told me about the coins.

 The following are of equal value
1 gold coin
100 silver coins
1000 pieces of copper coins
10,000 pieces of iron coins

 Allen is trying to find out the price and value of money. He wants to make the whole family commoners. Gerda told me that we'll need 50 gold pieces.

 About a kilogram of meat from Albahelon is worth a silver coin and the salter's price. Since we can get 10 kilograms of meat from Albahelon, we calculate the number of kills we need to make for 50 gold coins.

(So we only need to kill 500 Albahelon's animals? Next year, if I hunt all the way from October, I should be able to earn 50 gold coins in a few years.

 When Allen was Kenichi, he was constantly hunting monsters in the game. Ken'ichi, who loves to play, thinks that 500 monsters can be achieved quickly. Depending on the game, the number of monsters killed per hour may exceed ten thousand.

 Now that you know a certain amount of the market price, head to the wood shop and you'll see an apothecary and a weapon shop.

 I can see something that looks like medicinal herbs inside the store that seems to be an apothecary. I saw them the other day, but I couldn't stop by because Gerda was there too. Speaking of which, I went in.

Excuse me.

"Yes, come.

 Various grasses and other things are decorated in the store. At the back of the store there is a rather old woman.

Do you have a potion to restore your magic?

"An? I don't want to get cold feet. I don't think we have anything that expensive on hand.

 There are only herbs in here, such as wound medicines and fever reducers.

"I see.

(I see, the magic restorative is there, but it's expensive. . or you can't buy it until you can earn some money.

 The first time I fought Albaheron, the beast F was defeated all over the place. When the summoner is defeated, his blessing also disappears. He is a summoner whose summons are killed and he is in trouble more often than not when a strong enemy appears and he is in trouble. I just wanted to see if you had any magic restorers, if possible.

 I won't kick you out for rummaging around. He's a six-year-old boy in rags who doesn't look like he has any money.

(That's not very nice.) So does the salt shop, the grocery store, and the woodshop.

 Presumably it is the commoners who are opening the store, but not exclusively against the serfs.

Which is the wounding agent?

Anh, thereabouts.

 Bluntly tells us . I look at the dried herb-like grasses in the place where I was told, wondering if the other world is full of bluntness.

(I see...)

 Never tried in a grimoire. You try to memorize the shape of the dried herbs and try to write down the image of the herbs. It transfers to the grimoire like a pencil drawing.

(Oh! I got it! (You've got to try everything.)

 I have divided the memo function of grimoire into several uses: for verification results, hypothesis, diary, and memory of the real world. I'll record the descriptions of the herbs one by one just in case.

 Right now you can't leave the village because you are a serf and have limited mobility, but when you can move around freely, you will be able to go looking for medicinal herbs.

 As I was thinking about this, I remembered the herb that saved Rodin's life.

Now that you mention it, is there a mullase flower?

"What? There is no such thing. I wouldn't lose it even if I had!

 It's the apothecary shopkeeper with a bad attitude. Huh? Why? and surprised.

I'm sorry.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. It was a terrible experience for me.

Is that so. Was that about a month and a half ago?

(Huh? I heard that my dad was saved by a mullase flower. What's the matter with you?

 We only hear from Gerda that she bought Mulase flowers in an apothecary shop for Rodin and used them.

 The owner of the apothecary tells me a story from about a month and a half ago.
 A man named Gerda came running into the store before evening. He said he wanted the best medicine for his wounds. He came with a terrible sword.

 There is a flower of Mulase and he offered five gold pieces. And he offered to pay you for it at a later date for three gold coins.

 He said he couldn't afford to lose three gold coins. And although he said he would pay later, he did not look like he had three gold coins.

They said if I didn't bring the three gold coins tomorrow, they would sell me into slavery to pay me.

 The story goes that he got down on his knees in the store and begged his best friend to save his life. He was defeated by his perseverance and agreed to pay 3 gold coins later. In fact, the next day, he did indeed bring three gold coins.

I can easily sell five gold coins in my lord's town. I was going to sell them next time the peddler came, but now I've lost a lot of money.

 The shopkeeper swears that you lost and lost money. He replies that it was so. It's sold out now, but he reminds me that if you had it, you'd have to buy five gold coins.

 That's all I have to say.

 You put down your backpack and take a chunk of Albahron's meat and put it on the counter.

Hmm? Which herbs would you trade for?

No, I'll give it to you.

"Huh? What do you mean?

 It is the owner of an apothecary store with a look on his face that says he doesn't know what he's talking about. She is a wrinkled old woman, but her brows wrinkle further.

It's my father who's saved my life because you lost me. This is for you. Thank you so much.

 Huh? bowed deeply and thanked the shopkeeper, who made a face of "I don't know what to do".

 Then every time I came to buy something, I brought a piece of meat. After the third time, he told me it was enough.