31 Episode 31 Dogora

 At the apothecary, I heard about the day when Rodin was badly injured. I learned of Rodin and Gerda's friendship. I think I'll keep this to myself.

Am I next door to an armorer?

 Exit the apothecary and go into the weapons store next door.

Excuse me.


 It seems to be a store that never answers. There's a familiar face in the back.

(Huh? (I think that guy was the father of the axeman's child)

 He was at the same table at the banquet, the father of an axeman's son. He was the owner of a weapon shop. He has his arms crossed as a boy in rags walks in. I think he recognizes the boy as Allen. He's staring at me.

 He won't let me leave, so I ransack the store.

I thought it was a weapons store, but it's a hardware store. Some pots and pans and knives.

 It's a small village that just graduated from a pioneer village. I'm sure they're doing more than just weapons. Even the convenience stores in the countryside sell vegetables and other things.

I'm in no hurry, but I want to get rid of my wooden sword.

 The reason for entering the store this time was to upgrade the weaponry for defeating Albahron. The wooden swords sometimes break. I have a spare wooden sword with me just in case, but it's too late, so I press down on my neck with my arm when it breaks.

How much is this sword?

"...... It's 50 pieces of silver.

 He is blunt, but he seems to answer.

 Almost everyone in this village knows that this dark-haired boy's father is Rodin.

 Even the owner of the armorer knows that Rodin is the organizer of the serfs. He has been settling the village and killing the boars since the early days of the settlement. Along with Gerda, he is one of the organizers of the serfs and has a respectable presence in the village. The fact that 70 percent of the village's population is serfs shows the magnitude of their presence in the village.

 Normally, a six-year-old boy in rags would think nothing more than to chill out when he asks you how much a weapon costs. He's answering the question, partly due to Rodin's influence.

(I see, the cheapest-looking dagger will cost you 50 silver coins, enough for five Albaherons.

By the way, how much would an iron bar the size of this wooden sword cost?

Well, there's about 20 pieces of silver.

 I usually carry a wooden sword in a waistband.

(That's a pretty good price.)

 Even a non-bladed iron bar costs the price of two Albaherons.

 If possible, I would buy one to better equip it, but it's not a good idea to improve your weapon for your own satisfaction. I want to use as much of Albaheron's meat as possible for my family.

 Give up and leave the store.

Well, let's go buy some firewood and go home. We're almost done with the market research.

 I'm going to the woodshop where I came two days ago.

Oh, you're that kid. You're back today.

"Yes, please trade for this meat.

 It seemed to make quite an impression. The owner of the woodshop also seemed to remember. We exchanged 60 kilograms of firewood for four days' worth of firewood and strapped it on the backpack.

 The owner of the shop said to me, "It's amazing after all," and I left the store. I leave carrying several times my weight in firewood. It is now just before 10:00 in the morning, and you are attracting attention from a large crowd.

 You're walking down the street, unconcerned, and ahead of you is a potato-faced boy named Dogora, who looks familiar to you.

Oh, d*mn it! What the hell are you doing around here? Kuro Kami!

 The child of the shopkeeper of the armorer probably heard about it from the shopkeeper, who was his father. I wonder if this area is Dogora's territory, or if he's trying to pick a fight.

Hmm? I just came to buy firewood.

 So saying, you try to walk past Dogora, who is standing in the direction of travel. You feel like you've been tangled up in something, but you don't seem to want to deal with it.

"Hey! Don't be shameless. Don't you dare!

 He didn't like Allen's attitude. A slap on the chest. Take a few steps back and balance the wood.

Hmm? What do you do?

I won't let you through. I'll let you through when it's my kid.

 It is Dogora who asks Allen to be his henchman. He can't seem to stop grinning, as if he's convinced of victory by Allen's irresistible attitude.

 Hearing this, Allen keeps a blank expression on his face and puts his backpack on the side of the road so that it won't get in the way of the street.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he was a gamer. It is also a pretty heavy gamer. Playing MMO's and other online games, he is often rumored on online forums to be a netizen, even though he is supposed to be a company employee.

 A netizen is a title that can only be earned by those who have dedicated their lives to the game. Company employees do not get it.

 The method of the game then is simple. To become stronger, level up and strengthen your equipment and kill stronger enemies. You won't run a blacksmith shop or collect items that won't make you stronger. Ignore all obscure seasonal events.

 Naturally, I am not interested in fighting against others in the fighting arena. Doing so won't give you any experience and won't make you stronger. Kenichi's opponent is a monster and a hexenbiest. I'm not an opponent.

 But if you become famous enough to be exposed on the internet, you will be subject to the famousness tax.

 When you are out hunting, you may be attacked by a player who is a player killer and who makes his living attacking other players. They will attack you for the purpose of amusing you or stripping you of your equipment.

 In such cases, I have defeated anyone who interfered with my hunting, whether they were a junior high school student, a housewife, or a faggot. To be honest, since this is an Internet game, you don't know your opponent's gender or age. I have always brought equipment against player killers and have beaten them without fail.

Oh, so it'll be my guy?

 It was Dogora who was watching the backstraps down.

No way.

 Then he pulled out a wooden sword from the waistband. Grasping it with both hands, he raised the tip of the sword to chest level.


 This is an unarmed dogora. I guess he didn't expect you to pull out your wooden sword.

What's the matter? Bring it on.

"Oh, that's awful!

"Do you say the same thing on the battlefield? Axeman Knight.

 After three years of playing knightly games with Krsna, the knightly tone has become boarded up. It just comes out naturally. That's probably because of Krsna.


Bring me whatever weapon you want. Dogora the Axeman.

"What? Don't bother!

 It's Dogora, running at high speed. And he's coming back like a bat out of hell. There's something big in his hand.
 As if from a weapon shop, it's a large, round stick that looks like plywood, and I've brought it to you at a run.

 It is Dogora, poised with a huff and a puff.

"What's the matter, aren't you coming?


 Provoked and enraged, a game of knightly dogora began. Dogora forcefully wields a round stick. Carefully received with the wooden sword.

 Quite a few people are watching this game of knighthood between Allen and Dogora, but remain silent.

An axe man. They were called axe warriors in my game. Now we start playing knightly, but what to do?

 I started without thinking. It's not a game, so I don't want to cause any bloodshed. I keep catching Dogora's round stick, wondering what's going on and how it will end.

"Hahahaha, what's the matter with you?

 It's Dogora who provokes Allen, who only accepts the challenge. Then, with a little effort, you put your wooden sword to Dogora's round stick.

 It's December, and the hunt for Albaheron is over. The farm work is almost done and they don't need as much strength anymore. Rodin is also recovering.

 That's why I switched from Beast F to Grass F. I've increased my magic power and skill experience. This is to increase my magic and gain skill experience. It's still several times stronger than Dogora, and several times stronger than most adults around here.


 Dogora is blown off the stick. Dogora says shit and sticks his wooden sword to the tip of her nose as she tries to stand up.

Do you want to continue?


 I think he's getting overwhelmed. He's out of breath and saying "zealous". He's staring but won't get up, so I'm carrying his backpack from the side of the road.

"Hey, Dogora the Axeman!

"What, what?

I'll be back in two days' time to do some shopping.


 With that said, Allen was on his way home with Dogora in his sights, who refused to get up.