34 Episode 34: Boa Hunting ①

 It is now October 1, entered October. Allen has turned seven years old.

 The Allen family gathered in the living room.

I'm going to go.

I'm going to go, Mom.

"Take care, Rodin, Allen.

 Rodin and Teresia kiss before going out. Then Teresia hugs Allen. The hug is pretty tight. It's like a lifetime farewell.

 Rodin grabs his spear and hands me a bag of his usual hunting rations and other things. The bags you carry on your back as a kesa-gatame are a little larger than usual today because they also include Allen's.

 At the beginning of September, the village chief asked me to hunt more boas on instructions from the lord. When Rodin was thinking of hunting more, Allen proposed a solution.

 Both Rodan and Gerda agreed to the proposal. That way, it would be less of a sacrifice and less of a burden.

 Today is the day to implement Allen's proposal.

 I'll meet up with Gerda. Lily and Crenna are beside me, held by Michilda.

Aren! I want to come too!

 Krena will hold Allen's arm. I think Kreena wants to go boa hunting with him. Gerda has a confused look on her face.

"Ha, when you're a little older.

"Eh, it's only that one~

"I'm just visiting, too.

 Allen is the same age and puffs out his cheeks. I pat my head and say good-bye. He asks that we play knights today at Allen's house without Allen. You can't get to Crenna's house on your own, mash.

 I'll go with Gerda to the gate at the end of the residential area.

 This boa hunt, Allen will only observe and not participate in the hunt.

 Both Rodin and Gerda agree with Allen's suggestion. But we were told not to hunt. I spent an hour trying to persuade them. I told him that it was no danger if it was Aren's idea.

 But Rodin doesn't back down and says no, no way. He told me that you have to be at least seven or so years old to do that.

 Then I said, "Well, maybe we could take a tour. She was going to say no to that, too. They say they need it to confirm the proposed plan. They agreed to watch the tour from a distance. I watched Allen and Rodin's argument with a look on Gerda's face, wondering why she wanted to go this far.

 When can I join them? We even talked about whether next year would be a good year. He said at least ten years old. I think it's the same for seven and ten. I'm 35 in a previous life. They say a farmer's kid is usually around ten years old to help in the house.

 Perhaps because of this common sense, Rodin was shocked when he offered to help out at home when he was three years old.

 He was a serf with no compulsory education and an early working age. Commoner children begin to help at home around the same time. I've heard that Rodin has been helping his family farm since he was 10 years old.

 Incidentally, in this other world, adults start at age 15.

(I won't be able to join for another three years. I need the experience of the Great Boar. We'll have to do something.

 For Allen, experience is everything. Now that we are in October, I plan to resume hunting in Albaheron, but I also want to get the experience of the Great Boar. I'm thinking of a way to visit and see what we can do.

(Hmmm, the card tweaks look good.)

 I'm just visiting today, but since the Battle of Albaheron is coming up, I changed the card adjustments to hunt specifications.
 I've seen the status increased from 0.6 to 0.7 times at the age of 7.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 7
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 2
 [Physical strength] 45 (65) + 75
 Magic] 42 (60) + 35

 [Attack Power] 16 (24) + 75
 Endurance] 16 (24) + 18
 [Quickness] 35 (51) + 28
 [Intelligence] 49 (70) + 10
 Fortune] 35 (51) + 35
 Skills: Summoning <3>, Generating <3>, Combining <3>, Strengthening <3>, Augmentation <2>, Deletion, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 600/2,000

Skill level
 Summons 3
 [Born] 3
 [Combined] 3
 Enhancements 3
Skills Experience
 51,418 / 100,000
 Combined] 51,410/100,000
 Enhancements 51,400/100,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] FGH
 [Beast] FGH
 Bird ] FG
 [Grass] F

 Insects] 3 F, 3 G
 Beast] F15 sheets
 Bird] F2 sheets
 Grass] F7 sheets

 The level of reinforcement is now 3, and I've been spending magic power every day since then to gain skill experience. Generate, synthesize, and reinforce level 4 has only half of them left. It is likely that I will reach summon level 4 next year.

 The effect of enhancement level 3 is to increase two statuses that will be a blessing by 50. It is a summoned beast whose status is constantly being enhanced.

 Go through the square of the assembly hall and approach the gate. There's a crowd of people there. They are the fellows from today's bore hunt. They all hold spears.

 Big deal! I hear a voice saying, "I'm sorry. Everyone's looking at Allen. The look on their faces says, "He's really here. But no one speaks out against Rodin or Gerda.

 Rodan gave permission for them to come for a tour, and Gerda did not object to it.

 And Allen has shown over the past year that he is more than capable of being a man. Many of the serfs have been watching the watering and firewood shopping. In a world where there are levels and people's power can be multiplied by dozens and dozens, Allen's presence seems to have been accepted.

Let's go when we're all here. We've got two newbies today. Let's get fired up!


 Everyone responds to Rodin's call. He is the leader of the boa hunt who has returned after a year. Many of us are very excited.

 Not everyone is here yet. Two newcomers are already here. They're both commoners. I'm talking to two of the five who joined last year. They are waiting at the rendezvous point with their spears.

 We've only hunted 10 boas so far.
Increase the frequency of the hunt.
Increase the number of hunting groups

 The more often you hunt, the more great boas you can naturally hunt. And if you create two groups of 20 people hunting now, you will be able to hunt twice as many boas.

 What we need to do in both cases is to increase the number of new boa hunters.

(First, we have to show that these two people can hunt without problems. Then we'll start adding people.

 We will start with two people. As the number of times, we will increase the number of participants in the boa hunt.

 Just thinking about it, it looks like we're all here.

Got it, let's go!


 This time Gerda calls out. With vigorous replies, she heads for the gate.

Seven years of being a serf. Are we finally out of the village?

 This time, Allen also got permission from the chief to go out. If Rodin and Gerda ask for it, the chief can't say no. When I told him it was necessary for this hunt, he looked at me as if it were true.


 Unexpectedly, a voice came out.

 A few meters away, through a wooden gate, we were outside the village. The path beyond the gate is not very well maintained, but it's clearly recognizable. I wonder if this is where the Knights came from last year.

 The road isn't covered with trees, but where it isn't, they're sparse and obscure the horizon. Outside, there are trees, but not as many as in a forest or woods, and it's not a grassland. The trees nearby are mowed, which makes me wonder if the lumberjack is mowing them for firewood.

 You are in awe of the vastness of the world.

Come on, Allen, let's go. This way.

 Rodin calls out to Allen, who freezes and stops moving.

 This road the Knights came along doesn't look like it's going to be used. I'm going to go around through the gate and head for the woods. I can see a dense forest in the distance.

It's about three hours' walk to the first hunting ground.

 Today is revenge for the hunt that I enlisted a rookie in the nearest hunting ground. It's quite a distance.

 As we were walking and reviewing the hunting techniques Rodin and Gerda told us about, a young man came up to Rodin and said, "Good luck today!

I'll do my best today!

(Hey, I've seen that somewhere)

 It seems that he is one of the commoner's new participants.

"Yeah, well, I shouldn't have to step on it so hard this time.

 Then Rodin tells me not to push too hard.

Oh, there's the young man who came to see you last year. You joined this year, too.

 Rodin asked the chief to recruit two new recruits, one from the serfs and one from the commoners. Ok, the chief said, and here they are today's recruits.

 Twenty-three men set out for the hunting ground of the Great Boar.