35 Episode 35: Boa Hunting ②

 Twenty-one serfs and two commoners walk towards the woods. The nearest hunting point is just ahead.

 Rodin and Allen left home before 7:00 a.m. today as they have only fetched water. It's probably around 8:00 a.m. now. We're told that they'll be at the hunting point before noon.

(More boas to catch, then.)

 Allen thinks. Why are we so concerned about the number of boas, he wonders. He is a village chief who has been asking for more participants for years. It's the lord's decree to increase the number of boas to be killed.

 I remember what the Lord Commander said when he came to see Kleanna. The leader told me that this territory is most concerned with increasing the food supply.

 All I could do was walk and think about why the lord was pushing for the boar hunt. I can think of three main reasons.

Reason 1: There is no major industry in the territory, so he is focusing on increasing food.
Reason 2: I want to collect more taxes because I can now get a boa on the shelf.
Reason 3: Because of the lack of food in the territory or in the kingdom

(I can think of all of them, but I'm not sure if it's simply 1 or 2. With 3, there would be peddlers coming to the village to sell fruit, and it doesn't sound like there's a shortage of food.)

 He hadn't yet noticed that Allen's thinking had changed a bit since he came here. This is probably because this is the first time in his seventh year of reincarnation that he has been outside the village and his horizons have been broadened.

Okay, here we are!

 Everyone stops at the sound of Rodin's voice. It's a little further into the woods.

 This area is a little wide and treeless. It's big enough for twenty people to hunt.

 Since they have been walking for several hours, they are eating dried sweet potatoes from their belongings and drinking water from their water bottles.

What are you going to do today, Pekezi?

 Gerda calls a man named Pekezi. A man comes by to chew on a dried sweet potato.

 He carefully consults again, drawing a diagram on the ground with a stick, to see where he will bring the boa from. Allen listens along with him.

 The twenty men will be divided into three groups. So there will be three leaders. Rodin, Gerda, and the other leader is Pekezi.

 The actions of Pekezi's squad can mean the difference between life and death.

Today, we will attack the north.

 I'm not sure if the boa is coming from here or not, but Gerda confirms that Pekeji's reply is north.

 Pekeji's team is responsible for bringing a boa.
 As Kenichi, we were called fishermen in a game we played, whose job it was to bring the enemy we wanted close to our teammates' positions.

 We were the smallest of the three teams, and three of us, including Pekeji, were in charge. Then, saying that they'll be back, the three of them grab their sticks and disappear into the woods. It's not a spear, but a razor that looks like a wooden sword, just like the one Allen has with him. I'm going to fish with it.

 Boa are scattered throughout this forest, but they are not alone. I'm talking about one to three boas. If you find one boa, good. But if you bring all three boas to the last two, you will be wiped out and your hunt will be a failure.

 You must bring one boa with you and scatter the remaining two in the woods. The three of you should work together to bring in one boa.

 I heard that there are a lot of boas in the woods, so you can catch them rather quickly. I'm told that it won't take long to catch them.

 In the fall, the number of great boas increases in this forest near the village.

(I remember that the Shiro Dragon Mountains are just beyond this forest.

 I wanted to find out why the boas come to the forest in the fall, but neither Rodin nor Gerda could tell me more about it.

 What they do know is that if you go through this forest, there is a mountain range beyond, called the Shiro Dragon Range, where the white dragon lives. It is said that the boas originally live in the foothills of the Bai Long Range and come to the forest to feed in the fall. So when autumn is completely over and winter comes, they return to the foot of the mountain range.

I can't see the mountain range. They're pretty far away. (I wonder if they are quite far away, though the trees are in the way.

"I'm here, I'm here!

 As Allen's thoughts are interrupted, Pekezi comes running out of the woods. The remaining two have not returned. It seems that there were three boas, and two of them are in the process of being spread out in the woods.

"Gmo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o" (!!!!)


 The Great Boar came in. He tries to crush Pekezi. Pekezi uses the tree as a shield and ducks. He slams into the tree and slows down before he can run back to his friends.

 We'll take it from here and Gerda will be waiting for you. Gerda's team is on the next job. There are about 11 of us here. The one with the most men.

 Pekezi is running to Gerda's side. They're going to cut through Gerda's group.

 The boa comes charging in from behind Pekezi at full speed. Large fangs with horns sprouting from snout to head. The boa is over three meters tall and slobbering as it plunges forward!

Holy crap, this thing is so powerful. Wow! I can see why this is so scary. This is a C-rated Hexenbiest?

 Viewing from further back of the Gerda. Up to this point, you can feel the earth-shaking from the boa's stomping, and you are overwhelmed by its power.

"Come on! Everyone grit their teeth. !!!!

"Gmo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o" (!!!!)

 Gerda's squad is the enclosure. A spear will catch the rushing boa with one spear. If the spear is too long, it will break upon impact. It is only two meters long and has a large spearhead. Eleven spears modified for boa hunting line up in front of the boa.

 The boa are rushing in at great speed.

""Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. !!!!"

 Gerda's squad that desperately needs to take it. If you don't hold your ground, you'll get stabbed by fangs and horns. Eleven men work as one to stop the boa's rush. The serfs clench their teeth.

Whoa! I got him! Crowd in! Rodin, it's on!

 Gerda's squad holds the boa at the spearhead as if it were encircling a large head.

I'm on it! Let's go, guys!

 Rodin's squad is six people. Divide into three on each side and attack the boa from the side.

 The target is the boa's neck. Aim for the vein in the neck. The boa's head is huge and hard. Its back is also covered with a hard outer layer of skin. To bring it down, you must thrust your spear deep into its relatively soft neck and pierce the vital points.

 This is a well-organized boa hunt. Twenty men have done their part. It's a partnership that took more than ten years to build.

All right, now we're getting what we've been told. This will work.

Well, I guess I should be getting to that.

"Wow, okay.
Go ahead.

 It is here that the commoner finally moves. The new commoner has a spear. From where Aren was, they will head toward the mass that struggles to put a stop to it.

 He reaches Gerda's rear.

I'm going!

"Oh, don't go after us!

 A commoner calling out to avoid accidentally stabbing . He spears Gerda and her friends from behind the wall.

 This time, Allen's plan is very simple. The serfs use spears as short as two meters. This time we have prepared for the commoners a spear that is twice as long, four meters. We will use it to surround the boa and fight from behind.

 The strategy is that the fishing team catches a boa, the enclosure team holds it down, and the stopping team takes it down. No matter where you put the rookie, if you're unlucky, he'll die.

 Allen said. To begin with, it's a mistake to put them in any group. All you have to do is stab them in the back.

 As the new commoner struggled to stab him, the boa let out a loud yell. He seems to have pierced the throat. It stings so deeply that fresh blood gushes out. Perhaps it's not strong enough, or perhaps its movements slow down, and it finally collapses on its side! The huge body collapses and the earth shakes.

Oh! (We beat you safely!

 While checking to see if we have completely defeated them, two commoners shouted.

"Ahhhhhh! Hey, I'm over!
Thank God for the power!

 Apparently, it seems to have leveled up. I have passed the test of the gods and am exclaiming. He's waving his hands around as he grasps his spear.

(I knew I could level up just by poking it from behind with my spear? That's because it's a normal mode. Didn't you raise your level quite a bit? (Let's see)

 I check to see if I have any experience. I look at the cover of the grimoire, but there's nothing logged.

(Shucks! (After all, you don't get any experience just standing around here?

 I expected it, but was disappointed that I really didn't get any experience. The strategy worked, but you are disappointed that you do not get any experience.

 Thus began the training of new recruits for boa hunting by Allen's strategy.