37 Episode 37 Arm Wrestling ①

 January 2, the year has begun. Allen and Krsna are heading for Krsna's house.

That's a lot of food.


 It is Krsna who speaks happily. The two of us are going from the residential area to the village.

 Yesterday was January 1st, the new year. Even in other worlds, there was a tradition to celebrate the new year. There was nothing special going on at Allen's house. There was no alcohol or what we would call "rice cake" food in the real world.

 But since the middle of last January, a village chief's son named Peromus has joined in on the knightly game. The commoner asked him what he was going to do at the beginning of the year.

 He said they have a New Year's feast with everyone in the village. Apparently, Dogora participates in this event every year. Dogora, who was listening to the conversation, said. You should come too.

 I was invited to the new year's banquet. I stayed the night and went home, so I'm on my way home in the morning. We have many souvenirs in our hands.

 We celebrated the success of last year's boa hunt with a bigger party than usual.

 Last year's boa hunt was 1.5 times greater than the previous year's, with orders from the lord to hunt 15 boas. Under Allen's long spear style rookie training, we increased the number of boa hunts and caught 18 boas. Of course, they all went without serious injury. Our quota was met.

 The mayor also invited Rodin and Gerda to join the banquet, but they declined because of their young children. That's when Allen and Klarna joined us. The village chief was pleased that even the child of the key player in the successful boa hunt joined the party.

I'm home!

 When Krsna arrives home, she stands in front of the kitchen and announces that she's home.


 Lily, who can walk now, hugs Klarna. They seem to be getting along pretty well. Krena is rubbing her cheek. Mash is beside her.

Oh, you're home.

 Gerda is there. And there's Mitilda. And

"Did you have fun at the chief's house?

Welcome home.

 With Rodin, Teresia and Murat.

I'm back, Dad, Mom, Murat. It's been a pleasure.

 Today, it's a sleepover at the Krsna house . It's the second consecutive sleepover.

 We confirmed beforehand that there would be a souvenir from the Peromus. Since we have the gifts, I suggested we have a sleepover at Krsna's house the next day.

 I give them the meat and fruit they gave me. Based on them, Mitilda and Teresia begin to cook. For the first time in a day, Allen and Krena play with Mash and Lily.

 Meanwhile, the food is ready. The two peasant families have become quite amped up with gifts. Thanks to our many hunting trips, we have some great boar meat and some Albaheron meat that Allen caught.

 Amidst the reunion, a family-style feast is about to begin. Our family is growing, and four adults and six children are very small. The banquet was fun, but I still think a sleepover at Krsna's house would be better.

 We talk about the banquet, including the story of the village chief thanking Rodin and Gerda for their help. Crenna is so engrossed in the meal that she doesn't seem to remember much. Meanwhile, Gerda squirms and listens in on the conversation.

Hey, Allen.


Maybe that's what's behind Allen.

 Behind Allen's back is a souvenir from the village chief's house. It's a small wooden barrel, just enough to hold a few liters.

"Huh? This? Booze, though.

 Allen came back with a souvenir of alcohol. Unlike the other souvenirs, I didn't give it to him.


 The two of them are unintentionally audible. Rodin and Gerda's eyes shine.

(I've got one.) They are both drinkers, after all.

 Such, ignoring the gleam in the eyes of the two people, to talk to Krsna.


"Huh? What's going on?

 Rodin and Gerda are surprised to hear that the story of alcohol has been swept under the rug. They thought the story was about the alcohol.

"No, it's a gift from the chief, right?

Yeah, it's a gift I got for you.

 What are you talking about? You have a look on your face that says, "What?

"What? You can't drink!

 Gerda gives it her all. Rodin says so, too. He seems to be thinking only of drinking. Teresia and Mitilda have a confused look on their faces.

"Oh well, all right. It's my drink, but I'll give it to you if you win the bout.

 It's only your drink. If you want it, you'll have to beat the odds.

"What? It's a power play.

But if you don't, that's okay. I won't give you a drink.

 There is silence in the living room. Crenna has food in her mouth and a wry grin on her face.

"Yeah, it's a power play.

 Gerda will be on board. She's very motivated. This one looks interesting. It's going to be a bump on your arm. I'll see Rodin. And that's what you're going to do.

"Oh, there's no way I'm gonna let my son beat me in a power struggle.

Then it's a power play. I'll play alone, so if we both lose, I win, okay?

"Hmm? Easy enough. Well, okay.

 Gerda wonders if two against one. Rodin nods beside her.

Then if I lose from both of us, I'll give you a drink. And what do you get me if I win?


 They are both surprised again and voice their doubts at the same time. You get a drink if you win. I wasn't thinking about what happens when I lose.

"Oh, you won't give me anything if I win?

"Is there anything you want by the way?

 Everyone's eyes are on Allen, wondering what he wants.

"Well, if I win, let me have a spear in this year's boa hunt.


 It was here that I finally realized. Rodin and Gerda are being set up. It was all part of the plan. Whoever won got to drink and whoever lost got Allen to join the boa hunt. This was the liquor he had stolen from the chief's house to bring home for the boa hunt.

 Allen had checked with Peromus beforehand to see if there would be liquor at the feast at the mayor's house before he boarded the boat. Therefore, this second day's sleepover was all Allen's plan.

'No? It's a power play.

 Emphasize the word power. It's not just a game. It's a power game.

 So even if you beat Rodin and Gerda by force, you can't join in. Gerda gives Rodan a look that says, "What are you going to do? As expected, it is Rodan who answers this question.

Oh, sure, if we win, you'll drink and if Allen wins, you'll join the boa hunt.

"Huh? What! Oh, you!

 Teresia is surprised. She wasn't expecting a ride. Rodin tells Teresia that he won't lose.

"So that's settled then. What are you going to do about the power play?

 It's a game of force, but I didn't hear what it was.

It's arm wrestling.



 While everyone is not sure, Krsna reacts. To help Gerda and Rodin understand arm-wrestling, they have been rehearsed at the chief's house. We've already done the arm-wrestling tournament at the mayor's house.

Then Klarna and I will arm-wrestle. Come on, Crenna.


 Allen and Krena go down to the dirt floor and lie down. The living room is small, so this is the only place to be. They look at the two men in the living room and wonder what they are doing. They lie facing each other, hands folded.

Now all that's left to do is for someone to say, 'First! I said, "Let the game begin. Then say mom first.

 While grappling, give the signal to start the game.

"Huh? Introduction?

 Teresia gave the cue for a stretched-out start. At that moment, Allen and Krena's hands all at once become strong. Crenna turns bright red and exerts herself.
 But Allen lands on the ground with the back of Krsna's hand for the win. It's an easy win.

Hey. That's strong. I lost again!

 Krsna is frustrated. Even the chief's house is losing.

Do you understand? You win by putting your opponent's hands on the ground. It's a contest of arm strength.

 It is a simple battle. Rodan and Gerda seemed to understand. And Krsna, the sage, was instantly killed.

Krsna isn't very powerful. She's probably level one.)

 We believe that what makes Kurrena strong is his swordsmanship skills. His strength itself is not that high because his level has not increased.

Okay, I get it. Which one do we play first?

Of course it's Gerda. Dad is next.

 We will start with Gerda and take her down.
 The battle for the sake (a gift) and participation in the boa hunt begins.