38 Episode 38 Arm Wrestling ②

 Gerda comes down from the living room into the dirt floor. She is so big that when the two of them lie face to face, a part of her body protrudes from the living room. Then he and Gerda begin to arm-wrestle.

(Now, can they win?)

 The current status of Allen is.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 7
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 6
 Strength] 115 (165) + 150
 Magical power] 154 (220)
 [Attack Power] 56 (80) + 150
 Endurance] 56 (80)
 Quickness] 108 (155)
 Intelligence] 161 (230)
 Fortune 108 (155)
 Skills: Summoning <3>, Generating <3>, Combining <3>, Strengthening <3>, Augmentation <2>, Deletion, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 0/6,000

Skill level
 Summons 3
 [Born] 3
 [Combined] 3
 Enhancements 3
Skills Experience
 Combined] 60,628/100,000
 Enhancements 60,640/100,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] FGH
 [Beast] FGH
 Bird ] FG
 [Grass] F

 [ Bug ] 

 Beast] F30 sheets
 [ birds ] 
 [ Grass ] 

 I changed all the cards to beast F for this day. I've raised my level to 6.

 Thanks to the dozens of Albahelons I've captured, there's a person in this village who doesn't know who Allen is. I've completely stood out.

 I've also observed the entire boa hunt. Of course I didn't just observe. They also teach the serfs and commoners how to hunt. This fall we'll have new protective gear, supervised by Allen.

 Allen thinks. You have only two choices in life.

 You can either show off and make sure your level is high enough to survive.
 Or you can live at a lower level and be the weakest in a world in Hell Mode.

 Allen is the only one in Hell Mode. Even if you do as well as anyone else, you'll still get an E for ability. Only by working a hundred times harder will you attain the ability value of a summoner as revealed by God through a grimoire.

 Even if it's a little obvious, I think it's important to level up and become stronger than I want to be. Rodin's severe injury has reaffirmed the importance of leveling up.

 I don't mind standing out a bit, as long as it doesn't make me look bad and cause me to be adopted by royalty and nobility. This shouldn't be a problem, as I've been graded with a full ability value of E with no talent.

 The boa hunt is yours to win. Look at Gerda with strong conviction. Gerda looks back at Allen, wondering if that's enough. It seems that Gerda is serious about her challenge.

"Is this how it's supposed to be?

 Gerda lies down with Allen, elbows on the dirt floor, hands folded.

"Yeah, yeah, so Crenna. Judge me.

"I get it!

 Let Crenna be the referee. Crenna puts her hand over the hands of the two men. The official referee's procedure was explained to me at the chief's house.

Then let the games begin!


 On Klarna's cue, they both exert themselves at once. The muscles in Gerda's thick arms are about to burst.


 Both Allen and Gerda are red-faced and give it their all.


 Gerda winced. It's not the kind of power a seven-year-old boy should have.

 Rodin seems to be watching the game. Of course, Teresia and Mitilda are surprised that Allen has this much power.

 Allen is pushing. Very slowly, but it's getting closer and closer to victory.

 "d*mn it! You've lost! !!!!

 Gerda loses.

Oh man, that was close. (By the looks of it, Gerda's attack strength is somewhere between 150 and 200.

 Recover the arm fatigue while letting the arm plod along. There's one more person you'll have to kill.

 Rodin looks at Allen with a grim face.

 While your arm recovers, remember.

 I've gained 6,800 experience from 17 great boas.
 The second time I got 400 experience, and everything after that was 400 experience.

 As the number of players increased from 24 to 40 to hunt for boas, the 400 experience level did not change. I thought that the more people you have, the less experience you will gain, but it seems that there is a law of distribution of experience.

 I'd really like to know if this 400 experience level changes if I grab a spear and attack. Maybe you'll get twice as much experience.

 Rodin takes off his light brown jacket. It looks like he's really coming for you. Those are some well-developed, well-built muscles. These are well-honed bodies that worked day in and day out, morning and night at the hoe.

We'll wait for his arm to heal.

 Apparently, we're going to wait for Allen to recover. I intend to win this thing all right.

Oh, thanks.

 Take a few minutes to fully recover the arm. Take a few minutes to let your muscles recover completely.

 You're ready to go, and you're ready for your fourth fight of the day against Rodin.

 Lay down on your stomachs on the floor with your bellies against each other. Place your elbows on the floor and cross your arms.

(I've never seen such a firm grip on your hand before.

 I can't remember ever holding my hand so tightly. That hand, which has been holding the hoe every day, is rugged and bean-curdling. Some unfamiliar emotion arose.


 Rodin also has something to say. His son's hand, which may be years old.

 When the situation is right, Crenna places her own hand over theirs.

 She glances at Teresa. She desperately wants Rodin to win. If even Rodin loses, this fall Allen will take the spear and fight the Great Boar.

 Apparently, he doesn't get any support from Teresia.

Then here I go! Introduction!


 On the signal to start, both parties put all their strength into it.

 Veins emerge from Rodin's muscles. His face turns red and he puts everything he's got into it.

(Wow, could this be bad? (Well, seriously)

 Rodin is more powerful than I expected. I switched to all the Beast F cards and increased my attack power by 150. My attack strength is now close to 200, but Rodin has more power than that.

 Slowly, though, Allen is being pushed.

 And he will be defeated with little room to maneuver. It seems to be a complete defeat.


 Allen is defeated, and a surprise is raised. After defeating Gerda by the swordsman Krsna, Rodin defeats Allen.

 Rodin is not old enough to fight, but he builds up a hump on his arm and declares his victory. Apparently, he was quite happy to beat Allen.

(GUGH! I can't do this at all. (Doesn't this have an attack power of 250 or 300?

 Guess the offensive power of Rodin based on your own offensive power.

 Defeated, you quietly hand him a barrel of wine.

The sake!

 Take without reservation, Rodin and Gerda are. They pour each other a cup full of wood. Rodan looks like he enjoys the victory drink.

(Perhaps, according to the ritual of evaluation, you have a C offensive power and Gerda has a D offensive power.

 Of course I was going to win, but there is a lot more to check.

 It's the strength of those who level up in normal mode. Hunting a hexenbiest raises its level. I wanted to know what the strength of those who leveled up in normal mode would be.

 In this arm wrestling, I found out that it's not difficult to exceed 200 attack power without any talent.

Hey, that's not very mature!

 Rodin and Gerda are so overjoyed that Mitilda admonishes them.

"That's right, Aren. My father is strong.


 From Teresia, be comforted. Apparently, she thought Allen was down in the dumps when he analyzed the offensive power. Teresia seems happy about it.

"That's right, Dad, he's strong. You're not allowed to hunt the boa until you beat my father.

 If you want to hunt the boa, you'll have to beat me, says Rodin. Are you drunk or are your cheeks red?

(Oh! I got a pawn! If you get to summon level 4 by fall, you still have a chance! (Don't tell me you're too drunk to remember, Dad)

Okay, I'll give up boa hunting until I win my dad. I'm not going to hunt the boa until I can beat my dad.

 Allen pretends to give up with only his face and words.
 Thus, the father-son confrontation ended with Rodin's victory.