40 Episode 40 E rank

 The next day when the storage skills are known.

 In the afternoon we play knights. I have to get home and put Mash and Murat to bed for dinner. Meanwhile, it will be dark. I've decided that the time to test my skills is when the laundry is done.

Now that I have my full magical power, it's time to try out an E-ranked summoner.

 While stepping over a large tub of laundry, you examine the E rank summoned beasts while looking at the grimoire.

(For starters, you should be able to create bugs and beasts with your generation skills. Let's start with Bug E.
Bug E generation!

 As ever, the worm E reminds you to be able to.

 But nothing comes out. If it were usually in front of me, the card would appear with a light.

(Huh? Why? Not enough magic? (Even though it has 233 magical powers?

 I remember many years ago when I was short of the magic power 5 needed to generate level 2. But now I have 233 magical powers. Thinking that it can't be short, I look at the cover of the grimoire.

 There you will find a log in silver letters.

There are not enough magic stones of rank E to generate bug rank E.


 Gasps. I'm so surprised that I almost fall out of the vat.

(The magic stone! (Is there a magic stone from E rank?

 As indicated in the grimoire's cover log, it seems that an E-ranked grimoire is needed to generate an E-ranked card.

 I remember that there was an E-ranked magic stone in the nursery. I removed the floorboards in the nursery where Murat slept and picked up six horned rabbit grimoires lying next to a bag full of silver coins. They are as small as your little fingernail. They are purple in color, so they can't be mistaken for stones.

 Are they purple or are they? The gravestone of Albaheron and the gravestone of Great Boar, which were all paid by tax collection, are also purple. They were almost spherical in shape, the one from Albahelion was about a thumb, and the one from Great Boa was about the size of a ping-pong ball.

 The rest of the large amount of silver coins were obtained by selling the meat of Albaheron. There are about 342 pieces of silver.

 I went back into the crate and continued washing. Grasp the magic stone and try to activate the same generating skill as before.

Okay, this time. Bug E generation!

 But nothing happens. I check the grimoire log to see if the card wasn't generated again. The exact same log is running. It says that an E-ranked grimoire is missing.

(Hmm? I've got a magic stone? Got it? I see!

 Apparently, it seems to have sparked something. Open the grimoire storage page.

What do you mean, put it in here?

 For now, let's put all the magic stones in.

(This is good. And once again, I'm going to generate E-rank cards!

 Then the card displayed in the upper right corner with insect E appears in front of you.

(Oh! I got it. So this is how you use storage. Hmmm, E is a butterfly. (Maybe I'll just summon one.)

 I don't know the size, so I'll try to summon a beast from the card.

 The card glows and the summoner of Insect E appears.

What? Come back big!

 A giant butterfly over a meter long appeared and hurriedly returned to the card. A much larger version of the Swallowtail Butterfly was floating in the air. There was no time to look at the details.

(Good grief, an E-rank could be over a meter long.)

 I don't think I can summon them casually in the yard anymore. I have family at home. They were about the size of grasshoppers, and now they're getting bigger and bigger as the level of the summoned beast increases.

All right, let's make a beast E too. Wow! It's a saber-toothed tiger! It's a saber tiger from a dog. I'm getting stronger all at once! I'm done with bugs and beasts, now I just need to make a composite. (I'm going to do some compositing.)

 Open the page of the grimoire synthesis. There was a change there as well.

 Previously, the left-hand side of the page had a recess in which two cards could be inserted to create a synthesis. And on the right side there was a single depression where the completed card would appear.

 However, the recess on the right side remains the same, but there are three recesses on the left side.

 The recess on the left side has two recesses at the top that are large enough to fit a card. Underneath it, there is one indentation that looks like something you might put in. Apparently not the size of the card.

(Huh? Could it be that there are magical stones in synthesis as well? (I used magic stones for bugs and dogs)

 I have a bad feeling about this. I'm going to put Insect E and Beast E on the left and synthesize Bird E. Even though the ranks are different, the synthesis pattern is the same.

 I chant "synthesize" in my mind, but nothing happens. It seems that I really need the magic stone.

 I put a magic stone in the recess under the cards of Bug E and Beast E.


 Add a magic stone to the ingredients of the synthesis and chant it in your mind as the synthesis, and you get a card.

(I knew I needed a magic stone. Seriously. Does this feel like you need a lot of magic stones?

 Generating also requires a magic stone. Synthesis also requires a magical stone. The bird only needs to be synthesized once, but the grass needs to be synthesized twice.

Allen, it's almost noon.

"Yes, Mom.

 I guess they were pretty keen on examining it, but it seems that a lot of time had gone by.

 You'll find Teresa when you enter the dining room. There is also mash and Murat in the living room. Murat is cackling at the sight of Allen. Murat also has brown hair and green eyes. She is an energetic three-month-old girl. She is now able to crawl around the house.

 When Allen was about the same age, Teresia would work at the farm while Allen slept. When Murat was over a year old, Teresia tried to work the fields. I'll do it, she said, so take it easy.

 Allen cooked lunch with Teresia. It's a light lunch, but for a family of five it's a decent amount.

I'm home.

 Rodin also comes home. Allen was working in the field with me until nearly ten o'clock in the morning, but he went home first to do some laundry.

 It was a daily reunion. Rodin was chewing on a potato and muttering to himself.

Maybe I'll enlarge my room now that my family is growing. Maybe Allen needs a room of his own.

 Apparently, he thinks that the nursery that we have now is too small.

"Huh? No, I'm fine as it is. I don't have any money.

"No, you have. You've earned it.

 Rodin says, "You can buy the lumber you need to make your room with this.

(Hey, hey, I'm earning this money to make me a commoner, so don't spend it on that.)

 All the meat of Albahelion was sold. The amount of money was 342 pieces of silver. Of course the money belongs to the patriarch Rodin. I gave it all to him.

 But in silver, it would take five thousand pieces of silver to make the whole family commoners. It's still not enough. We can't afford it.

 I didn't tell Rodin or Teresa that I'm saving up to make them commoners.

No, look, let's save it for when you're badly hurt again or if Murat falls ill.

 You still want a single room.

Oh, really?

 Well, I'm not going to try to make the room bigger, because I'll think differently when Allen is a little older.

"Hey, Dad, did you finish the village moat? Did you finish the moat in the village, Dad?

"Moat? Yeah, it's done. You helped me with it.

(Oh, boy, oh boy.)

 There is a fence in this village. It's a fence made of wood. But there is a gap, so a low-ranking hexenbiest like a horned rabbit entered the fence. The children born in the pioneer village baby boom are growing up and their range of activity is expanding. We can get good meat from these monsters, but I'm worried about the children.

 For years, they've been trying to dig out the dirt around the wall to make a moat. This is to keep the hexenbiest out.

 Mostly the serfs who don't work the fields between January and March when there is no work to do. Allen is participating this year with Rodin.

 Now that the moat is complete, the horned rabbit, which brings an E-ranked magic stone to the village, can't come in.

(Oh no, Krena, do you have the magic stone?)

 Allen thought he had to find the magic stone in a hurry.