41 Episode 41: Producer


 Allen is alone in the fallow ground, murmuring. It's been three days since I've been analyzing E-ranked summons.
 It's been three days, and we've finally found an E-ranked summoner.

 The past three days were spent collecting magic stones. E-ranking summons need magical stones. Demonic beasts exist since E-rank. I wondered if magical stones are needed for summons from E-rank.

 The magical stone is inside the hexenbiest. Apparently it's close to the heart of the beast. This is what I learned from Peromus, the chief's son. Peromus is knowledgeable, and unlike Aren, he knows everything.
 The magical stone is used to make magic tools. The story goes that it's used to power traps. It was said that he saw the magic stone in the lord's city.

 There are no magic stones in this village, and it seems there is no demand for them. D- and C-ranked grimoires are carried to the town where the lord is located, but E-ranked ones are mostly trash. It is said that not even a single copper coin will do.

 As a result, even if you caught the horned rabbit, some people would still store the magic stones, while others would throw them away. Gerda was the latter. She was throwing them out in the yard like trash. I was able to pick up some in the yard of Krsna's house.

 The magical stones from Allen and Krsna's house weren't enough to generate or combine all the E-ranked summons. So I talked to the sergeant who came for the morning watering, and finally all the summons were available. They are not very valuable magic stones, and the serfs who helped dismantle the albaheron were kind enough to give them to me.

 Allen had to check something, so he stayed in the green bushes of the fallow land. The summoner is bigger than this bush.
 It's in plain view from the outside, but my mind is occupied with more important things that don't matter.

Is this what the creators intended?

 I understood something while touching the summoner in front of me.

 A game has an agenda of its creator. This is how I want this profession to be raised. This is how I want you to use it in battle. This is always the intention. For example, the swordsman's status is high in attack and stamina, so you want him to be a shield to protect everyone else.

 Some dare to play against the creator's intentions. It's called spoilerplay. For example, a wizard uses a mace, which he is not very good at, to mainly attack physically. It's easy to see which is more powerful, the intended play or the spoiler.

 It is essential for gamers to understand the intentions of the creators.

 If this were a normal game, you could find out from strategy sites and word of mouth. But this is a different world. You have to think for yourself.

 All my life I've wondered what a summoner is. Seven years I've thought it through. It's my profession. What kind of fighting style is that? How can I fight to better understand their intentions and exert my power?

 It's not just about fighting summons. This was understandable after seeing the specialties of H and F-rank summons. But that wasn't all. I finally understood the creator's intentions by having an E rank summoner in line. Or, I'm getting closer to understanding.

 I was shocked to learn of the creator's divine intentions.

 It is an E-ranked summoner.

Shape is a butterfly bug E status
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] E
 Name】 swallowtail butterfly
 Physical strength] 25
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 20
 Endurance] 50
 [Quickness] 50
 Intelligence] 24
 Fortune 28

 Protection】 Endurance 10, speed 10
 Special skill] Scales

Shape of the saber tiger beast E status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] E
 Physical strength] 50
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 50
 Endurance] 20
 Quickness] 35
 Intelligence] 28
 Fortune 21
 Protection: Strength 10, Attack Strength 10
 Special Skills] Scratching

Shape of the falcon bird E status
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] E
 Physical strength] 23
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 22
 Endurance] 24
 [Quickness] 50
 Intelligence] 50
 Fortune 27
 Protection: Speed 10, intelligence 10
 Special Skill] Eagle's eye

Shape of the edamame grass E status
 Species] Grass
 [Rank] E
 Name] Mametaro

 Physical strength] 21
 Magical power] 50
 Attack Power] 20
 Endurance] 22
 Quickness] 20
 Intelligence] 13
 Fortune 50
 Protection: magic power 10, luck 10
 Special Skill] Grass of Life

Shape of the stone E status of the earthen walls
 Sort] Stone
 [Rank] E
 Name】 Kabeo
 Physical strength] 50
 Magic] 20
 Attack Power] 33
 Endurance] 50
 Quickness] 20
 Intelligence] 23
 Fortune 28
 Protection: Strength 10, Endurance 10
 Special skill] Harden

 The impact was so great that my mind went blank. I regained consciousness and hurriedly put the stone E summons back on the card.

 Pay attention to the specialties of each summoner in the grimoire.

(It's safe to assume that there are now distinct roles for each lineage.

 Organize the roles of the different lineages of summons using notes.

Insect Lineage
 Provoking, sucking, scaling
 It makes the enemy angry, lowers attack power by sucking, etc., and obviously has a debuff effect on the enemy. Scales can also be expected to produce illusions, paralysis, and slumbering effects on enemies based on its name.

Beast lineage
 Specialties, digging, biting, scratching, digging holes
 Is the only attack-driven strain. Attack the enemy with high strength and attack power. The main thing that kills monsters is the beast. Digging a hole is not an attack, but an attacking summoner will basically always produce a high rank. G-ranked summons are too weak to be useful, I guess.

Bird lineage
 Specialties are voice imitation, communication, hawk eye
 Imitation of voices can imitate the voices of others. You can also change what they say. This will be useful when you enter enemy territory. With communication, you can convey information to people at a distance. The hawk's eye is probably a good spotter's skill. Intelligence and information gathering will be your primary use.

Grass strains
 Specialties, aroma, grass of life
 It is a recovery-driven strain. Based on its name, the grass of life is expected to restore physical strength. More recovery techniques are expected to be added in the future.

Stone strains
 Specialties get hard
 It is likely to be able to avoid enemy attacks behind a stone summoner. It is a defensive lineage, mainly defensive.

 The E rank specialties are still to be examined, but the different lineage specialties make them even easier to predict.

 Every summoner had a role to play. Their statuses were also high, with the two most necessary stats to fulfill that role.

(Is a summoner able to do everything: attack, defend, debuff, heal, and search for enemies? (Is it the summoner who can do everything: attack, protect, debuff, heal, search for enemies, etc.?

 A summoner meets every profession in one person. He can attack like a swordsman. I can heal like a monk. You can scout like a thief. And those professions that cannot be done now will be solved by adding a new line of summonses in the future.

 This is the summoner's profession that its creator, God, intended. That's what Allen understood.

 Open the grimoire. It contains a storage skill. It leads to another space, where any amount of firewood will fit. Anything that can fit through the 30-centimeter-wide entrance could be stored indefinitely.

(We'll need a lot of magic stones from now on.)

 The magical stones required for each system of summons.

Insects 1pc
1 piece of animal lineage
3 bird strains
5 pieces of grass strains
Stone system 9 pieces

 It seems that the specifications of the additional line of summonses require more magical stones than the ones added later. If we use stone summons to fill all 40 holders released this time, we'll need 360 magical stones.

(So the storage skill was released because there's no way I can carry around tens or hundreds of magical stones. The size of the stones will keep getting bigger and bigger.

 The higher the rank, the bigger the stones become. You have to carry them around in large quantities.

An E-ranked magic stone is as big as your pinky fingernail
D-ranked magic stones are about one section of the thumb
C-rated magic stones are about as big as ping pong balls

 I have a vision of somewhere in front of me.

 It's my own image of having mastered the summoner. Surrounding Allen are countless numbers of the strongest summons, surrounding him.
 They are an army of warriors who can fight any enemy, no matter what the situation. Everything is done by the summons. He is a summoner surrounded by summons, who will scatter all enemies and march onward.

So this is a warrior army. This is the power of the Summoner's said to surpass the Witch King?

 I couldn't help but say it out loud.
 It seems that I can do everything I can to make myself a stronger summoner than ever before.

 Little did Allen understand the intentions of the creator God.