44 Chapter 44: "See and Learn"

 Allen stayed at the chief's house.

 At the stroke of six o'clock we'll be in action. I'm ready to go, I've got no baggage. They'll be gone by eight o'clock. He has his wooden sword at his hip, as always.

 I will leave the chief's house with the lord, the knight leader, and the vice-chairman. The lord's daughter, Cecil, and the butler are staying at the chief's house. The butler-like person is just that, a butler. They were called the butler or Sebas at the feast.

(The square is now an encampment.)

 In the square in the village, the Knights had pitched their camping tents. They are the knights who are going to hunt the boa in the village if the village boa hunting is not strong enough. There are about 20 knights who are camped out because there is no place to stay.

 The knights are already ready to go. Looks like they're leaving their horses behind. They're coming on foot behind the lords.

Oh, Dogora.

 Dogora is staring at the knights from a distance with sparkling eyes. This time there are twice as many knights as there were when I came to see Krsna. I'm looking at the line of knights with longing eyes.

 I've come to the village gate. At the gate are a band of commoners and serfs. There are 40 of them waiting for their lord. All the commoners and serfs who were allowed to go hunting last year have joined them.

Oh! You're wearing armor!

 Half the men in armor are there. Seeing this, the Knight Commander shouts out.

Yes, it's leather armor made of boa leather. I wasn't able to get enough for everyone, but the ones with the heaviest burdens get to wear it first.

 Allen, the usher, answers . What is a heavy burden? I will explain to you in the middle of the boa hunt, I replied.

"Is this why the mayor has lobbied for this?

 The lord murmured as if remembering. I hunted 18 great boas last year. I'll pay for ten of them. But for the eight, the chief insisted that only the meat be used. This was Allen's idea.

 If you want the meat, we'll pay for the meat. But I have the chief to petition the village chief to let me use the skins, bones, and tusks of the eight boas for future investment. Naturally, I told the chief through Rodin and Gerda.

 The lord listened to his plea, as he had successfully hunted 18 of them, surpassing his goal of 15. He said it would be good if he could kill 20 this year.

Yes, I used the money to prepare for this year's target of 20.


"And my father, Rodin, told me

 What Rodin thought and added.

 This time, Allen's goal is to make Rodin's achievements all the more impressive and make the family a commoner. Of course Rodin thought of everything that Allen came up with. And it's easier to trust Rodin's idea than Allen's.

 Now that we're all here, Rodin will tell the leader that we'll continue on our way to the boar hunting grounds.

 The serfs and commoners will begin to advance, and the knights will follow on foot behind them.

 The knight leader tells them to ride and they ride with him. The lord comes to the village by carriage, but today you ride your horse to the hunting ground.

 After walking for three hours, you will arrive at the hunting ground around midnight. This is the usual hunting ground.

 There is an unfamiliar high ground made of wood. It's about two meters high and made of wood, and can hold ten people.

Huh? What's this?

"This is for your viewing pleasure, my lord. Please watch the boa hunt from up here.

 The tour is well prepared. So, the lord gets on from the back stairs. At the top is a chair that we are making for the lord to sit on. The ushers, Allen and the knight commander, will also climb to the top. The vice-captain begins to surround the high ground with his knights. They're protecting the lord.

 The lord gazes deep into the woods where only trees can still be seen. His eyes are as steely as a hawk's.

(When I think about it again, the lord's determination is amazing that he would come to the forest where the monster comes from. Is the king's mission that important?

 I guess boa hunting has become a long story.

What are you going to do now?

 Asked by the Knight Commander. Maybe I should talk to the Knight Commander instead of explaining it directly to the lord.

''First, the three of us will guide a Great Boar into this square.


"Then it's going to be a form of enclosure. It looks like the three of them are on their way.

 Three men, led by Pekezi, disappear into the woods behind.

Will you use that great shield to stop the Boa's advance?


 8 bodies made of great boas made of leather, bone, and tusk material
2 chapters of 2-meter-high leather shield
17 territory of leather armor
3 pieces of leather breastplate

 It's a great bore as big as a hippopotamus. From the amount of materials, I could have made a few more pieces of equipment, but it was lost in the cost of making it.
 There wasn't an armor maker in my village that could make this much equipment, so I brought him from a neighboring village. I gave him some leftover leather and bone for free, so I didn't have to pay for it.

 It's a knight commander who's eyeing a two-meter-long leather shield.

"Yes, those two pieces will stop the boa's advance.

"I see.

 The serfs and commoners hunting, and the knight leader pondering over the great shield. I think I'm getting the gist of it.

 It's been about half an hour since Pekeji disappeared deep into the woods. Pekeji and the other three fishing teams are wearing leather breastplates. It's a lightweight gear that covers only the chest at the vital point.

 About an hour has passed. Still no sign of him.

They're taking longer this time. Don't we have a bore to aim for?

 Pekezi told me that there are hundreds of boas in the woods. They're coming in droves from the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

Speaking of which, how is Krsna the Swordsman?

 The Knight Commander speaks up as the silence continues.

Yes, I'm very well.

(It's a bundle of energy. (Made of energy.)

"Well, I'll send you an instructor in three years' time in early spring, so tell him/her to do that.

 Yes that way and answer.

(So the year after he turned 11 years old? (The year after that is the school exam, so the study period is a year.

"Hmm? Are you okay? Can't you send it a little faster?

 The lord is listening and interrupts you. He starts talking about how you'll be the laughing stock of King's Landing if you fail the exam.

Then I'll tell the butler to send you two years from now, in early spring.

Please do so. Even a swordsman could fail the exam.

 Apparently the lords are quite anxious. The study period will be extended to two years. A year and a half from now Krsna's examinations will begin. As I'm picturing Krsna in a bowl, I hear a noise from deep in the woods.

It's coming.


 An earth-shaking sound can be heard from the back of the square.


 Rodin fires off a pep talk as soon as he comes out. Everyone responds to his voice.

 Pekezi is coming out of the woods. And not long afterward, the Great Boar rushes through the woods. Pekezi seems to be the only one in sight. He is right behind Pekezi. That's Pekezi's fishing technique. He's keeping a very close distance.

 Pekezi runs between the shield and the shield as if he were running between them.

 Four of them, including Gerda, do not have spears. The four of you split up and stand behind two leather shields. Work harder to avoid being blown off.

 The boa crashes into the shield. The boa's rush stops as it is caught between the shields. The tusks on either side of the boa's mouth cave the shield. The fangs will stretch it wide open, but not break it.

Thus stopping the rush. The shield is made of two layers of the hardest back skin in the great bore's hull. It takes two men to hold that one shield.

"I see.

"The rush has stopped, so I'm going to further enclose the boa so it doesn't get out of control.

 Allen will explain in detail. We need to remove the large shield so that we can aim at the boa's vital point. This will be done as before with a two-meter spear.

 The surround team next to the shield will hold the boa around the face with their spears.

 At the call of Gerda, the participants with four-meter long spears who were waiting behind her step forward. As the number of participants has increased, you will attack not only the face but also the back with your long spear.

The long spear team is the participants from last year. We have some newer participants.

I see, the armor is a heavy burden, giving preference to those who have shields and short spears.

 The Knight Commander seems to understand.

That's right. The long spearmen have been informed not to attack anything in front of them by mistake, but just in case, they also cover their backs, necks, the back of their heads and other vital points with leather armor.

 You'll be able to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

 You're going to be able to find out the best way to make the most of your time.

The boa's hull is very hard. When it gets stuck like that, I aim for its neck. I think I've reached the critical point.


 Fresh blood flows from the boa's neck. Seeing this, the Knight Commander exclaims in admiration.

"My lord.

"What? Xenov.

"They are not knights. But they are warriors. They are warriors who hunt the boa.

 The same is true for the knights, who each have a role to play. The lancers, the archers, the scouts. Any unit is lost without it, the force is lost.

 They feel the same way about this bore hunting. They are impressed by the way each of them understands his or her role. He grumbles again and again about how good it is.

 Fresh blood gushes out as the boa slowly falls.

This was indeed a great battle. This way I guess we'll have no problem taking out 20 of them.

 It is the lord who witnessed the fall.
 He was assured that the boa hunt could be accomplished by the village people alone. The lord is nodding again and again as he watches the boa hunt.

Yes, my lord, that's right. ''Yes, my lord, that's right. The two who went into the woods are back. Why are you running as fast as you are?

 Of the three, only Pekezi had returned, but the other two jumped out of the woods.

 The hunt is supposed to be over, but they run out of the woods as fast as they can, just like Pekeji.

 And the answer to the knight commander's question also comes out of the woods.


 What appeared was a pair of great boas.
 They were approaching the two members of the fishing team with bloodshot eyes.