45 Chapter 45: "Seeing and Learning"

 Two great boas came running into this clearing in the woods. Two members of the fishing team ran frantically to their boa-hunting buddies as fast as they could.

What! It's Raybrand! Two boas are coming!

 The leader of the Knights rushes to give the order to the deputy knight commander Raybrand, who is in formation under the high ground, to take them down. It's to protect the lord and the participants of the boa hunt.

 The vice knight commander shouted loudly and was about to charge in.

"Sorry. Sir.

"Nuh? What's up with this kind of time?

 He speaks to the knight commander as nonchalantly as in the previous conversation.

"We are still in the middle of the hunt, sir. Would you please withdraw your knighthood?


 The lords who were listening with me were surprised.

"I told you yesterday. I am showing you a hunt that will impress my lord. The hunt is still in progress, my lord.

 What! Now that you mention it like that, the two boas are right there. There's no way the knights will be able to get there in time.

 That's when.

There's two of them! You guys should get into it. !!!!

""Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, !!!!"

 These are the participants who are fired up at once. There is no fear or hesitation. Respond to Rodin's encouragement with more shouting than ever before. Move forward a little and take position in front of the boa that's already been stopped!

 Then comes two of the fishing team. They're running as fast as they can between the two great shields.

 Then, almost without time difference, two boa collided with each shield.

 Unlike before, the two of them must stop the advance of one of the boas. The horns at the tip of the great boa's nose will dent the shield in one fell swoop.

 Two great shields retreat one by one. The shield is heavily depressed but cannot be broken. Two boa that stop their advance.

I've stopped it! Split up and surround them!

 At the sound of Gerda's voice, the surround team splits into two groups. Then the long spear squad will also split up and pierce the rear of the enclosure team with their spears! There are 40 men in attendance. Even if the enclosure team is cut in half, there are still enough men.

 Rodin and the other detachment are also on the move. They will split into four and aim at the vital point on the neck of the two boa on either side, thrusting their spears forward.

(Okay, first one down, and then the second and third ones are timed perfectly. Good thing I practiced.

 Allen had a question that he had about the village bore hunting. Why hunt only one boa? The basic principle of fishing and hunting is to hunt any enemy that comes out. There's no way you can leave them behind.

 However, what I saw when I observed boa hunting was a fishing technique where you catch only one boa and if there are two or more boa, you guide them away from the camp except one.

 If you can only hunt one body, you must be hunting one body. If he could hunt two, he would do so. They can't, so they only hunt one. I understand that.

 Then your thinking goes to the next level.

 Why can I only hunt one? The question isn't the level or the weapon. It's not the number of them, either.

 As a former gamer, Allen's analysis was of the armor. The serfs were not equipped with the armor to withstand the Great Boar's attack. The linen couldn't protect him. Even Rodin, who has been hunting for more than ten years, was mortally wounded by a single blow.

 You might think that you should get some armor then, but the reward is a lump of meat. It's consumed for the family. I can't even afford the armor. Of course, a steel shield that would stop the boa's advance would not be worth the price of the dagger Allen had previously identified in the armorer's shop.

 The equipment was not updated, only the spear changed.

 The two-meter long spear is so short in the spear. It was shortened to prevent it from breaking under the advance of the boa. But if it was too short, it would be killed by the horns and fangs. It's just the right length to be hard to break and to duck the boa's horns and fangs.

 I've been hunting with that kind of equipment for over 10 years.

 The basis of hunting is to update your equipment as you hunt to make it more efficient.
 With that in mind, the serfs in their shields and armor. That was enough equipment upgrade to hunt two boas at once.

 Allen was relieved to see that the strategy worked well. This is only the second time I've hunted two boas at once. This is the third time.

(If you came a little later, we could have practiced more.

 Soon after the time of the hunt, in the middle of October the lords came. I couldn't practice many times until then.

Oh! I think I've put a stop to it.

 Fresh blood erupts from the neck of the second body. It seems I've stabbed the vital point. And not long after, the third one spurted out fresh blood as well.

You killed three of them. I'm glad.

But it's amazing. You killed 3 of them at once. That's 17 to go.

 I've killed 3 of them, so at this rate I'll be able to kill 17 more," said the Knight Commander.

No, with these 3 I've killed 10 of them this year.


 Knowing that the lords are coming, I have already gone out several times to hunt boas. This is my fourth hunting trip.

So our goal of 20 boas should be achieved next month.

 It's a lord looking at a boa-hunting participant who's happy to have defeated three of them. He has a stern look on his face, but there's something gentle about him.

"Oh, I see. I see... Now I can safely leave the boa hunting to everyone in the village.

 The lord said he would leave it up to you. That means no knights will intervene or serfs from abroad.

Thank you, my lord. But I have two requests. I hope you will listen for the sake of future hunts.

"Hmm? Wish? What's more? Wasn't that enough hunting?

 A question mark appears on the face of the knight commander. It was a worry-free hunt nowhere.

"For one thing, some of the participants are not equipped yet. And I'd like two more shields if I could.


 Allen explains. Like the armor, three shields will make it possible to have three of them at the same time soon. The fourth shield is a backup. We've only tested its durability in four hunts. I want to have it as a backup in case it breaks.

I see, you want to improve your equipment for next year's hunts.

"Yes, and the other one is a concern. If we don't get rid of this concern, the hunt may not be viable.

 Allen had a bit of trepidation about the boa hunt. The more successful the hunt, the greater it will be. It will affect my family, and I hope I can tell them here and make them understand.

Let's say.

 I urge the lord to say the matter of the bore hunting.

'Yes, my lord. If we don't do something like this, we will lose the desire to go hunting. It could reduce the number of participants.


 I didn't see it right away, so I just kept talking.

"The first thing that's missing is the booze.


 Recite the words because you can't see the story.

 Keep talking. If you continue to hunt, the value of the boa meat in the village will plummet early on if you keep hunting.

 You will be able to hunt 20 or 30 boas instead of the 10 you used to hunt. The meat supply isn't there now, but it will eventually be saturated. And the value of the boa meat will decline.

 You'll need more boa meat than ever before to trade salt and firewood.

Okay, I get it. So that's why you need the booze to motivate you.

 The Commander of the Order shows his understanding .

'Of course, it's to motivate you, but you can keep the value of the meat by letting them trade meat for liquor,'

 The boa meat turns into a drink that runs out. The boar meat takes the form of disappearing from the village. Liquor stores don't bother exchanging salt and firewood in this village that is full of boar. They will take it to a neighboring village or the capital where meat is scarce.

I see, keeping the value of the meat constant, and the liquor motivates those who participate in it themselves.

 The Knight Commander is impressed.

"Yes, that's right. It doesn't even have to be alcohol, just fruit or anything else that is consumed.

 This is also to prevent the value of the meat of Albaheron from decreasing if you do not become a commoner with this reward. It will also keep the serfs motivated to hunt, thus killing two birds with one stone.

"Hmm, that's a good idea. I don't have a quick answer, but it's something to think about.

"Thank you.

"That's what Rodin told you, wasn't it?

 Lords will check with Allen. The Lords will check with Allen before he says.

"Yes, my father Rodin told me.

 That's why the lords are silent. There will be silence.

"What are we going to do?

 The knight leader asks if you want to return to the village now that the boa hunting is over.

Yes. That's right. Thank you for showing me around. Tell Rodan and Gerda to come to the chief's house when they return to the village.

"Yes, I understand!

(Oh?) You want a reward? (Commoners are good commoners)

 Thus, the boa hunt ended with a great success as the lords toured.