46 Episode 46 Reward ①

 I successfully defeated three Great Boars in front of my lord's eyes. The lord was convinced that this was enough to take out twenty of them. My fears seemed to be allayed.

 He and the 20 knights who accompanied him carry the downed greatbore to the village.

 Here come the villagers' voices, saying that they killed three more. It's time to begin the dismantling process. We were back in the village before 3 p.m., but it will take until sunset, some of them say.

 Meanwhile, Rodan, Gerda, and Allen are called to the chief's house.

 I tell Rodan and Gerda that we've shown them the power of the village, and I'm relieved. Now they won't have to recruit more villagers to defeat the boar hunters. That's because there are no more serfs to be driven out.

 Rodin says he's really glad. This is not my concern. Rodin won't be deprived of his farm. He has the status and the work to do it. It was his fellow serfs who couldn't go boa hunting that he was worried about.

 When he entered the chief's house, he was told that the lord was already waiting for him in the hall.
 There is no need to take a bath. You are told to leave your ragged linen clothes, stained with sweat and boa blood. They told me to go to the hall now.

 The chief is waiting for you at the door. The chief has not yet entered the hall, and the four of you will be led by the chief into the hall.

 The table has already been cleared and the lord is sitting in a chair at the far end. Beside him sits the lord's daughter, Cecil. At either end of the hall stand the butler, the knight master, and the vice knight master.

 They kneel in a row near the center of the hall.

 When they kneel, the lord opens his mouth.

"First of all, chief. The development of your village is truly remarkable. It's been fifteen years since the territorial settlement order was issued. Even though many lands failed to settle in the territory, your skill in developing the village like this is truly outstanding. Thank you very much.

"Meh, no problem.

 I will reiterate what I said at last night's dinner. A village is a village for its chief. First of all, thank the chief for being the head of the village. The chief kneels down and bows even deeper.

"And now, Rodin, Gerda.


"The boa hunt was well worth witnessing. It was a great hunt that is hard to describe. As a lord, I want to say thank you. Thank you.

 It's a lord who says deep thanks to the serf. His eyes are still stern, but his voice is very soft.

 Rodin and Gerda bow their heads and respond to the lord's praise.

There are so many heroes in this land and I have done nothing. Do I not do my lord's work if I do not reward him?

(Ugh, I got a treat! Forget the money or anything else! (I'm a commoner, I'm a commoner!!!!

 Allen looks down and waits for his reward.

Rodin, and Gerda. You, your wives and children shall be commoners. Be a commoner and do your duty.

"Thank you.

 Now it's Rodin and Gerda bowing once again and thanking you.

(Yay! !!!! I'm a commoner. What am I going to do? I can go hunting outside the village tomorrow.

 Desperately suppressing drooling. I've dreamed of hunting a hexenbiest outside my village for eight years. Nimmanima never stops.

 Then not only Allen and Rodin, but also the serfs who have been boa-hunting for more than ten years and their wives and children will be made commoners, and if an unmarried one marries a serf, he will make his wife commoner too. The lord knows that there are serfs who have been boa-hunting for more than ten years. This is the reward for rewarding all.

Become a commoner or live as a serf. Make sure of it, chief. A commoner has the duty of a commoner.

 Unlike serfs, commoners are subject to a per capita tax. The more wives and children you have, the higher the per capita tax you pay every year. Let him choose to live as a commoner or a serf.

Now I can do my duty as a nobleman.

 It was the duty of the nobleman who governed the territory to achieve the goal of 20 boas, which was the royal mandate. He said he could now return to his domain capital in peace.

 I gave him a reward. The exchange in the hall was nearly over when the exchange in the hall was about to end. The steward spoke up.

"My Lord.

"What's up? Sebas

 It's the lord who asks the butler who interjects at the end of the exchange of rewards with a look of wondering what's going on.

"My lord, I have a word from His Majesty the King. My lord, I have a word from His Majesty the King about how the boa hunt began.

"Hmm? Oh! It was. Sebas, I'm sorry.

(Hmm? (The beginning of boa hunting?)

 The steward closes his eyes and makes a light bowing gesture, while the face says what's going on.

 The lord speaks again.

I'm sorry, this is not so much a royal command as it is a royal command, but His Majesty has asked me. Rodin. No, Rodin the Boa hunter.

"Yes, yes

 It's Rodin who gives me a look that says, "What are you talking about?

"In fact, His Majesty the King asked me why I wanted to hunt the boa.

 A territorial settlement decree was issued throughout the kingdom. While the territorial nobles struggled, the success of the frontier villages as well as the hunting of boas began to pay their meat. This was praised by the lords, which was a great thing to be modeled in the kingdom.

 And the king asked him how he did it because he wanted other fiefdoms to follow his example. I didn't know at the time how the boa hunt began, so I couldn't answer. The king asked me to check it out before I came to the capital again.

"Boa, how did you get started in boa hunting, sir?

 Then Rodin's face would get cloudy. After confirmation, there is no follow-up word. There is a silence in the hall.

"Hmm? What's going on?

 I'm a lord who thinks it's a great thing to be proud of. I don't understand Rodin's reluctance to speak. I tried to ask him why he was silent.

"My lord.

 Gerda uttered the words.


"I don't think Rodin can tell you the beginning of the boa hunt. Would you mind if I told you?

(The beginning of the boa hunt. You know, I remember that story from a sleepover many years ago. I never got to hear it.

 It reminds me of the sleepover after the appraisal ceremony many years ago.
 Rodin's face further clouds up. But he doesn't seem to stop. The lord says he doesn't mind, so he starts talking.

It was early in the spring when I first set foot in this frontier village. I settled the village with a hundred serfs. It must have been thirteen years ago.

 Cultivating a village. Naturally, rise a village in the middle of nowhere. It is very time-consuming. In the winter, it is difficult to settle the land because it is covered with snow. Starting in spring, when the snow melts, will give you the most time to settle the land.

 It is the place designated by the lord's messenger to settle the land. It's next to the woods. It's only a two-day walk from our former village. It was on the side of the woods, but it wasn't a plain. The trees were sparse, and they were clearing the trees and removing their roots.


 Continue with Gerda's stilted respectful speech. It's Rodin who listens with his eyes closed. Something about him doesn't seem to want to listen.

"By the time I got rid of the trees, it was well into autumn. So,

 The story goes that the incident happened there. A hundred serfs were clearing land by the woods. They were serfs who had never left the village. Even a commoner might not have known. We're a long way from our village.

The boars have destroyed the wheat and potatoes we had set aside for the winter.

 It was the first fall I had ever seen. I didn't know that the great boars would flock to these woods in droves in the fall. We had built a fence to guard against these monsters. But Gerda told me that the fence was easily broken by a giant animal weighing more than a ton, and that it had eaten nearly half of the food they needed to survive the winter.