50 Episode 50 Work

 Allen wakes up in a small room. No light has yet come in through the wooden window. Not light, but an unusual smell.


 Still not used to the smell of the house. The smell of old wood. It smells like an old wooden building I've smelled somewhere. I can't remember if it was a library or a museum.

 Check your grimoire for magic recovery. Do your daily magic consumption. It's already November, so the sun rises late, but it's time to get up.

 This is Allen's room. What a nice surprise, I was given a room to myself. The baron's mansion is three stories high, but this room is in the attic storage room on the fourth floor. It's a low-ceilinged, three-matte room only about two tatami in size, with seasonal furniture and dishes you don't usually use.

 There is no bed in this sorry room, and I sleep on a futon. The bed in the male servant's room is occupied, and this room is occupied by a male servant.

 I had heard that a male servant's room was for four people, so I was delighted to find a room for one person. There are many things that need to be verified, and a small summoned beast can be summoned.

(It's twice the size of a seat room in an Internet cafe. That's more than enough.)

 When I was Kenichi, I used to play games in a net cafe. Staying in a room where you can stretch your legs rather than sit in a chair is exhausting. I have no complaints about this cramped fourth-floor attic.

 Change your clothes and go downstairs. These are not linen rags. These are fine black servant uniforms for the servants. It's a uniform, and you were told not to get dirty. You'll also be given your regular clothes, which are also better than the ones you wore as a serf.

 On the first floor, in the servants' mess hall, there are already quite a few people there. There must be about ten people there.

Good morning.

"Good morning,

 Have a serving dish and be greeted. This is the servant-general's rickel. He tells me to come over here and sit in front of you. He's a good-looking fellow. How are you doing? or if I'm learning my job, and they ask me every day.

"How are you getting along with Miss Cecil?

 You look a little worried. Normally, they don't follow you exclusively when you become a servant. He does all the chores, and if he's liked well enough, he'll be called upon to become their personal servant. Rikker is not the exclusive servant but a caretaker of the servants.

 They eat their meals while talking with each other. There's bread and vegetable soup. There's a piece of meat in the soup. There was more meat when we were in the village of Krena. Last year and this year there was plenty of meat.

Yes, yesterday.

 I'll tell you the story of how I saw the airship while I was out shopping for popo nuts.

"Oh, so you've never seen a magic ship before?

"Magic ship?

 A grimoire is a ship made of grimoire. It's a ship made of magic tools. About three times a month it goes to and from the capital. He tells me that it costs only 1 gold coin to go there one way, so if you save up enough money, you might want to try it.

 There are a number of magic tools in this pavilion. There is a large clock on the first floor. There are also some lights from the magic tools. Peromus told me they're powered by magic stones.

 It's time for the masters of the house to wake up. I'll leave you and Rikker.

 I'll head to Cecil's room with a lowly servant maid. Cecil's room is on the third floor directly below Allen's.

 Wait until the maid will make you change, then enter the room. Organize the beds, collect the nightgown and clean up. It's a complete chore.

 Allen has two tasks that Sebas, the butler, has given him for you to do
Taking care of Cecil's personal effects (chores).

 Sebas told me to serve you because you're good looking. Allen doesn't know it, but he's good-looking. He looks like his beautiful mother. Now that he's eight years old, he's starting to show off his good looks. He's good-looking with his unusual jet-black eyes and hair. They want you to serve their guests.

 A good-looking maid or servant will serve them. Rikker said he had never served before.

 To learn how to serve, he usually serves the barons as well.

 Taking care of Cecil, I do a lot of work during the day and have very little to do during that time. I'm never called upon.

 I suppose it's not hard to see why Rickel is a slacker. About 30 servants take care of it. There are times when it's rather idle. The house is certainly large, but there is not that much housekeeping to do. Some have many roles, such as butler, but even so, there's a lot of free time.

 For now, I do the dishes with the maidservants until Cecil calls me.

You have two half-days off out of six days.

 The servants also have the day off. In a six-day week, there are two half-days off in the afternoon.
 On other days, some servants finish their work by 5:00 p.m. The day's work is finished between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. because Allen is serving dinner for the barons.

 When there are guests or dinners for dignitaries, the work is done even later.

 In the evening, you serve the barons as they have a meal in the dining room upstairs.

 The food in this other world seems to be a course meal, and it takes quite a long time to deliver each dish one by one. Outside the room, the next dish is being brought in and out of the room, so you have to walk in and out of the room to deliver the meal. There are three people in charge of serving, including Allen. It's not that busy.

I see that Allen is getting used to his job.

 The baroness calls out to me.

Thank you. I owe it to my predecessors for their guidance.

 Bow your head and thank them. Eyes wide open, well! A baroness.

You don't seem to come from a serf's background.

Hmm, that's how you can say no talent.

(Hmm? Did you check my talent? I don't know what kind of horse's bones you're going to let in your house, so I guess you'll have to do a background check. (Does that mean they know that all of your abilities are E?

 From Baron Granville's remarks, you can guess the background.

 When Allen was Kenichi, he was an office worker for more than a decade and worked in the hospitality industry, but not in the food service industry. He had only a few years of experience in the hospitality industry. I serve in my imagination.

 It is the image of a waiter in a luxury hotel seen in a TV or cartoon or a movie. I'm going by feel and atmosphere.

"Oh, you're a talentless one?

 Cecil comes into the conversation between Allen and the baron or baroness.

"Yes, so said the priest at the appraisal ceremony.

 I never said in my own words that I had no talent. It was only the priest who said there was no talent. I'll show you your talent when you take your test now.

Is it? I'm a mage.

 Speak as if triumphantly. You look like you're puffing your chest out.

That's it, Miss Cecil. That's a wonderful talent. It's not every day that a mage becomes a mage.

 You want to be praised, so I'll give you a big compliment. Cecil is crabby. You look happy. It's because of this attitude of Allen's that Cecil is bothering me, but I don't realize it.

A mage. Is there such a thing? I thought wizards got 1 star and high mages got 3 stars. I thought mages got two stars in the middle? (That's quite a talent)

 I remember when Allen was Kenichi, he researched each profession before going to another world to choose a profession. Then

"Cecil! I've told you so many times! Don't talk too much about the talent.

I'm sorry. Your father ......

 Baron Granville began to be angry at Cecil's attitude.

"And Tomas. Don't cry about it.

I'm sorry. Father. I-I just didn't have any talent. I had a brother and a sister. ......

 Sitting next to Cecil, Cecil's brother, Thomas, is crying.

"I don't care about talent. How many times have I told you that I will send you to the House of Lords in King's Landing?

"I want to go to school town like my brother.

"I can't do that. The House of Lords is a nice place. My father went there too. He doesn't have any talent. They have a ball there in the evening. That's where I met your mother.

 Well," said the baroness putting her hands on her cheeks. She seems to remember her days in the House of Lords.

(Huh? So even noblemen have to have talent to go to college town? Aristocrats go to the House of Lords if they don't have talent. Well, it's a world where talent is hard to find for the nobility.

 It's a world where talent is more likely to manifest itself in low-status commoners and serfs. Talent appears in the brother and sister (Cecil), and the second son, Tomas, falls into a depression with no talent.


(Ugh! (About Cecil's glare)

 When I think about the relationship between nobility and talent, I feel a strong gaze. It's staring at you as if your father is angry with you. Try not to make eye contact as you continue to serve.

 And so Allen's work for today was done.