51 Episode 51: Adventurer's Guild

 November. Today is a half day off. I have the afternoon off.

Are you going out?

 While eating lunch, you will hear from the servant master Rikker. This is the servants' dining room on the first floor. He noticed that you're not in your usual servant's clothes, but in your everyday clothes. This uniform is also loaned to me. It's quite fine.

Yes, I think I'm going into town.

"Well, then,

 And then he tells me things. That's the servant master. There doesn't seem to be a curfew, but the butler will call me if I'm too late. I'm usually home between 9:00 p.m. and midnight. It's nice to know that the curfew isn't 9:00 p.m. or something.

 When he's off work at 5 p.m., he goes to bars around town. He goes out two or three times a week. He sometimes slips out around 3:00 p.m. and the butler is annoyed with him. He teaches me like a saga. He'll tell you everything.

 You are told to carry the Granvelle coat of arms with you, so you say yes and leave the dining room. Keep going out from the first floor.

Let's go to the Adventurer's Guild today.

 On my way to buy something, I stopped at a place where I could stop by. However, unlike the marketplace near the center of the city, there is a place on the other side of the aristocratic district that is difficult to stop by unless you are on vacation.

 You'll pass a man wearing armor and carrying a big stupid sword on his back.

 In this world, there were people who lived by hunting monsters called adventurers. I see many people who look like adventurers when I go shopping. I heard from Rickel that in this other world, there is an organization for adventurers called the Adventurers' Guild. Sometimes the lord also asks the Adventurer's Guild to kill monsters.

 I heard that the Adventurer's Guild is located near the north gate of the city's four gates, near the south gate opposite the north gate of the noble city. It's quite far from the edge of the capital, so it's quite remote. It's too far for Cecil's parasites to make a detour. I decided to visit the Adventurer's Guild on my half day off. There's something I want to check out.

 The marketplace in the center of town takes two hours to walk to. On the other side of town, it could take four hours. I'll run because it might be late.

(Oh! More adventurers. (There's swords and spears and wands, too.

 The south gate comes into view at large in front. And there is the Adventurer's Guild, facing the main street. I guess this big building with all the adventurers coming out of it is the Adventurers' Guild. There seems to be many taverns and inns around here.

 Aren enters.

There are a lot of adventurers here. It's pretty empty.

 It's just before three o'clock in the afternoon. It might not be too crowded at this time of day. Looking around, I get quite a few stares. Maybe it's the color of my hair. Maybe it's because she's eight years old. I'm glad it's not too crowded.

(Can I be an adventurer, too?)

 Even the receptionist stares at you. She's a beautiful woman.

Excuse me.

"Yes, what is it?

"Can I be an adventurer?

"Hmmm, how old am I?

I'm eight years old.

"Adventurers start at age 12.

 I'm sorry.

(Hmm, can't you be?)

 Allen is now a servant.
 Since Rodin became his servant as a reward for his contribution to the development of the village, I'm thinking of staying on as a servant. But I have no intention of being a crippled servant for the rest of my life.

 Since I'm only 8 years old, I'm thinking of being a servant for a few years, but after that I'd like to be an adventurer. But apparently you can't become an adventurer until you're twelve.

 When I quit being a servant, I'm going to tell Rodin that I tried being a servant for a few years, but it just wasn't for me.

 I have other things to check today besides becoming an adventurer.

I see. I would like to know more about the magical beasts around the city, do you have any kind of documentation on them?

Sorry, I'm not allowed to go into the Adventurer's Room.

 Apparently, they are not going to tell me anything. I said, "Okay," and left the counter. I'm here to find out what kind of hexenbiest is around the city. I'm going to find out where and what kind of hexenbiest are here. It would be useless to go back, so I want to gather as much information as possible. I'm going to rummage through the building.

(Oh?) (This is a flyer for a request to take down a hexenbiest.

 There's a sticky parchment on one of the walls that seems to be a request to kill the monster. It has the name of the hexenbiest and the fee that seems to be the reward for killing it. It's written in Japanese and I can read it.

(Hmm, the flyer is sparsely pasted. (You want me to rip it off and take the request?)

 It's Allen who understands that the form of the request is to rip off the flyer. The leaflet in the scattered and removed part must have been a request to take down. Something that looks like a torn off piece of paper is stuck to the wall.

 The flier has the rank of the monster, the monster's name and the reward for defeating it.

E rank horn rabbit, 1 copper coin
D-rank goblins 5 copper coins
D-rated Big Toad 8 copper coins
C-rated oak, 3 silver coins
C-rated armor ants, 3 silver coins

 Recording in the grimoire. There's quite a few different kinds of magical beasts.

There's a lot of different kinds of monsters. But there's no record of where they appear. Does that mean they're everywhere?

 It seems to be climbing up the ranks from one end to the other.

"Hey, hey, what's a kid in here? Hey kid, this is not the place for a monk.

 I was absorbed in examining it when I heard a voice from behind me. I turn around and see Allen.

 An adventurer with a sword at his hip calls out to him. He's probably in his early twenties. There are numerous scars on his arms and cheeks.

Excuse me, I'll leave now. Why isn't this hexenbiest listed where she is, by the way?

 It seems that I shouldn't stay here too long. It's too much trouble for me to get bothered by adventurers, so I'll leave. But first, I will ask the adventurer who spoke to me a question, if I can confirm it first.

"Oh? Well, they're all over the place.

 It's a hassle to learn. It seems that the higher-ranked monsters are located nearer to the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

(Hmm, isn't the Shiro Dragon Range beyond Krsna village? (Does it extend close to the city?

 I have yet to see a world map or a map of the territory. Maybe there's a map somewhere in the mansion, but I can't get into the mansion's storeroom. I'm a servant with a limited amount of space.

 Adventurers tell me that the ranks move away from the city. I'll take the record carefully.

 Around town, an E-ranked hexenbiest
 1 day walking ED-ranked magical beasts
 3 days to walk, DC-ranked hexenbiest
 7 days to walk CB-ranked hexenbiest

"No one is going to take down this Murder Garsh, is there?

 I'll ask him about this and that, as he tells me. No one has accepted the request to take out the big Murder Garsh, or the request to take out the big reward Murder Garsh is still on the wall.

B-rank Madhagarsh Ramba Village, 200 gold coins.

You're in the vicinity of Lamba village now? The rewards are getting bigger all at once, like 200 gold coins.

 It was said that even if they were asked to be defeated, they were likely to move on to somewhere else and become useless. Another reason why they don't take requests to defeat them is that they are quite strong even among the B-ranked ones. Since adventurers don't take requests, it's often the knights who take down Murderer's Garoush.

''So no one is taking requests for this white dragon?

 The parchment takedown request on the far end is discolored and looks like it's been there for decades.

"Hey, hey, hey! How long do you have to ask questions?

This is the last time.

 Ask questions doggedly saying that it's okay.

A-rated Shiro Dragon, Shiro Dragon Mountains, 1000 gold coins.

 It was such a hefty reward that the other rewards for defeating it were hazy.

 Shhhhhh and answers questions. Maybe he's a rather nice guy. I wonder if he approached me because he thought the kid might get in trouble with the adventurer's guild.

 The white dragon of the Shiro Dragon Mountains is so strong that no one will take it. But I really want to kill it, so the reward is 1,000 gold coins. The white dragon range is a mithril vein. But I can't mine it due to the presence of the white dragon.

(Huh? So the reward for killing the white dragon is worth a thousand gold coins.

"Raven, I finished reporting the kill request. What are you doing? I got the request done so fast.

 The adventurer who was talking with Allen will be approached. It seems he is with the adventurer in front of him. He's holding a dagger that shows his belly button. Behind him is a hooded woman holding a staff. She looks to be a female adventurer in her late teens and early 20s.

 She says she was told to go for a drink and that she understood.

Hmm? What's going on? That child

 A female adventurer with a dagger notices Allen.

"No, I was just hearing about your hexenbiest. Thank you, Mr. Raven.

 Since I got what I wanted to hear, I thanked him politely and left the adventurers' guild.

(Hmmm, I knew there were only low-ranked magical beasts near the city. (Hmmm, I guess you have to go far away to find high experience monsters.

 The Adventurer's Guild provided valuable information. The next thing to do was for Allen to decide.