52 Episode 52 Negotiation

 It's the middle of November. It's a chilly time of year when the first snow is about to fall. Today I wake up again in the fourth floor attic.

 I've been waking up at six in the morning for years for my routine, so I never oversleep. In the dim light, your hand accidentally lands on a flower pot.

 This is the flower pot Allen brought to the attic on his third day at the mansion. There were many flowerpots in the mansion's garden, so I silently borrowed them from him. I filled them with dirt and carried them to the mansion.
 Some of the servants saw me doing this, but you don't get caught doing this kind of eccentricity until you're out in the open. I managed to carry it straight to the attic. There were two flowerpots that I snuck in. If anyone asks me why I'm taking them, I'm going to tell them that Master Cecil asked me to do it for her.

 The flowerpots are planted with a tree of Grass F's summoner. The purpose is to accelerate the recovery of magical power through the effects of its special aroma. The other one is filled with soil to grow the grasses of the summoned beasts of grass E for their special skill of life.

 You can earn skill experience by consuming magic power. Magic power recovery will be restored after 6 hours from the last time you consumed it. Grass F's special skill, Aroma, reduces that time.

 Furthermore, when the magic power recovers, it recovers so quickly that even a grimoire cannot confirm the speed of recovery.

 Effect of Aroma
For 24 hours after smelling the fragrance, the magic power will be restored in 5 hours.

 Just to be sure, I made three Grass E Life Grasses and put them in the grimoire, but I didn't plan to use them at the moment. Since it's called "grass of life", I'm assuming it's a restorative, but I don't know how effective it is in restoring strength. I'm planning to use it next time when I know someone who is injured.

 Not only the grass E grass of life, but also summons have not been tested yet. There are many things I don't even know about the F-ranked summons. For the last two years, I've been doing housework, working the fields, hunting, and playing knights. There's a lot I don't know about because mash follows me everywhere.

(We'll have to negotiate well for validation. I even finished my shopping while I was on vacation).

 Today I have a negotiation scheduled with the butler.

 I'll wake up to spend my magic and gain skill experience, then I'll have a meal downstairs. It's the same meal as yesterday. It's a sparsely stocked soup and bread. A servant's meal is just like this.

 Although they are noblemen, the barons' meals are often light in the morning and afternoon, although meat is served at dinner. As a waiter, you may notice.

 As always, after breakfast, I go into the room to take care of Cecil. I clean my room, collecting my nightgown and trash. As the baron's daughter, this room alone is larger than the Allen's house when he was a serf.

 The third floor is occupied by the baron's family, and there are four of them. There is also a room for the eldest son, but it's not used now because he goes to school in the city.

 The baron
 Baron's second son
 The eldest daughter of the baron (Cecil)

 The second floor contains the rooms of the butler, housekeeper, and head chef, as well as the baron's dining room, hall, and guest rooms.
 The first floor contains the kitchen, servants' dining room, servants' rooms, guest rooms, etc.
 The first basement floor contains the pantry, servants' rooms, servants' rooms, and so on. Weapons and armor are also stored in the basement.

 Cecil finishes a light meal of bread, soup, and tea. I use a lot of jam.

 It looks like he'll be learning in the afternoon. Looks like he's learning five days out of a six-day week. Perhaps a nobleman needs to be educated.

You're a never-seen boy.

Yes, my name is Allen and I've been with the Granvelle family for the last month.

 You are approached by a teacher near the door. He reacts a little to Allen's response, but doesn't seem to say anything. I'll show you the hall on the second floor. Most of the lessons are done in this hall.

Your teacher today is in a robe. Is she a magic teacher?

 It's a man in a robe like a wizard. He looks pretty old. I'm interested in magic. Can't take the class, of course. I'll tell Cecil what the teacher has done.

(Well, I don't know if the summoner would remember the magic if I did.)

 I began to see adventurers and magic teachers with swords and wands, and I think that the fantasy feeling of sword and magic came out.

 Cecil has started to learn, so I'll be free.

 Head upstairs to the butler's room.

 Knock knock.

Come in.

"Excuse me.

 The butler's office. I tell him I need to talk to him, and he listens to me. I was shown the sofa and sat down face to face. That's the best of the senior servants. It's a good-sized room. It's for two rooms, and I'm sure the servants are consulted, complete with sofas.

So, what's the consultation all about?

Actually, about the vacation, I'd like a day off.

 I'll get straight to the point. Right now, you have two half-day breaks in the afternoon off, out of a six-day week. I ask you to combine these days off into one, and to give me one full day off per week.

 Hmm," says the butler thoughtfully.



"How long have you been here?

"It's from the end of October, so it should be about 20 days?

 They come in and negotiate their days off in about 20 days. It's like a new employee negotiating for a paid day off after 20 days on the job.

 Allen's idea is to take one day off every six days. The idea is simple: take that one day off to level up outside the city. I also want to examine the summons. An E-ranked summoner is about one to two meters in size, so it cannot be tested in this hall.

What if I say no?

I would like to take some time off, sir.


 He replied immediately that he would quit being a servant. As expected, the butler was surprised. At nearly 60 years of age, he's less surprised these days, but he was surprised to see me after all these years. I'm talking about whether he knows how much a nobleman's servant is worth.

 I'm the butler who has been receiving reports about Allen's work. He is well greeted and learns his trade. In his spare time, he helps with the laundry, which no one else seems to want to do. He also seems to have strength and is very helpful. From their attitudes and behavior, they say that they were really serfs.

 It's too early to say, but I'm thinking about asking the baron if I can increase my salary, which is currently half of what it normally is. I'm asking for a change in the vacation. Allen's assessment is blurring.

"Pioneer Village is a success.


 The butler's abruptness makes you wonder what he's talking about.

"And the territorial settlement order is still in effect today.

 The butler spoke through his eyes. As long as there is a territorial settlement order, we must establish villages and fields within the territory. The same is true for Baron Granvelle, who has already succeeded in building a settlement village.


 Answer and listen carefully.

We are already in the process of selecting a new village for you.


(What's the story?)

The new village must have a new mayor. This is still confidential and don't tell anyone else, but Rodin is on the short list for the chief.


 It's the butler who keeps talking. The story goes that the baron appreciates Rodin's work so much. The story goes that although he is now a commoner, the baron does not judge a man by whether he was born a serf or not.

 Rodin founded a village, led the serfs and is loved by everyone. If this is the case, there will be many who will follow him when he starts a new village. And the next village will surely be a boa-hunting village. The meat of the boa is what the kingdom needs. I was told that the village needed a hero for the boar hunt.

Allen. So the work here will not be in vain.

 Work in the Barony of Granville, where the Baron of Granville rules the city of Granville. I don't know how far Allen will rise in rank as a servant, but I tell him that his work here will not be in vain.

 He said it would be useful when he followed Rodin's footsteps and became the village chief.


 Even after hearing that story, still waiting for a reply to see if a day off is possible.

 When Allen reincarnates in this world, he is determined to make the most of it. It's a choice to live.

 Raise the bar and make yourself stronger. If I don't even get a day off, I don't think there's any point in being here.

Not really, well, all right. That's one day off.

"Thank you.

 The butler broke. To begin with, in principle, two half days off per week. However, some servants have a day off for family reasons. Since it was too early in the holiday, I just thought it would be better not to drink too easily as a steward.

 Thus, Allen had earned a day off to raise his level.