53 Episode 53 Holiday ①

 Get up a little after five in the morning. I wake up a half hour earlier than usual. Quickly change your clothes. This is not the servant's uniform. It's the same as the servant's, but for everyday wear.

 Instead of going to the first floor, you use the streetlight to leave the back gate and head for the gate out of town.

 Allen desperately runs.

"Oh? What's the matter with you, kid? This gate ain't open yet.

"Yeah, I'll wait.

 Reach the gate, which is the entrance to the city. The gatekeeper says you can't open the gate yet.

 This is one of the four gates in the city of Granvelle. Mostly passed by the barons of Granvelle and the residents of the noble quarter. I've already asked servant Rikker to explain how this works. He can tell you everything. He'll tell you things you haven't heard.

 The gate doesn't open until 6:00. And at six o'clock the bell will ring. In the village of Krena the bell has rung four times: 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, and 18:00. In the city of Granville, the bells also ring six times, at 6:00 and 9:00 pm. That's the city, early in the morning and late at night.

(And check again while waiting)

 Take out the grimoire and see what's in it.
A dagger.
3 wooden swords
30 pieces of firewood
3 ropes
5 pieces of meat
2 water bags
10 pieces of stone
93 pieces of silver coins
2 copper coins
3 E-rated magic stones

 I bought food and other necessities for outside activities at the last half day off.

 Check the summoning cards as well.
3 bugs
1 piece of Insect E
10 copies of the beast E
6 pieces of bird E
20 sheets of grass E

 I had 20 birds E summons, so I changed them to hunting cards. Thanks to this, I only had three E-ranked magic stones left from the previous ten or so. There's only a few left.

 Also, the dagger Dogora gave me, the steward said that servants are forbidden to walk around with weapons. He also said that becoming a squire would allow it. They would not confiscate them, but they were not to be carried around with them.

 That's why I usually keep them in storage, including my wooden sword.

You can't even make a fire without a flint. I have some wood for heating. Well, if there is something missing today, I'll buy it while I'm out shopping.

 If you need something, you think you can stop by and buy it, even when Cecil asks you to buy something for him in a parachute.


 A loud bell tolls. That's the six o'clock bell.

Okay, the gates are open. Got a pass?


 I'll show you the Granvelle coat of arms that I kept in my pants pocket. It was given to me by Sebas soon after I became a servant. He told me never to lose it.

I'm sorry. You're House Granvelle.

"No, no,

 The servant's crest. It's a free pass to all the city gates.
 You'll pass through a large gate attached to the outer wall that guards the city.

Oh, it's outside: ......

 I can't speak for a moment. You don't know whether to breathe in or out. This is what I dreamed of for eight years. Freedom spread out.

 I get sucked in and out. I think I can hear the soldier behind me, kid, telling me to watch out.

 Outside is an empty grassland for over a kilometer, but after that trees are sparse here and there. It's not as dense as forests and woods, but the trees seem to grow at equal intervals. As a result, the horizon is not visible. This is the same situation as the one around Krsna village.

 Look at the coat of arms. The coat of arms has a design with three trees on it. Apparently, the abundance of nature is a symbol of the Granville barony.

(Well, let's go for a D-ranked monster first. You can't lose as much as Albahron.)

 I gathered information in the Adventurers' Guild. The closer you get to the Shiro Dragon Mountains, the stronger the monsters become.

 The Shiro Dragon Mountains are even called a mountain range. The mountains are said to be endlessly connected.

 Southwest of the town of Granville is the village of Krsna. If you continue southwest, you will reach the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

 If you walk west from the town of Granville, you'll find the Shiro Dragon Mountains. It's said that you can reach the foot of the white dragon range after about seven days on foot from Granvelle town.

 Since I can't see a map, I asked my servant Rikker who can tell me everything.

(If you run into a high-ranked monster or something dangerous, just use Pyonta as bait and run home.

 Bug G's summoner's special skill, provocation, makes the hexenbiest angry. He thinks he can use it to escape and return home.

 Start running. I'm running out of time. I've got to get ten kilometers away from the city as fast as I can.

Okay, that's close enough. Let's check out the summons first, Hawke, before we hunt the beast.

 We have not yet verified the E rank summons. Verify before you start hunting. A bird E summoner will appear.

 Spread it from wing tip to wing tip and a large hawk over two meters long will appear.

(Come here.)


 The summoner of the bird E. landed on the ground and crawled over to me.

(I'll listen to you.) Is this because of its high intelligence? (Try to go around)

 The summoner of the bird E with 50 intelligence is enhanced and has 150 intelligence.
 At Allen's command, it begins to turn slowly around on the ground.

 The summoner, which has been disobedient for a long time, is now listening to me. I'm very happy, but I'm still trying to figure out why Allen is doing what he says.

(Hmmm, instructions could be given with 150 wits. You did your rounds. I didn't teach you the language. (Uh, walk about a meter to the right.)

 To the right about a meter to the bird E summoner walks.

(Good, so you already know the meaning of the words. That's helpful. Now let's try another summoner. Get your balls out.

 I even found out that I could understand the meaning of the words. Check the differences between the other summons.


 A 1.2 meter high and 2 meter long saber tiger shaped beast summoned by the beast E appears. At E rank, it looks very strong like a summoner.

(Tama, come here, come here.)

 The beast E summons begins to romp on the grass. It looks very comfortable with the grass on its back.

(Hmmm, my balls, at 28 wits, can't tell me what to do. (Hmmm, a ball of 28 intelligence can't be instructed, and this is based not on the rank of the summoner, but on its intelligence level.

 The verification of intelligence is over.

Now, let's hunt and verify. There's a lot of stuff we can't investigate without a hexenbiest. Let's find the hexenbiest first. Hawke, use your eagle eye to find the hexenbiest.

 Instruct them to use their eagle eye, a special skill of the bird E's summoner, to find the hexenbiest.


 Allen waits in place without moving. The sun has long since risen in the sky in the process of verification.

 About 15 minutes have passed. The summoner of bird E has not returned.

(After all, this world's encounter rate is too bad.)

 When I was Kenichi, the game had a setting called the encounter rate. The encounter rate was the probability of encountering an enemy while moving. It was common to walk outside a city and encounter an enemy within a minute.

 This alternate world doesn't seem to have that many magical beasts. It's been over an hour since we left the city of Granville and we still haven't encountered any hexenbiest.

(Albahelon used to wait more than an hour before he'd fly over. This isn't very efficient. It's your precious leveling up time. More to come.

 In addition, summon all five birds E summons and give the same instructions. They will chirp and fly apart.

(Okay, that should speed up the discovery of the beast. Uh-oh, and equip the dagger. Stow the crest so it doesn't fall off.

 Slide the dagger out of the compartment and into the waistband.


 Without waiting for many minutes one bird E summoner comes back. It descends in one fluid motion from above and perches on a nearby tree branch. It seems to say, "This way.

(Are you at the end of a parked tree?)

 At the very least communicate with the summons, but proceed to draw the dagger.

 Walk for about 100 meters.

 Walk about 300 meters.

 He walks for about 500 meters.

(Ugh, I thought you weren't here. (Well, I don't know how far away the Hexenbiest is until you give me more specific instructions.

 In the sky above are three more birds E summonses flying around. They are showing off what they found.

(This should be done by, say, finding a hexenbiest within a kilometer. It's too far to find the beast ten kilometers away. You don't know how far away they are.

 Various remedies are going through my mind. As I was thinking about how to instruct the summoner of Bird E, a shadow appeared in front of me.

 It's about a head taller than Allen, who's starting to exceed 120 centimeters in height.

(Hmm? (Hexenbiest?)

"Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu.

 A 150-centimeter-tall, green-skinned hexenbiest with a waistcoat appeared.

(Is this a goblin?)

 The green-skinned monster goblin and his eyes meet.

"Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu!
"Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu.
"Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu.
"Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu Gu.

 Five goblins appeared in front of Allen.