54 Episode 54 Holiday ②

 There are goblins that are humanoid monsters in front of us. There are five of them. Their green bodies are very muscular. They aren't very tall, at five feet tall, but they hold daggers and clubs. They can't seem to stop grinning, as if they think they'll find a meal at the sight of a little boy.

(Oops, I just ran into him.)

 If I could, I would have found the hexenbiest behind a tree and attacked her, but I saw her eyes completely. The basis of combat is the first strike.


 When one of them screams out, each one reacts and comes at you with their own unique gift.

(Come on, balls!)


 Surrounding Allen, five summons of beast E in the form of saber tigers are summoned at once. Naturally, they're all reinforced. You can summon any number of summons at once if you are aware of them. It doesn't even consume magic.


 The goblins that run toward the summoned beast are momentarily frightened.

 That's when the goblins got scared.


 Summoned five more beast E summonses to the rear of the group of goblins. It's a pincer. The summons can be summoned anywhere within 50 meters from where they can be seen. Staying behind the pack is a battle routine. I'll use my clawing ability under Allen's direction.

 Trapped in the middle, the goblins are in a panic. They don't seem to be that intelligent. When the goblins turn around, the summoned beast, summoned between Allen and the goblins, attacks them.

Okay, now let's check for pigeons. Come on out, Swallowtail.

 There are two goblins that have been killed. We need to examine them before we kill them all.

 A butterfly-shaped worm E is summoned, about a meter long. Then it flaps its wings against the two survivors and yellow scales fly. The two goblins fall asleep in the middle of the battle.

 Pull a pebble out of the chamber. Sleep standing up and throw all your strength into the face of an off-balanced goblin.

(Hmm, didn't you kill it?)

 The grimoire still doesn't show a log of the defeat. The beast E's summonses put a stop to the goblin with its face caved in.

A goblin has been killed. I've got 200 experience. 

(Hmmm, 1 body with 200 experience and 5 bodies with 1000 experience, woohoo)

 Rejoice in earning experience. Albaheron had 100 experience. The Great Boar had 400 experience. The Great Boar, which I was able to hunt in bulk at the end, gave me about 1200 experience.

 But I think it's better value than boa hunting.

(You always have to think about efficiency when you're gaining experience. I saw that the hourly rate was better for goblins)

 When Allen was Kenichi, he used the term 'hourly wage' to describe a measure of experience efficiency in games. It was how much experience you could earn per hour. For a six-hour round trip, 1200 experience is the maximum Great Boar hunt. In this battle, I've earned 1000 experience in less than two hours.

 The hourly rate for boa hunting is 200 experience, and for goblins it is 500 experience. Obviously, the goblins are more efficient in terms of experience.

 These are the summonses of the bird E, flying above. We'll be ready for our next kill.

Alright, let's get the magic stone and go on another hunt. But the scales are still a debuff effect of sleep. But still, just one was effective. Was I right?

 I believe that there are certain rules for the debuff effects used by insect-like summons. I'd like to verify that this time as well.

 Grasp the dagger and head for the downed goblin. I cut into the side of its heart and remove the magical stone. It doesn't feel good, to be honest, but the magic stone is valuable. Especially for a summoner, the number of magic stones is going to be a lifeline. I can't afford to waste them. I'm going to get the magic stones out of every goblin.

 Meanwhile, the summons of Beast E will be around Allen. There could still be goblins out there. We can't let them get behind us.

Oshish, quickly get the magic stone. Hawks, goblins are good next time! Hawk, who has found more than five goblins, come down. It's within three kilometers, for now. (Hawk who finds more than five goblins, go look again with a hawk's eye.

 Then the four bird E summonses go looking again. It seems they found more than just goblins or a few goblins. Two summons of bird E will come down. One of the summons of bird E will run to the hexenbiest it found.

 Meanwhile, the time is flying by. The sun has long since set.

(ox ox ox, 80 goblins and 5 horn rabbits killed! Level 2 went up! Best holiday ever!

 200 experience for one goblin
 Experience of one horn rabbit 10

 All together, I earned 16050 experience. Two levels have been raised to 9.

 After a day of testing, I have found out the rules for the Summoner's Skill of insects.

It takes a summoner's special skill to abrogate a monster of the higher rank.
Two summonses are needed to abrogate a magical beast of two ranks higher.
You need to increase the number of summons by one for each rank.
The probability of abnormality is not 100% (even if you increase it, it does not become 100%)
A single summoned beast can debuff multiple monsters.

 With Bug G's summons, it took three summons to enrage Albaheron, a D-rank hexenbiest three ranks higher. With Bug E's summons, it could debuff multiple packs of D-rank monsters and goblins that were one rank higher.

 Scales' special skill was the sleep effect. Multiple goblins will fall asleep with one monster. It seems that there's roughly an 80% chance of the debuff effect being triggered. Maybe the goblins are too effective, but that's a hell of a rate.

 But they weren't safe. Beast E's summons get killed every once in a while. Apparently, they're pretty easy to get killed by the attacks of the muscular goblins. We're building up their strength and attack power. They are not fast enough or durable enough. It's also why summons are ranked lower than goblins.

 At the beginning of a battle, they are scaled to begin with, but if there are too many goblins whose scales don't work, they will be attacked. As a result, he looked for the horned rabbit to find an E-ranked magic stone.

 I also discovered that goblin D-ranked magic stones cannot be used to create E-ranked summons. You need a magic stone of the same rank to create or combine them.

Okay, okay, let's move on. Where's the goblin?

 Became a goblin killer. I recognized them as good prey because they were multiple and easy to kill.

 Then the summons of bird E circles the sky and comes down again. All six of them.

(Hmm? What's going on? Tired? (I can still do it, right?)

 When I was playing online games, I was hunting for about 8 hours straight and I was tired of my buddies who were partying with me! And remember that you were angry.

 But it's not like that. Apparently they can't fly. It's the summonses of the bird E. He shakes his head.
 It's getting dusk. Soon the sun will have set completely.

(Are you saying it's too dark to see?)

 Then the summonses of Bird E nodded in unison.

"A bird's eye! No, bird's-eye. Seriously, you can't track them in the dark? Holy shit.

 I can't help but shout.

 I was so engrossed in the hunt that I lost my sense of direction. You've been hunting all day. You don't know where you are, or how far you are from the city of Granville.

(I was going to ask Hawk to show me where the city is, but you'll have to leave on your own.

 Check the general direction at the position of the sun. As the dark night closes in that direction, you start running.

 Then a few hours pass.

Oh! Boy, you're alive.

"Yes, yes

 It's the gatekeeper from the morning. It's already dark. It's hard to be at the gate all day, I thought, and showed the crest I took out of the storage.

(Look out, I'll have to cut the hunt a bit earlier.

 Reflect on the fact that I got carried away with the hunt. This was how Allen's first day off was over.