56 Chapter 56 "Self"

 It was my first day off since I confessed to the steward to hunt outside the city. I left the mansion before the sun came up again today and ran to the gate to find the usual gate guard. I thank you for your hard work this morning in the cold.

Are you going out today too, young man?


 The usual small talk until the six o'clock bell rings. I used to show it every time, but I was told last time that I don't have to show the coat of arms. Now that I don't have to show you the crest, it's still in the storage room. It's not as strict as the train station and airport in the real world.

 Now it's time to go and you're running away from the city. The season is just past the middle of December, with the first snowfall. The everyday clothes you're given aren't that thick. But it's not that cold for Allen, who always runs outside the city.

 We're getting further and further away from the city.

This far away from the city. Come on out, Hawks.

 Six bird E summonses appear at once. Of course, they will be summoned to a place a few dozen meters in the air. At the instruction to find the goblins, the birds will scatter and fly away to find a flock of goblins.

 I killed several D-ranked monsters, but the experience of the goblins was the most efficient. Only goblins have over 1,000 confirmed experience points in a single battle. There are D-ranked monsters that can give you more experience than the goblins per animal, but the number of individuals that appear at once is small.

 One of the reasons to target them is that the goblins are the fastest to be found, whether it's because there are too many goblins or not many other monsters.

 I'm a complete goblin killer.

(Should I kill 100 goblins first, and then kill the horned rabbit to earn some money and collect some magic stones? I should be able to hunt five horned rabbits.

 Wait for the return of the summons, setting a quota for each hunt.

 The encounter rate with a hexenbiest is not that high. If there are no summons, you will be able to hunt only 3 times a day at most. Because of its excellent search capabilities, Allen's hunting is much more efficient.

 While I was thinking about my quota, a summoner from bird E comes back. The hunt begins.

 About three hours have passed since then.

 Allen was eating dried sweet potatoes and mormo nuts for lunch. We'll be running around, so it's important to recharge. The mammo berries also keep us hydrated. It's very efficient. And delicious.

 And then a Hawk comes to rest on a branch just outside of Allen's reach.

Oh, hang on. I'm finishing up now.


(Hmm? (What?)

 Something is always wrong with the summoner of the bird E. . Look to the heavens. Three summons of bird E have already found their prey and are flying in the sky. They're flying through the sky without ever landing in a tree.



 A bird E summons even stronger. It's as if it's making some kind of appeal.

Hmm? What is it?

 It's unusual bird E behavior. He puts the half-eaten dried sweet potatoes into storage. Then the summoned beast of Bird E, who was watching, flaps its wings from the branch and slowly heads for it. Look at Allen. When he's sure it's following him, it's speeding up.

(Oh, he's so fast.)

 The summonses of the bird lineage are quicker and more intelligent. They are even quicker because of the enhancements. Allen also increases his speed gear. Allen's speed has also been boosted by increasing the level of his speed, which is quite impressive.

Seriously, that's a long way! What the hell?

 Run for 15 minutes. I hear voices in the distance. It's like a scream.

"Milsie run!

"Because, leave Rita and Raven out of it.

"I'm not a fan!

(Hmm? Engaging? (The cold letter?)

 There was a dagger-wielding woman fighting a horde of goblins. And behind her was a wounded man and a woman with a staff to hold him. From the way they dressed, they all seemed to be adventurers.

 The dagger-wielder Rita is fighting desperately against four goblins. Behind the goblins, two goblins are already dead. Rita's arm may have been cut off, or she can't lift it. She has slumped to the ground, and blood is dripping down. She's struggling to engage with one arm. We've got to get through, or we'll hear loud voices. The goblins are grinning and closing in on you.

 We're already a few dozen meters away. Allen pulls the ball out of the chamber. Throwing with all his might, he throws the ball.

That wasn't supposed to be the first pitch.



 Crush the face of one goblin. The goblin dives into his face and pokes his knee into the ground.

I'll cover you!

"Huh? Who?

(Hey, I'm in the middle of a battle, facing forward)

 Throw a further iron ball. It lands on the face of the second goblin, and the goblin wobbles.

(Will the iron ball kill him?)

"My iron ball won't stop it. Watch out!

"Wow, okay, ......

 The sudden appearance of reinforcements upsets him, but that doesn't bother him as Allen throws one last iron ball. However, two goblins are down, leaving Allen on high alert. The goblin uses his arm to block the flying ball, but his arm is shattered.
 However, it seems to have more energy than the other two goblins that were hit in the face. Clench the club in your unharmed hand.

So there are only two goblins that can move.

 Draw your dagger and leap forward. No summons in public. All of Bird E's summons have already been carded.

I'll kill the unharmed one! One arm!

"Okay. ......

 Enter into a close combat with a goblin with a rusty and tattered longsword. In defeating the D-ranked Albahelon, I've won by having the Summoner of Insect F use his sucking ability to take away its power.

 This time, the summons will not give anything. The battle begins without any specialties.

 Avoid all of the goblin's large sword strikes. The dagger won't catch the attack. The dagger may damage the blade. Don't wear out your weapon unnecessarily.

 Already at level 12, the dagger's talismanic powers and speed are 300 or so. Close in and slash his head at the vital point in an instant. You'll fall back before fresh blood erupts. It's an overwhelming victory.

 The reason I usually let the summons take me down is because I let it ruin my precious everyday clothes. I've fought in the past without getting my clothes dirty.

 A goblin collapses from his knees. I see Rita, the female adventurer with the dagger. I was just about to kill the goblin too. She's no match for a wounded goblin. She also slams the two goblins that have been hit in the face with an iron ball.



 A mortally wounded adventurer called Raven. I know that guy from somewhere. You're the adventurer who taught Allen all about monsters. His friends are trying very hard to talk to him, but all he can do is huff and puff. I feel like I'm dying.

 Allen moves closer. A dark-haired boy appears out of nowhere. He could be no older than ten years old. They help him, but are slightly wary of him.

(Hmm, the one called Milcy looks like a healer, is she out of magic? Can't recover. (Or use the grass of life if you have no choice)

Excuse me, I have some herbs. Do you want to use it?

"Oh, really!

 Both men's expressions change at once.

"I'll pay you whatever you want to pay me to help Raven!

 Not very polite language, but I don't care about that. Pretend to let it out of your back and take out the grass of life made with Grass E's summoning beast special skill from storage.

(Shit, it's the first time you've tried the effect with such a dying person?

 Still unverified, but I'm assuming it's a restorative, given the name. Grasp a leaf like leaf and hold it close to the Raven. I don't know how to use it, but I'm going to hold it against my heavily wounded belly.

 The two companions anxiously stare at Raven's vacant face, grasping at straws and watching Allen's behavior.

(Don't look at me so expectantly. We don't know how far this will take you, or even the recovery potion to begin with.

 The grass of life touches the body of the adventurer.

 The leaves that touch the wound glow and disappear like bubbles. Then the raven's belly, with its entrails almost visible, heals at a terrific rate. It's hard to tell because of the blood that sticks to the belly, but it seems to be completely healed.

 Raven slowly opens his eyes, also conscious. Rubbing his belly, he checks the wound.


 Raven, now healed, is astonished. And Raven's companions, Rita and Milsy, also shout in surprise.


"Oh, me?

 He can't seem to understand how he is safe. He asks Milcy with his wand if you healed him. Milsie shakes her head.

"It's good to see you, sir. You said Rita? I'll fix Rita's arm too.

 Take the grass of life from the back again and touch the wounded and bleeding arm. Keep your grip on the grass of life to avoid being seen too much.

 The three adventurers watch the scene. The wounds are disappearing at a frenzied pace. It's like turning back time. Quickly, it's healing. I raise my arm, now weak from a broken bone, to my chest. You clench your regained palm over and over in surprise.

Flower of Mulase!

 The three of them all mentioned the name of the herb that had saved Rodin's life.