57 Chapter 57: "Self"

 The Weed of Life has cured the adventurers Raven and Rita. They seem surprised that you used such a precious recovery potion for them.

Now it looks like you're going to be okay. Are you hurt, Miss Milcy?

 Looks fine, but just to make sure. There's one more plant of life.

Wow, I'm okay.

 Put your hands out in front of you to show that you're okay.

'So, you think you can make it back to town? The city is in that direction,

 The position of the sun gives you the approximate direction of the city. I learned the position of the sun and the city's direction because I want to hunt until the last minute.

"Yeah, well, it's all right. As long as you don't get hurt, you'll be no match for the goblins.

 Saying that, Raven stands up, but he is unarmed, as if he had left his weapon somewhere. It looks like he was injured farther away from here.

 Noticing that he is unarmed, Raven picks up a rusty sword next to the goblin's corpse. It seems the weapon was left here when he was injured.

Looks like you're going to be okay. So that's that.

 and then turns to leave.

"Huh? Nah! Wait. Hmm? You're the kid from the last Adventurer's Guild, right?

 Finally, after a near-death experience, I remembered Allen.

Yes, but what is it?

 You answer with a confused look. What the hell, you say.

(I honestly wouldn't mind getting back on my own. I'd like to get back to the hunt.

 I think less than an hour has gone by thanks to you. It's a precious holiday. I want to get back to the hunt.

Yeah, I'd really like to return the favor.

"No, no, no, just the feeling.

 No, wait," he said, stopping again.

No, we have a quota of 60 goblins to go. Do you understand?

 There's no way Raven could know that.

What can I do to thank you?

 Repeatedly told. I can't help but want to thank you and won't back down. Hmmm, I'm thinking.

"So, let's see, Mr. Raven. You're an adventurer, aren't you, Mr. Raven?

"Yes, but

 As you can see, he says.

"I'm very busy today, so please tell me more about the adventurer


 Then wait for word Raven.

(That's more like it. What's next?

Also, don't tell anyone about me.

"Okay. Of course I won't say anything else.

 The other two nodded. Raven is still asking for something. To Raven, Allen has become the person who saved her from a pinch and spent two murase flowers that cost many gold coins.

That's about it, yes. I'll take all those goblin magic stones. What?

(Ah, the magic stone!)


 I was given the magical stones of five fallen goblins. Then I remembered something important.

What's going on?

"I do not have access to the Adventurers' Guild

"Hmm? That's right.

"I'm looking for an E-ranked magic stone.

 Adventurer's Guild is not available. I even went to the magic shop. While I was looking at the tools I needed for my adventure, I asked him to sell me an E-ranked magic stone, but he said he could buy it, but he didn't sell it.


How about all the Goblin's magical stones and 100 E rank magic stones? How about this as a thank you?

 Ask the Adventurer's Guild or whatever and tell them to get 100 E rank magic stones.

"Oh, you think that's a good idea?

"Of course. Is your residence in the city of Granville?

"Oh, I'm staying at an inn in the city of Granville.

I'll pick it up at the inn's reception desk on a specific date. You can leave it with the receptionist at the inn, if you want, in case someone named Allen comes to pick it up.

 It will be collected in about a week. Raven seems to back down on that, wondering if this is really a good idea. Collect the goblin's magic stone.

Then have a safe trip back to town.

"Oh, that's really helpful.

"Thank you.

 Then, without looking back, leave the place as fast as you can and go back the way you came from.

 You run a fair distance and stop.

I've lost a lot of time. Well, it's still possible to get 100 E ranked magic stones, so it's okay. Well, what should I do? I'd like to get back to the hunt, but let's sort out what we did before.

 Review what happened with the adventurers.

First, the grass of life. This is definitely a restorative. (I didn't expect this to go down this way.)

 I peek at the last blade of life. In a previous life it would have looked like a large leaf or perilla leaf. It turns out that the effect is triggered when it comes into contact with the wound.

There are two kinds of restorative medicine. Maybe this is a fixed-value restorative, though.

 When Allen was Kenichi, he played a number of games. Every game had a HP, life point, or whatever you want to call it, but there was a number that represented the amount of life of a game character that died when it reached 0. This amount of life is recovered by the recovery drug.

 There are two types of recovery pills.
It restores a certain percentage of your maximum strength.
Recover with fixed value

 If it is a % of your maximum strength, for example, a character with 1000 strength will recover 300 strength if the restorative restores 30%.
 And a restorative that restores 500 times at a fixed value restores 500 times, regardless of the value of your maximum strength.

 Consider the difference between Rodin and Raven. For Rodin, it took him more than a month to start walking even after using the Mulase Flower. Raven regained consciousness on the spot when he used it and stood up to pick up his sword.

(Normally, the Mulase Flower would be a percentage recovery system and the Grass of Life would be a fixed value recovery system.

 If the grass of life is a % recovery system, it restores 100% of your health. That's too much of a performance hit. It's still an E-rated recovery drug. It would be logical to assume that Raven's maximum strength was too low to recover all of it.

 We've done a quick review of recovery pills.

Well, that's about it, then the grimoire and the grimoire.

One goblin down. You have gained 160 experience.
One goblin down. You have gained 160 experience.
One goblin down. You have gained 160 experience.

 On the cover of the grimoire is a log of the experience gained from killing three goblins.

(That's 80% of the experience I had when I defeated them alone.

It was me and three adventurers. Me and Rita participated in the battle. That's 80 percent?

 Check the distribution of experience.

(I see, it's confirmed that it's not a headcount split. Is this calculated to be 80% if you beat it with multiple players or something like that?

 In some games, you have to hunt with a large group. In some games, the experience value is so low that the experience value is divided 60% or 80% of what it would have been if I had defeated the game alone.

(Boa's experience level was 400. If it's 80%, the actual experience value is 500. A C-ranked boa would not have 2.5 times the experience of a goblin. (So the actual experience is 1000?

 Allen's expected experience distribution
If you take down 2 to 4 people, it's 80% of what it would be if you took down 1 person.
40 percent of the time when you beat it with 20 to 40 people

(Well, something like that.)

 Record an analysis of the effect of the grass of life and experience allocation in the grimoire.

(Alright, this is enough.) The problem is the summoner. Hawk, come on out.

 A bird E summoned by a summoner reveals itself. The visibility is not as bad here as in the forest or woods. So, summon the bird E. You can only summon the bird E in the sky. The only time to summon a beast E is during battle and when you need to retrieve magical stones. Do your best to keep the summons out of action. This is to avoid being seen by the adventurers.

 Send the bird E summoner to the ground in front of me, not up in the sky.

"Why did you ignore my instructions?

 The summoner of the bird E is apologetic as Allen says the words.

"What did I tell you to do? There are no more than five goblins, no other adventurers in the path. Didn't you say within three kilometers?

 Even more apologetically, a summoner.

"You felt sorry for me? Did you want to help that adventurer?

 Then the summoner nodded lightly.
 Seeing that, he was quite speechless, if not for a moment.

'So you have one, huh? You have an ego, don't you?

 And then a summoner cranes his neck to see what you're talking about.

You can't tell me that much. But, really, a summoner with a mind of its own?

 Allen had always thought of a summoner as something that only moved mechanically when you told it to. One that can only do what it's supposed to do. They just do what I tell them to do. They were just a skillful use of the summoner's skill set based on their status and skill set.

 But that was not the case. A highly intelligent bird-like summoner put its own ego ahead of the summoner's orders. And it led Allen to the wounded and dying adventurer.

 The summoner had a self and formed a will.

(So this is a god-made summoner.)

 Summons made by God the Creator. If you have the power to create a person or a world, you would think it would be easy to create a summoned beast with a self.

Hawk, I don't blame you.

 Pet the head of the bird E summoner. Then its nodding expression changes to a happy one.

Well, next time I'm going to change my instructions, and you'll have to follow them.


 Hawk, the summoner of Bird E, spread his wings and cried loudly. It was Allen who understood and heard it.