58 Episode 58: Begging

 It was the end of December. I went out to hunt again after the hunt that saved Raven, and I was able to get 100 E-ranked magic stones successfully. I told the receptionist at the inn that I could leave them there, but Raven had gone out of her way to wait for Allen to come.

 There's a big difference between a summoned demon that has an ego and one that doesn't. Thanks to this, I continue to work as a servant, thinking about how to live and grow as a summoner.

(Well, I guess I'll just have to keep going for now. If you ask me whether it is better to have an ego or not, it is definitely better to have it, because there are more things you can do. You will be able to do more things.

Good morning.

"Good morning,

"What? What are you thinking about?

 In the servants' dining room, I was approached by the head chef. He's been talking to me a lot lately. He seemed to notice me as I turned over and waited my turn to think.


Here, that's a bonus. Eat up.

 The head chef, who is about the same age as the butler, puts a slightly larger chunk of meat in Allen's bowl of soup.

Oh, thank you.

"What? Why just Allen? I want meat too.

"Hey, Rickel. You didn't do anything. Allen already has ten horn rabbits for you.

 Cousin Rikker, who lamented, "Oh no!

 I caught 10 horned rabbits in two hunts. I've decided on five horn rabbits per hunt. I'm supposed to be hunting from morning to night, so I've caught five horned rabbits at least. I've gotten a hundred from Raven and his friends, but I still want more E-ranked magic stones.

 After catching five of them, the steward didn't expect to catch this many. This world isn't that dense with magical beasts. The horned rabbit is alone. That's why you can only catch three of them a day. It's a good thing we caught two.

 It was our chef who happily took apart ten horned rabbits as big as a mid-size dog. That's how I got the chef to talk to me. The meat comes with extras. A soup meal of bread and vegetable scraps with a few slices of meat is now a little better.

Next spring. Mihai baby boy is coming home.

(Hmm? Mihai baby? (Was it the eldest son who went to the school town?

Eldest son Mihai
Second son Thomas
Eldest daughter Cecil

 Listen to the head chef, holding a serving dish.


"That's why I'm asking you to get me some honey from King's Landing as a souvenir. Have you ever had it? It's so sweet.

I don't. I'd like to try it.

Right, because the big toads are going to come out in the early spring. Catch them and I'll smuggle you some honey.

"Oh! Really! Then I'll do my best to get them.

(I want to eat honey. But still, the Big Toad. (Doesn't he hibernate like a frog, not until spring?

"Hey! What are you saying to Allen! That's a D-ranked hexenbiest! You can't take Allen seriously either.

 Rickel reacts beside me. He's talking so loudly that it's not stealthy at all. The servants around you are also listening to what is going on.

 The morning begins as usual with a meal and the cleaning of Cecil's room. The cleaning is done, so now it's time to wash the laundry. Basically, you don't have to stay close to Cecil. You can clean the building and do your chores in silence.

 As you're cleaning, the Knight Commander will come into the mansion.



 Greeting the Knight Commander. The head of the order doesn't live in the mansion. As the head of the Order, he often comes to the Baron Granvelle when he has things to do.

 I asked Rickel about the business of the Order. I asked him if they are at war with the neighboring country, but he said they are not.

 To begin with, this Granvelle territory was said to have no contact with other countries.

 The main job of the Order was to defeat bandits and monsters. They both ask adventurers to do the same, but in order to maintain the discipline of the territory and to deal with matters that adventurers would not be asked to do. Rikker can teach you everything.

 He is the leader of the knights who often comes to the mansion to receive requests from the baron or to report his defeats.

 The afternoon's work is done and you're going to serve the supper. Today the leader will share the supper with you. Sometimes the captain or vice-captain shares the dinner with you.

The servants have gotten used to it.

"Thank you.

 Compliments of the Knight Commander.

"That's Rodin's boy. I'm sure you've heard that the village of Krsna has successfully defeated 20 boas.

"It seems so, sir.

 Krena Village's goal of 20 boas for this year was completed at the end of November. I had to force myself to hunt three times before the lord arrived. I recall Rodin telling me that the rest would be done once every ten days. It looks like you've achieved your target kill count with room to spare.

"But you hunted so many boas, why don't you come out?

 Then Cecil's brother, Thomas, gives me an ugly one. He says that all this time we've been having boa meat in the winter.

(Hmm? That being said, I don't come out much. (I think the boa we caught in October has already been brought to town.

 In December, the meat from the boa caught in October should have been brought in to be processed. Tons of meat were supposed to have been brought in, but they were hardly served at dinner.

 Thomas is disappointed when the baron tells him not to be selfish. You're rather hard on your children.

(Does the king want the meat of the boa in King's Landing if he wants it? (In that ridiculously large mage ship)

 Thinking about the destination of the boa meat, Tomas spoke to the Knight Commander.

"Zenov, will you get Dia this year?

 It's Thomas who speaks to me in anticipation. Knight Commander Zenoff looks at the Baron Granvell. The baron shakes his head.

"I'm sorry. Little Thomas.


 You are clearly swollen.

"Thomas, come on! That's not how the Order is supposed to be used!

 Baron Granville finally gets angry at Thomas's selfishness. Thomas is so frightened that the Baroness Granville interrupts him.

She says, "Thomas knows that. Hey Thomas. But with neither Boa nor Dia, our New Year's greetings to you all will be humble.

 It sounds like a New Year's party at the museum.

Well, yeah. Well, it's going to be this year, even if it's a meager main course.

 Apparently, they have a New Year's party every year with great pomp and circumstance. The baron and the butler seem to regret this one. A sigh escapes me.

 The baroness Granville looks disappointed. Thomas watches his mother's grief. Then Thomas speaks to Allen, who is serving at the table.

"Hey, Allen.

"Yes, what is it? Thomas the Younger

"Isn't he a great hunter? Get me some Deer.

"Dear? Is it about Shiro Deer?

 Allen began to catch the horned rabbit. In this other world where there are not so many pleasures, food is a huge part of the pleasure.

 Even the barons can't afford that much luxury. Thanks to Allen, the baron's dinners have become more lavish than ever in the past few days.

 A young boy with dark eyes and black hair, which is rare at best, gets a lot of attention for being a servant at just eight years old, and yet Allen has been catching a lot of horn rabbits lately. There was a lot of talk about who this guy was. As a result, everyone in the house, including the servants, know that Allen's father is a village hero called Rodin the Boar Hunter, whose skills have made him a commoner.

 We are aware that the son of the hero of the hunt is showing off his talent and catching horn rabbits all over the place. The head chef will ask you to catch the monster. And now Tomas.

That's right, catch me!

 It's natural to beg for it.

 Shiro Deer is a hexenbiest that appears in the winter. Basically, boas produce more meat, so hunt the boas as long as they are around. After the boa hunt is over, the serfs in Krsna remember what they were hunting.

(Shiro Deer, or is it a C-ranked monster like the Great Boar? Now that we're up to level, shall we try to take them down to see how strong they are?

 Thomas says with a carefree smile. I don't doubt that at all.

Okay, I'll go get Shiro Deer. I'll go get Shiro Deer.

 We all heard this conversation. But there was no one to stop it from being impossible.