59 Episode 59 White Deer ①

 New Year's in three days. Because it's a holiday today, Allen left the mansion in the morning in a snowstorm. Because of the snow, I borrowed a pair of boots made of woven straw.

Oh, you're going out today too? The snow is deep in some places, so be careful. Hmm? What's up with that?

"I borrowed it from the gardener. I thought you might need it today.

 The gatekeeper says to answer. There is a large shovel strapped to Allen's back with a rope. The part of the shovel that scoops up the dirt was over six inches long, so it couldn't be packed. The rope I'm strapping to the shovel was also borrowed from the stable. I borrowed about six thick and long ropes. One is used to wrap a shovel around my back and five are in the storage room.

 I said I'd be careful and pushed on out the gate.
 You run through the snow for more than ten minutes. I left the city until it was sparsely populated with trees.

Now what to do? Maybe I'll hunt the goblins in the morning. It's going to take a long time, so I'll just focus on hunting deer today. Come on out, Hawks.

 Six birds are summoned into the sky.

(There is a big deer hexenbiest known as the white deer. Their fur is white. I think I can recognize them because they have antlers more than two meters high on their heads. Find one that's as close as you can, even if it's more than 10 kilometers away.

 Then the summons of the bird E disperses and goes to find it.

(Well, let's get started.) Mogusuke, come out. Dig the hole!

 Four beast G summons appear. They are summonses in the shape of a mole. They are instructed to use their special skill [dig a hole] and start digging. Through the snow, one large hole is gradually formed by the four of them.

 After finding out that the summons have an ego, I added a few more things to Bird E's instructions to the summons from the previous ones.

 Tell bird E's summoner to look for the monster. But if it's urgent and the adventurer needs help, tell him to head there. If it's an emergency, he tells them to stop in a tree and honk three times in a row so they'll know right away if it's urgent.

 Allen travels a considerable distance around the city. In one day's hunt, he will move several hundred kilometers. After that much travel, there are often corpses of supposed adventurers. No hunting is ever safe.

We have to communicate well.

 Summons have selves. So I knew that they could go against instructions. It wasn't a complete puppet.

(A summoner that has a self and can be summoned for 30 days straight.)

 When I was in the village of Krena, I checked the continuous summoning time of the summoner and it was 30 days. That's 30 days regardless of rank. It could go a month without needing to eat. It moves of its own volition. The possibilities are endless.

 Just as I was thinking that, the three bird-E summonses would return.

(Good, good, is there anything within a kilometer?)

 It won't come down. If you increase the distance little by little and ask, a bird E summoner will come down in five kilometers.

(Five kilometers. That's a fair distance.

 Summons cannot be directed when they are 50 meters away. The beast G is not very intelligent and will stop digging if they are 50 meters away from you. You must always be close to them to tell them to activate their special skills. You are still in the middle of digging the hole and you are not finished. We are waiting for the hole to be completed, using a shovel to gather the excavated soil into one place.

 We dug quite deep, so it took a long time.

 Meanwhile, I flew the summoner of the bird E several times to make sure that we were not far from the 5 km position. It's moving around a bit, but it doesn't seem to be that far away.

 As soon as the hole is completed, head to Shiro Deer's place. Thanks to the straw boots, we can keep going on the snow.

 After traveling about five kilometers, there's a rabbit-eating monster that's rattling around. Its height up to its shoulders is a little lower than the Great Boar, but if you include its neck and head, it must be about 3.5 meters tall. Horns as long as two meters on one side extend from its head, level with the ground.

(Oh! (ie.

 This is a white deer that I also caught in the village of Krena. It was so white that it was hard to find, and the population was so small that I remember catching only about one a month.

 Summon the summoner of insect G from behind the tree.

(Okay, provoke him.)

 Since the opponent is a C-ranked monster, it summons four of them, one more than the D-ranked monster, Albaheron.

 It's a frog-shaped summoned beast in the shape of a bug G. It jumps from a little distance. It performs a special provocation while jumping from a distance.


 Shiro Deer notices the summoner of Bug G and rushes forward through the snow without a care in the world. Just as it is about to be crushed, it cards the summoner.

 The card travels farther and farther in an instant and is summoned again. There it will be provoked again. The summoner jumps around, and Shiro Deer goes at it again and again. Repeating this over and over again, she leads them to the hole they just dug. Allen's clothing is a pretty prominent shade in the world of white and silver, but as expected, it's a provocation. Thanks to his angry state, he doesn't seem to notice Allen sneaking out from behind the trees to guide him.

 And finally, he's led them to the end of the line, the pit.

 The four insect-G summonses jump around, provoking you with their jumping jumps.


 The white deer rushes straight in and tries to take the bite. But she didn't seem to notice the pit she had buried and hidden in the snow. Falling all at once.

(Hmm, I wonder if the provocation makes him less intelligent. It's a pretty messy pit.)

 Contemplate while watching Shiro Deer stuck in a pit.

 She tries to rush to the ground, but it's impossible. This pit is ten meters deep. But Shiro Deer does not fall to the bottom of the pit. The hole is a little over two meters wide. Its horns are just over four meters wide, so the horns would be trapped and would not fall to the bottom of the pit.

 It is as if Shiro Deer had just poked its head out of the ground.

 Before the pit collapses out of control, Allen runs toward Shirodia and hugs her by the neck. Desperately trying to shake it off, Shiro Deer is unable to exert its power as all of its legs are in the air.

 With one hand still hugging his neck, Allen exerts himself with one hand and thrusts the dagger into his neck. A different scream from the previous fury shakes your whole body, but you thrust it again and again until it catches the vein in your neck, the key point. Finally, he's cut the artery in your neck. As soon as she pulls the dagger out, a gush of fresh blood crosses the edge of the hole and colors the silver and white world red.

 Shiro Deer stops moving after a moment.
 Allen empties the grimoire and sees that a log runs across the cover.

Allen has killed a Shirodia. I've got 2500 experience.

(Did you beat)

 After confirming that he has defeated it, Allen drags it up to the ground with force. Continue to pull him to the large tree. Tie three ropes tightly to each of his hind legs. Tie the ropes to the trunk and pull them up with all your strength. Shiro Deer hanging upside down in midair.

 Blood drains from the neck veins with a gulp.

(Gotta drain the blood.) It's still pretty heavy, hopefully this will lighten things up a bit. All right, let's get this done before then.

 The fill dug for 10 meters is on the side of the pit. I'm going to fill the pit clean.

(But the experience is d*mned awful. Like 2500 experience after a day of hunting)

 Allen, who has set a quota of 100 goblins, earns more than 20,000 experience in one day off. Today we are digging a hole, guiding, draining blood and cleaning up. It's going to be hard to go hunting now. We'll have spent a day hunting white deer.

That's 500 kilograms of meat alone. Isn't a silver coin for a kilogram of meat worth five gold coins? (Let's make sure to thank the butler)

 Since I didn't earn any experience, I think it's not worth it if I don't at least get paid for it. I have a lot of things to buy. You haven't even bought any new weapons or armor when you came to town.

 After hours of bleeding, it's past 4:00 p.m. The blood seems to have drained out of me. I'm slowly lowering Shirodia to the ground.

 I'm going to tie Shiro-deer's feet to her torso with a cord. I don't want her legs to get in the way of carrying her. The shovel is also in the way, so I'm going to tie it up.

 I'm going to change from Bug G to Beast E to increase the attack power as much as possible. Then put all your strength into carrying the white deer.

Hey, that's a lot of weight! It's going to be a sore throat. Let's get back to the city.

 Now that the hunt for Shiro Deer was safely over, Allen was going to carry it back to the pavilion.