60 Episode 60 White Deer ②

 He carried Shiro Deer with force. With more Beast E cards, her attack strength is over 300. All of Shiro Deer's weight is pressing on Allen's back.

(Gee, she's going to slip.)

 It feels quite heavy.

 The white deer on his back weighs 800 kilograms, albeit a little lighter now that the blood has drained out. Allen's small body can't fully lift it, and its rear end hits the ground. The head is also long and level from the neck, but it has horns. His neck hangs down and his horns rub against the ground.

 Regardless of this, you begin to force your way forward, stomping the ground under the snow.

Shit, I have to get home before the sun goes down.

 Worry about the sun going down while walking.

 I've always run to get around, but walking takes quite a while.
 As you approach the city in the western sunlight casting a silvery glow. When I see the gate, I notice something noisy. There's something noisy.

Shiro Deer is coming!

 From the side, it looks like Shiro Deer, with her head hanging down, is slowly approaching. Allen's body is completely hidden underneath Shirodia. Allen is nearly invisible to those around him.

 The other gatekeepers are screaming about what's going on. I can't see clearly, but it looks like five or more have gathered there. Visibility is very poor.

"Hello, Gatekeeper!

 It would be a shame to have an arrow in your face, so you have to be a little louder.


"Yes, can you let me through the gate?

"Hey, what's going on?

 I only recognize his voice, but he seems quite alert.

"By order of House Granville, I have brought Shiro Deer to you. Here.

 I ask them to let me through, no problem, and they go on and on. When someone still comes close, you stick out your crest, still buried in white deer. It seems we don't need to ask any more questions. They will let you through the gate.

 Go through the gate and keep going through the fold. The sun's going to set soon. It's only taken me a day to kill one.

 You'll get to the main gate of the building. The back gate isn't going to pass.

Good evening.

"Oh, is that Mr. Allen?

 The gatekeeper of the building is someone I know. I think he recognized my voice alone. He says the back gate is impassable, and he wants you to let him through. He's pretty scared, but he opens the gate wide.

 He continues on into the garden.

Then he says, "Well, let me just tell you what I've found.

"Cah, cah, cah, cah !!!!

 The first thing I noticed was the maid. I hear a shout from upstairs. A stooped wench is pointing frantically outside. What's going on? The servants look out the window. It's getting louder and louder.

A Hexenbiest is coming in!
"Squire take up arms! Call the knight!

(Oh, shit. We got a ruckus.

 I thought I could handle it by explaining to the servants who came out of the building, but they began to arm themselves and responded in a hurry. With Shiro Deer on his back, it was impossible to see Allen from above. Lower it down with a rumble to the side. Then he made himself visible to Allen.

No, it was d*mn heavy. It's hard to carry one person at this level.


 With a resounding sound, a white deer is placed in the yard. From the weight, the garden soil ripples under its weight.

 Those who peered from upstairs and those who came out of the hall froze.

 I'm speechless. I'm speechless...or at least I can't think straight about what's happening. A pure white hexenbiest is slowly coming through the gates, and now it's Allen.

 Those who have never seen a hexenbiest before and are taken aback. Some of you are just stunned.

"Oh, Allen?

 The butler comes out into the yard to check on the situation.

"Yes, this is Allen. I'm back. By order of the little Thomas, we have indeed captured Shiro Deer.

 There was a commotion, so I'll make a quick excuse: I was just following orders. I was only following orders. The emphasis is on the name of Thomas, as much as possible.

 The relieved butler seemed to remember something. It was a conversation at a dinner a few days ago. I didn't think anyone was serious. Nobody listened. But Allen didn't say he'd do it if he could. He just quietly assured them that he would get them.

 His hair is now white and he's nearly 60 years old, and he should not be surprised anymore, but since Allen's arrival, all the common sense he's accumulated seems to be crumbling.

 I've been struggling to endure the collapse of my body as well as my common sense.

"What's going on! It's so loud!

 Baron Granville also comes out. This is ...... and choked on words and froze at the door, just like the others. It's the same situation as the butler.

Why, why, why, what's all the noise!

 This time the rough-tongued head chef came out of the kitchen on the first floor. It's time for the dinner to start.

Hey, this is Shiro Deer!

 The wannabe chef approaches. His voice is full of glee. Maybe he's never seen a whole white deer before.

"I bled it out, but I didn't do anything else with it.

 I'll explain to the head chef.

"Well, it's the least we can do. The sooner you get rid of the entrails, the better. Hey Bunce, what's going on here! The rest of you get ready for dinner!

 Only the head chef would see this as a foodstuff and not a horrible monster. The situation doesn't seem to matter in the slightest.
 Call the cook buns and have them bring out the mages of light and what looks like a big saw. It looks like they are going to do the demolition here. Leave the work to the other cooks and maidservants and start handling the white deer.

"Well, let me help you. It's pretty heavy.

"Oh? Are you sure?

 I say of course. This is not because the dismantling looks hard. It's not because we're on vacation and don't need to serve dinner.

 It's for getting the magic stone. I have a meeting with the butler, so I'll give you the meat, but I have no intention of giving you the moonstone as well. I'll retrieve it quietly while it's dismantled. I also removed the rabbit horns and gave you all the magic stones. Shiro Deer's magic stone is still inside my body and needs to be recovered.

 Hold this one and that one, then that one," she said, and she was busy lifting her legs and supporting her neck. Since the body is too big to be taken into the kitchen, disassembly is naturally done in the garden.

 The gardener stands there with a despairing look on his face as his beautiful garden is turned into a mess of flesh and blood.

 Amidst the chaos, the baron speaks to the butler.

What is the meaning of this? Sebas, I hope you have done a good job of researching Allen, right?

"What? You said that because of your lack of talent and ability, there was no need for further investigation. I haven't done any more research since.

 The butler says don't blame others.

B, idiot! How is this a talentless one? I hunted a C-grade Hexenbiest when I was eight years old! Check it out!

Wow, okay. Then, when the next messenger from the village comes, join us at .......

 I am the butler who cannot finish. The baron is staring at you with hawk-like steely eyes.

"I'm sorry. I'll send a messenger to the village of Krsna tomorrow to investigate.

 As a steward, sending a messenger in this snowy weather is more expensive than usual, and it takes 10 days just to get to the village and back, so I wanted to do it while the village messenger came. If we wait a while, the boa meat will arrive again.

 From a distance, Cecil is taken aback by the commotion. And the one who asked for it is walking out the door. It's getting too late for dinner.

"It's Dia!

 Thomas comes out in the yard and sees Shirodia, happy that the meat has come. A caretaker's maid struggles to stop Tomas as he runs off to touch Shiro Deer.

 Allen notices that Tomás has arrived.

"Little master Thomas, we have indeed found Shiro-deer.

 Bow to Thomas and report back.

"Yes, thank you!

 Thus Allen had captured Shirodia. And by order of Baron Granville, Allen's activities in the village of Krena were to be thoroughly investigated.