61 Episode 61 Hunting Number

"Here, lift it up here.

"Yes, Chef.

 Allen was in the yard helping to dismantle the Shiro Deer.

 He had disturbed everyone in the house by bringing it back. But this was dictated by Thomas, the second son of the Baron of Granville, at the dinner table with everyone present. No one can blame him.

 I worked late into the night last night helping with the dismantling, but I was too big to gut and skin the animal. Today we need to do more dismantling.

 Allen has good instincts, so the head chef asked the butler to let him help dismantle Shiro-Dear instead of taking care of Cecil today. It was a tone of voice that sounded like he was going to borrow it, but it was his own request.

After all, it's a good idea. Be the cook, not the young lady's squire. Shall I tell Sebas?

 The head chef calls out his boss's butler.

Oh, thank you, ma'am. Master Cecil has been very kind to me.

 It is Allen who says no. The head chef asks if it's true that the young lady is good for you.

 I don't like Cecil's servant, but I don't like the cook either. Cecil's servant can go all over town as a servant, and Cecil has a lot of lessons. It gives me a lot of free time. That's why I'm helping to dismantle the white deer.

"You're a quick study, though. My buns are pretty slow on the uptake.

 The head chef is impressed.

(Maybe it's the intelligence.)

 I've been learning to serve, but lately I've been a little slow on the uptake. Lately, or rather, since I was in Krsna. It's becoming more and more obvious as the levels rise. It's like the days when I was Kenichi in a previous life are gone. It's not like my personality has changed or anything, but I can remember everything and my body moves naturally.

 I don't feel like I'm getting smarter. I can't think of anything I can't think of, and I don't seem to have become a genius because of my increased intelligence.

(I would have preferred all status A's to S intelligence. Shiro Deer was really heavy yesterday too. (He's a rearguard, isn't he, a summoner?

 The Summoner has an extremely high Intelligence ability value of S, but his attack is a subtle C.

 For Allen, who throws and fights with a sword, he would rather have all statuses A than have his attack power reduced to C due to the repercussions of S intelligence or an adjustment.

 The hand holding the blade is not stagnant even when thinking about these things. The dismantling process goes smoothly.

 When you return to the mansion after helping with the dismantling until late at night, the butler tells you to come to the butler's office when you're done serving.

 I've been getting called out a lot lately. You are told to come, so you will go to the butler's office when you are finished serving.

 Knock knock.

"Excuse me. This is Allen.

Come in.

 It's pretty late in the day. Enter the butler's room. As usual, I'm told to sit on the couch.

"I'm sorry I had you working late on your day off yesterday.

(Hmm? (Apologized)

 For some reason, he apologized to me, so I said no. I went on a holiday to hunt Shiro Deer yesterday and helped with the demolition that took place late into the night to get the magic stone.

What can I do for you today?

"Hmmm, let's start with this one.

 Put the sachet on the table between the couches.

What's this?

"100 pieces of silver.

(Huh? (Does that mean Shiro Deer rewards 100 silver coins?

 The edible parts of a white deer could weigh as much as 500 kilograms. The beautiful fur also has a price tag. It's not worth more than a hundred silver coins to catch one.

And this month's paycheck is included, by the way.

(Huh! And then 50 pieces of silver is the reward for this one? I'll never do it again! I just lost a day off. (I refuse!!!)

 I get paid at the end of every month. Since Allen's salary is 50 pieces of silver a month, Allen thought that this Shiro Deer's reward would be 50 pieces of silver.


 A near-sigh in reply. I feel like the hard work is slipping out of my mouth.

"Allen. You're smart, but you're also pretty honest. This is your paycheck from this month.


"You work very well. Your work ethic is serious. But this is not a hundred pieces of silver for that reason.

 The steward spoke of a servant's salary of 100 pieces of silver a month if it is appropriate for his age. However, because of Allen's good work ethic, the salary will not be increased to 100 pieces of silver per month from this month.

"Well, do you mean you have another job for 50 silver coins?

Well, you're a smart guy. Yes, I'm thinking of having Allen do some hunting duty as well.

"Hunting Watch?

 The steward asked me to give you a new job as a game keeper. In a previous life, it was also known as gamekeeper to the English nobility.

That's right, Allen. You like to hunt, don't you?


 Give a quick answer.

"A hunter's watch--

 Sebas explains about the job of the game keeper.
 Some great noblemen, such as counts, have a hunter, but the Barons of Granville have never had one.

 The job of the gamekeeper is as follows
Hunt monsters and get meat
I'll help you if you find your people in trouble with a hexenbiest outside the city.


 Squeal of joy to hear that much . I understand that this is the nobleman's version of a hunter. If someone is in trouble with a monster monster monster while hunting, it's part of the job to help them.

 Furthermore, the medieval game keeper in the prehistoric age was responsible for raising the prey for the nobles to hunt and protecting the people from hunting wild beasts that belonged to the nobles without permission. It seems to be different from the other world where magical beasts abound.

This is at the request of the servants.


 He is a butler with a difficult look on his face as he talks about his difficulties.

 Over the past few days, most of the servants have been asking the butler to let Allen hunt more. It was obvious even before he hunted Shiro Deer that Allen is a good hunter. He would catch five horned rabbits every vacation. As a result, the servants' food situation has improved a bit.

 But just a little. If this were done a little more often, there would be more leftover meat for the barons to eat. I'm told that the servants have been complaining to the butler.

 A steward who was adamant that it would be better for Granvell's house than to be used as a chore in Cecil's care. He's been busy consulting with her for the last few days.

That's why. I didn't think he'd really hunt Shiro Deer. Well, to be honest, it's in the family's pocket as well.

 I figured it would be more profitable to buy the hexenbiest from Allen for 50 more coins per month than to buy it from him. Shiro Deer would have to give her the gold. But I can't afford it. It was going to be a simple New Year's party because we couldn't afford it.

So that's what it was going to be. I'll take the hunting guard for 50 pieces of silver. So you'll start tomorrow?

(No, we don't need to increase the pay for that. I'll just hunt a few hexenbiests for food, and the rest will be a fun life of hunting goblins. I'm drooling. Yikes.

 I have a feeling that a fun hunt is about to begin. You take on the hunting duty with a smile, thinking that tomorrow you will start hunting every day.

Well, well, well. Well, well, well... I guess that's why you said "hunter's job" too, right?


Naturally, you will also take care of the Master Cecil. Hunting duty will be one day a week.


 We were told to take care of Cecil as usual.
 He would go hunting one day a week on his day off. That meant you had one more day of hunting to hunt out of the five days you weren't off.

"Huh? Complaining? You can pretend that there was no talk of hunting watch.

"What? I would never do that. I'll take it, of course. ......

"Don't be so depressed. You're a good learner. If you do your job well, you might become a squire. I don't think you can keep your ass on the hunting guard. Hey, Allen.

 For some reason, the term "servant" even pops up, which is something a servant can become if he or she moves up the ladder. He seems to know from Allen's behavior so far that the servant doesn't want to do it.


What's wrong with you? Will you take on hunting duty one day a week?

"Yes, yes. Thank you for your consideration of my work.

 Thus, Allen was assigned to three jobs at the Baron Granvelle household: servant to Cecil, waiter, and game keeper. After two months at the mansion, he had only two days a week to go hunting.