63 Episode 63 Spring Break ②

 Cecil's brother Mihai came back for spring break, and it was his first hunting day. It's the beginning of March, and the magical beasts have finally started their activities. This is the season when there is a lot of prey to bring home with meat.

 We hunted the goblins of the quota until about three o'clock.

 Allen is now looking for the meat of the beast to bring home. The leg of the big toad, as requested by the head chef, is tied to a strong pole. I'll carry this stick on my shoulder and bring it back. On another pole, there are five horned rabbits hanging in the air. The hexenbiest is the style you carry home hanging on the pole.

The big toad said he caught the horned rabbit. Hawk, there's a groundhog named the ruffian. Find as many of them as you can in the vicinity.

 Allen instructs the summons to look for a magical beast called a rabbler. Four Summons of Bird E soar through the sky. I've recently reduced the number of bird E summons from six to four.

Oh, you found one already?

 One of the birds E summons seems to have found a ruffian. He takes the monster he's already caught and runs off with it on his shoulder.

 We haven't gone less than a kilometer when I see a baby bird walking along. It looks like a puffy chicken.


 Use your arm strength to throw a ball into the rascal's temple. It's like instant death. It will fall without resistance. As my level improves, I can kill almost any D-ranked monster in one hit.

(Hmm, time to move farther into the hunting grounds.)

 I'm going to cut off the neck of the rabbits I killed with a dagger to drain their blood.

 I heard there are more C-ranked monsters in the hunting ground near the Shiro Dragon Mountains. Consider changing the hunting grounds to see if the experience is more efficient.

(If our balls get beaten up too much, it's a waste of magic stones, and in this area, most of the monsters are D-ranked monsters.

 Prey that are hunted for their meat are defeated with an iron ball. However, those that do not need meat, such as goblins, are defeated by the summoned beasts of Beast E. It can be summoned within 50 meters. They can be summoned within a range of 50 meters, which is even more convenient and efficient than the iron sphere.

(For now, let's just raise the level of reinforcement. Once you've done so, you can challenge a C-ranked monster beast.

 When I was in the village of Krena, I did not have much opportunity to hunt. Therefore, I have been generating, synthesizing, and strengthening them evenly. That way, my summoning level will rise faster and the blessings I will receive will be better.

 But now, the benefit of increased status is greater when you level up. I want to prioritize raising the level of enhancement skills to strengthen my summons.

 Even goblins can be beaten by these beast E summons. If you go into the hunting ground with C-ranked summons, you will definitely lose more than ever before and consume E-ranked magical stones.

 I'll check on the rabbits, thinking that the C-ranked monsters will only be able to use their enhanced skills at 5. It looks like enough blood has been drained. Tie it to the third stick, carry it on your shoulders, and run into town.

 I'll carry a large number of monsters on the pole and run through the gate. The gatekeeper was surprised at first, but recently he hasn't said anything.

 Continue through the noble quarter to the mansion. The back gate of the mansion is not so big, so when you find your prey, enter through the front gate.

(Huh? You should be able to catch this much.)

 Under Cecil's direction, I caught quite a few more monsters today. I was told to catch a lot of them for Mihai, Cecil's brother, who came back for spring break. Cecil loves his brother.

 There's a board in the yard that has a special place for these hexenbiests for Allen. The gardener's orders were to put the hexenbiest here.

 Ding, ding, ding.

 As I'm putting down my hexenbiest, I hear a sword fight in the yard.

 You see Mihai and the Knight Commander are having a match. Baron Granvell, the baroness, Thomas and Cecil are also observing the game.

 The game reminds me of the knightly games I used to play with Crenna. I forget to call the head chef and watch.

(Oh! Mihai, isn't that a pretty good move? (Come to think of it, this is the first time I've ever seen a Knight Commander wielding a sword.

"Hmm, that's it. Little Mihai. You are quite good at that.

Thanks, but it's time to stop being a little boy.

 Haha, that word brings laughter around. Mihai is back after a long time, and everyone seems to be checking on his growth.

 Now that the game is over, I'm going to report to the head chef that we caught the monster. It's already past five o'clock, so this is the busiest time of the day. Every time I'm told by the head chef, I wish you'd come home a little earlier. I just say that I have a goblin quota, so I'll be home as soon as possible.

Hmm? Allen, you're back? That's great, you've got a lot of them.

 I look at Cecil like it's been a long time since I've received a compliment. All eyes here are on Allen.

I'm back.

 He meets the gaze, bows lightly, and is about to return to the pavilion.

Wow, that's a lot of catches. Would you like to join us, Allen?

(Hmm? (Me?)

 Mihai offers to have a match with Allen as well. When you're wondering what to do, the captain gives you his sword. I guess he wants me to fight.

Oh! That's the Knight Commander. That's a Mithril sword! I'm in status hunting mode. (I'm in status-hunting mode right now, is that okay?

 Check the status just in case.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 8
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 20
 Strength] 412 (515) + 130
 Magical power] 30 (780) + 200
 Attack Power] 220 (276) + 130
 Endurance] 220 (276) + 20
 [Quickness] 415 (519) + 60
 [Intelligence] 600 (750) + 40
 Fortune 415 (519) + 200
 Skills: Summoning, 4, Generating, 4, Combining, 4, Strengthening, 4, Expanding, 3, Storing, Deleting, Swordsmanship, Throwing stones, 3.
 Experience] 126,470 / 200,000

Skill level
 Summons 4
 [Born] 4
 [Combined] 4
 Enhancement 4
Skills Experience
 (1,000,000,000) [Born] 94,730/1,000,000
 Composite] 96,610/1,000,000
 Strengthening] 310,560/1,000,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] EFGH
 [Beast] EFGH
 Birds ] EFG

 Grass ] EF
 Stone ] E

 Insects] 2 F, 1 E
 Beast] E13 sheets
 Bird] E4 sheets
 [Grass] E20 pieces
 [ Stone ] 

 Move to the side because the dagger is in the way. When it is my turn to hunt, I am allowed to carry a short sword on hunting days. I carry it with me on hunting days because it would be unnatural if I kept it in storage.

 Clutching the mithril sword borrowed from the knight commander, he stands at a fixed distance from Mihai.

 While everyone is staring at him.

"Well, Mihai is going to get hurt.

 The baroness starts to worry. I'm going to get one C-ranked hexenbiest, and I'm going to take on Allen. He might not know how to take it easy. The baroness anxiously clasps her hands together on her chest.

"Then let me give you the signal.

 The baroness will not answer, and the knight-errant will be the judge.

Both sides ready.

 Allen and Mihai raise their swords.


 On cue, Allen approaches Mihai with a swiftness of over 400. Swords clash with each other noisily.

Hmm? Huh? Isn't it pretty strong? (And, eh?)

 Immediately, Allen noticed something strange. Mihai's slash is quite heavy. Mihai's speed is also faster. It seems that this is not an opponent to go easy on.

 Allen says this is too much for him to take it easy, and he brings his sword down with an attack power of 370 in both hands.

(Gu, about being blocked with one hand.)

 Mihai takes a slash from Allen with one hand. Allen continues to be outmatched.

"Don't worry, ma'am.

 The Knight Commander speaks to his wife who is watching the game.


Master Mihai made it through a year in that school town without being expelled. He couldn't be beaten by someone who hadn't even been to the academy.

 The Knight Commander affirms the victory of Mihai.

 The sword is flipped off. The tip of Mihai's sword closes in on Allen's throat.

"I am here.

That's amazing. You've got a lot of experience being a servant at your age!

(Ugh! Strong as hell. (It didn't stand up to me at all.)

No, you are the master of Mihai. Thank you for playing the game.

 Bow deeply.

(Well, you said you conquered a dungeon. . for a summer project.)

 Consider the cause of Mihai's strength. He must have risen to a higher level by attacking dungeons.

This is the strength of a talented man who has risen to the highest level? It's only a year ago. Maybe if all he did was level up, he could have done it by going through the dungeons on summer vacation.

 I heard that you'll be going for three years at the school. I've only been going for one year and this is strong. He must have conquered dungeons as part of a summer project and raised his level.

 It seems he can only level up 100 times faster than in normal and hell mode. It's so unbeatable.

 Mihai extends his hand to Allen.

"That's Cecil's servant! Take good care of my sister.

"Yes, yes

 Allen answers Mihai with a handshake. His first match against the talented normal mode ended in a complete defeat.