64 Episode 64: Viscount Carnell

 After spring break in March, Cecil's brother Mihai returned to the academy city aboard a magic ship.

 It was a good learning experience to experience the growth rate of normal mode. It was a good opportunity to find out my power in Hell Mode. I asked for a rematch since I'll be returning to the city of Granville next March. I'd still like to know what my strength is.

Good morning.

"Oh, good morning.

 This is Allen greeting the servant-general Rickel. It's early April.

 It's been almost six months since Allen came to the mansion. Some things have changed since I came. I take the serving plate to the table in front of Rickel.

 There's soup and bread and another meat dish. The soup also has meat and meat from another beast, so you'll have a good meal in the morning. This meal isn't just an extra for Allen from the head chef.

 At the end of December last year, Allen took hunting duty and kept bringing home the hexenbiest he caught two days a week. Thanks to this, even the lowest-ranking servants were well fed. Allen's hunting has improved the diet of the house with about 30 servants alone.

 With the addition of 50 silver coins a month, the hunting watch has paid off considerably. As for Allen, he's fine with that because he doesn't want to make money. It's probably because he's 35 years old in his previous life that he's relieved to see Thomas eating a lumpy meal.

"You better watch your dinner tonight.

 Rikker is warned to eat in front of Allen.

"Isn't Viscount Charnel here today?

That's right. I don't know why you're coming by my house. You're just going to have to do the bare minimum.

I heard that the Viscount of the neighboring lands has come all the way down here.

 Viscount Karnell will have a visitor in the house. We received word a few days ago. It's quite sudden.

 Allen has been in charge of serving for about six months, and he has entertained many guests. We have a lot of guests in the museum. They are mainly the movers and shakers of the city of Granvelle. The head of the guild branch of the Adventurers' and Commercial Guilds, the manager of a high-class inn, and others come to greet me at the mansion. Occasionally, a nobleman from the capital will come.

 With the presence of magic ships, this world seems to be fairly easy to get around.

Yeah, I see you made your magic ship wait for that.

 It's not the only magic ship that flies along the route connecting the royal capital to the city of Granville. It also connects the city of the capital of the Baron de Granville, which is next to the Baron de Granville, in the Baron de Charnel.

 There's a route connecting the capitals of each fiefdom. It is said that this time, Viscount Carner even arranged the flights of a magic ship to return to his own domain capital.

 And Viscount Carner came in the afternoon. He invited her to the dining room where the baron would eat. You were given a plate of food and served as you always have for the past six months.

 Upstairs, in the dining room where the family usually eats, sit two men. Baron Granvelle and Viscount Carner.

"Good to see you, Lord Carnell.

 Viscount Carnell's age would be around the late 30s. He has a broad face and a rather wide forehead. He has a butler-like figure standing behind him. He may be into money, or he wears shiny clothes. I'm guessing it's not the wide deco that's glowing.

 Baron Granvelle speaks the words of welcome. He smiles and says the words of welcome, but his eyes are not smiling.

 Normally, the baroness or even Thomas and Cecil can be present when you have guests. But this time there are only two people, the baron and the viscount. Moreover, they are sitting at the birthday table at a long table, quite a distance away from each other.

"No, no. Our city is a trash. It's not bad to be in the middle of nowhere like this once in a while.

"Oh, yeah. That's good, ha ha ha.

 Even the sarcasm of Viscount Charnel is overheard.

(We've been bad friends for generations.)

 I will continue to serve you while trying not to make eye contact with Viscount Charnel.

 Baron Granville and Baron Carner are neighbors across the white dragon mountains. I've heard that's one of the main reasons for their disagreement.

 There's mithril in the Shiro Dragon Mountains, as I heard in the Adventurer's Guild. A vein of mithril. The vein is divided into different territories all the way to the top of the mountain range.

 Since it is a vein of mithril, you can get mithril from either territory. But only the baron's territory can't get mithril. That's because the white dragon is in the mountain range on the baron's side.

 Only in Baron Charnel's territory without the white dragon can you get mithril.

 One fief thrives on mithril mining and the other on agriculture.
 But this prosperity is not static.

 The white dragon moves once in a while. Occasionally is a cycle of one hundred or two hundred years and so on. More than a hundred years ago there was a white dragon on the barony's side.

 There was a white dragon in the barony's side. Now there are four remnants of mithril ore lying dormant for more than a hundred years in the barony that can't be mined due to the presence of the white dragon.

 For generations, Mithril and the white dragon have been on bad terms with each other. Rikker told me that the current Viscount Karnel has a particularly bad character and is always harassing the baron.

 The city of Granville and the city of Viscount Carnelle are connected via the northern route, since the Shiro Dragon Mountains do not extend that far north. I've heard that it's quite a distance to walk around the mountain range.

 Allen will serve the horned rabbit meat to Viscount Karnel. There are better horn meat, but they don't seem to do that.

"Hmm? Is this the boa meat of the example?

 Baron Granvelle's face tightened at these words.

That's right. My land is good for meat.

"Oh! Was this the meat of the boa that was hidden in the example?

"What? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not hiding anything.

(You're trying not to be enraged. (I'm also told that it's Viscount Charnel's fault that you have more boa meat.

 In an audience with the king, Viscount Karnel voiced that a territory was profitable and did not report it. What is this? Which territory, the king responded.

 It's Granville. We have a lot of boar meat out there and you don't report it to the crown. This is an act of concealment against the king. It was the baron carnel who cried "treason.

 The baron didn't actually report it, but I was told that he was put in a very difficult situation during the audience.

 I heard this too from Rikker before he arrived. He can tell you everything. I remember that the baron's guts were churning when he remembered that time at the dinner in Krsna village.

"So, what's up with your sudden appearance today?

 The baron seems to want to listen to what he has to say and turn away.

Oh, yes. The boa's meat was so good I forgot about it! Haha.

Okay, so what's up with that? What do you want?

 He wants you to answer quickly.

"My youngest daughter. My youngest daughter, whose talent was found wanting in a recent evaluation. That's what I'm here to tell you.


(Appraisal? I remember we had a ceremony of appraisal in April. Krena village had it in the middle of April, but the nobility had it earlier. I see...Mash's ceremony will be in less than 10 days. I want to know. Shall I send you a letter? (And no, I can't read both parents' letters)

 Every year in April, we perform the appraisal of children who turned five years old last year. Everyone from royalty to peasants. Hearing the story of Viscount Carner reminds me of this year's Mash Appraisal.

 It seems that Viscount Carnell came to report the results of his child's appraisal to the Baron Granville.

(Oh, so there was no talent. Hmm? (Something about the voice sounds happy)

 Without seeing the viscount's face, you can only listen to his voice.

"Is that so?

 All I can say is that the baron was not interested and so what. He's not interested in it at all, and that's a matter of opinion.

My son was gifted at the last evaluation, which I didn't think was possible, but it's good. I'm very glad to see you have no talent.

I see.

 The baron's expression becomes more and more severe. It's clear that he has the look of a hawk.

"It's a pity about Lord Granvelle. Three births and two talents.

 Mihai, who is gifted and attends the school, and Cecil, who is a talented mage.

''Well, I'll just do my nobleman's duty!

 The baron, with a strong tone, finally began to rage without hiding.

(Hmm? What is this? The peasants and commoners are talented and insanely happy, but the aristocratic ones are a bother? Do you have duties or quotas or something? Is it expensive in academia? There's a difference between a nobleman and a serf or a commoner. (That's strange.)

 I remember Dogora's delighted father and son embracing each other when they discovered his talent as an axeman. The same was true for the father and son of the chief and Peromus. Rodin was also very eager to have his talents in Aren.

 But Viscount Carner had come all the way from the magic ship to boast that his child had no talent. I wonder if there is a difference between a nobleman and a commoner.

 With that much said, it was Viscount Carnel returning to the barony in high spirits.