65 Episode 65 Shopping

 About six months passed in late September. It's Allen's day off.

 Normally he would be running near the city of Granville, but today he's in the city. Today is the day I decided to shop with the money I've saved up over the last ten months or so.

 At the end of April, I was called into the butler's office by the butler. The conversation was about the results of mash's appraisal ritual.
 It was said that mash had a talent for spearmanship.

 Viscount Carnel was pleased that his child had no talent, but Allen was very happy to hear it.

 He also told her that he had told her through a messenger that Allen was doing well in the city of Granville. He thanked the butler profusely.

 Allen was walking through town.

Hey! This is this.


"Oh, hello,

 You are approached by a familiar face on the street.

Thank you for that time.

No, no, I'm glad you're okay.

 Looks like a merchant I helped out of town earlier. He bows deeply. A grown man bows to a boy and attracts the attention of passersby.

 Since he became a game keeper, he has saved several merchants and travelers like this merchant. Even adventurers who are not that active in winter become more active in spring. I have saved some such adventurers as well.
 About once a month, a summoner of bird E comes to your rescue while searching for a beast.
 It's your job as a hunter to rescue them. If you need the grass of life, you can use it by grabbing a leafy part of it. You'll spend five E-ranked magic stones, but you don't think it's a waste.

Oh, that's nice. Oh, there she is.

 You are being thanked by a merchant in town and you are approached.

 It's an adventurer with a sword on his hip. Beside him are two female adventurers.

Oh, Mr. Raven. Hello, Miss Raven. Hello, Rita and Milcy.

Cows, food first.


 It's just before noon. I'll follow you for dinner. The four of us enter a restaurant on the main street.

(Come to think of it, it's probably the first time I've been in a restaurant in town.

 He spent all his time working and hunting as a servant, and did little else. I've never played in the city. I've been in town for nearly a year now, but there are so many stores I've never visited, so many places I've never been.

Here, you still collect, right?

 While waiting for the food, you will be handed a sachet by Raven.

"Huh? Are you sure?

Of course.

 Open the bag. There are about 100 E-ranked magic stones inside. They always give me exactly 100, so I'm sure it will be 100 this time too. This is the 500th one. Thanks to this, the number of E-ranking magic stones has increased a lot. I'm going to put away the stones in my jute bag.

 Not long ago, Raven found out that I'm from Granvelle's family. That's how we got found out. She helped some adventurers, so they must have gotten the message from there.

 Even after they found out, they still see each other when they have things to do, like today.

So why did you call me here?

 I haven't told him what to do yet. I went to the inn where Raven was staying and she wasn't there, so I asked the innkeeper's receptionist to give her a message and ask her to come to the town square today.

Actually, I wanted to hunt a little further away from the city. I'd like to know the characteristics of C-ranked monsters. And how many hexenbiests are present at once.

" " " "!

 Raven and the three of them are surprised. Here comes the food. It's a delicious meat dish that would cost several silvers.

"You know what I'm saying? Even a C-rated adventurer can die if you're unlucky.

Right. So I was wondering if you could give me some information about a hexenbiest.

 I learned when I met you before that adventurers have ranks. The ranks start at E, the same as a hexenbiest, and go up to S. A hexenbiest of the same rank is hard to kill. If you're unlucky, you can die.

 At 8 years old, Allen is still not ready to be an adventurer, but he thinks that if he quits his job as a servant, the next step would be to become an adventurer. It's not information we need right now, but I'll take a listen just in case.

 I heard that Raven and her friends also have a C-rank adventurer rank. Last December when they were injured, they were attacked by armor ants, a C-ranked monster. They can form a swarm, so they're quite dangerous.

 Allen decided to change the hunting ground from D-rank to C-rank hexenbiest.

The reason is that
Drastic decrease in goblins
Leveling up and making it difficult to level up in goblins
Next month I will turn 9 years old, and my status suppression will be released slightly (0.8 to 0.9 times my original status)
You must have a stock of E-ranked magic stones that you receive or hunt, and you must be able to afford to change your hunting grounds and reduce the amount you hunt.
The level of enhancement has been raised from 4 to 5

 Not long ago, I heard the Knight Commander report to the Baron Granvelle at dinner that the goblins have cut the people's damage by half in the last six months.

 There are more than just goblins between the city and the Shiro Dragon Mountains. Perhaps there are other causes, but Allen has hunted more than 10,000 goblins in nine months.

 Lately, finding goblins has been taking longer than expected. Now that I've accumulated some magic stones, I'm ready to try out the next rank.

 While having a meal at the restaurant, I'm going to ask you about C-ranked monsters, writing them down in your grimoire.

 Now that the meal is over, it's time to go shopping. To protect yourself, you're going to buy your ninth month's worth of armor.


 Raven also wants to ask for recommendations, so the four of us enter the store. The owner looks at me like I'm with child, but I don't mind and go through the items.

What would you like?

Yes, it's nice to be able to get around.

 Come to think of it, Raven thinks he disappeared the first time we met when he was running.

"Then it shouldn't be armor. Light and sturdy clothing.

 While Raven is consulting...

Allen, I think you'd like to do this, don't you? Hey Milcy?


 Rita will bring the shorts. Check the size of the clothes to fit towards Allen. I feel like a big sister picking out clothes for her nephew.

(Hmm, it looks like a kindergarten or elementary school uniform with shorts, even in winter)

How much is this about?

 I value performance over looks. Instead, they only look for performance.

 When Allen was Kenichi, he wanted his equipment to be defensive. Some games have things like resistance. Resistance to magic, resistance to debuffs, and so on. I never wanted anything from my armor other than defense and resistance. I've never cared about the way it looks. Especially in online games, there were often services to decorate equipment, but I have never used them.

 If your costume is the most powerful equipment, you can wear it without hesitation.

 I will continue to hunt on the move, so mobility is also important. I think it's more important than defense. More important than defense is experience efficiency.

Well, that's two gold pieces.

"I'm thinking in the same way, with non-armor equipment and around five gold pieces.

 I'm going to spend more than half the money on equipment.

How rich are you?

Well, then, I guess it's somewhere around here.

5 gold coins on the cloak of the Death Spider
 Light brown in color Breath resistant small, various resistance improving

6 white bat hooded gold coins
 Shiro in color while breath resistant

(Ho, for the price, right around here?)

"Breath, I don't think a C-ranked magical beast will use it, right?

Well, yeah. There's no hexenbiest on the way to the Shiro Dragon Mountains. Wouldn't a cloak be better for protection against the cold and for camping?

 Raven has some good advice for you. The cloak is better than the resistance, he says. I think the higher the price, the better the protection you'll get, but I'll take your advice that functionality is certainly important too.

Okay, I'll take this cape.

 Thus, the preparations for defeating a C-ranked hexenbiest were getting ready.