66 Episode 66: C Rank Demon Beast ①

 It was October and Allen was nine years old. I'm at the gate before six in the morning, as usual. He is wearing the cloak he bought at the armor shop the other day. It's nicely adjusted.

"Oh! Boy. You're wearing a nice cape today.

Thank you. I just bought it the other day.

 The gatekeeper speaks to me, as usual. We've known each other since last December.

You're lucky with the cape, though. I can just throw it on over my regular clothes. It's easier to move your hands.

 Check for discomfort in body movements by dangling your hands.


 At the sound of the bell, the gate opens and you run out. Today I'm going to hunt a C-ranked monster that's around three days' walk away. I've been hunting for a day's walk, not a day's walk.

It's good to know that the cloak won't get in the way of my running. Now, I didn't buy any weapons, but I'm not sure.

 I bought a cloak, but not a weapon. After the armor shop, I looked at the armor shop, but I didn't have enough money to buy the sword I had in mind. I'd rather buy what I want than compromise and buy something a little cheaper.
 But if the summoner, dagger and iron ball seem too tough, I'm thinking of compromising and buying one.

 In addition, the butler said, "It's been a year since I came to the mansion this month. It's a little early, but from this month's salary, you'll have one gold coin a month, the same as an adult servant". Together with your hunting guard's pay, your pay from the end of this month will be one gold and 50 silver coins per month.

 When I hear that, I think it's already been a year since I came to the mansion. Has this year's boa hunt already started? The passage of time reminds me of my family and Krsna.

 As I run, I check again the status that was raised on October 1st. You can see the status again and again. Status alone would allow me to eat three bowls of rice. If status is increased, that's five bowls.

 [Name] Allen.
 Age] 9
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 24
 Body strength] 553 (615) + 140
 Magic] 846 (940) + 200
 Attack Power] 298 (332) + 140
 Endurance] 298 (332) + 20
 [Quickness] 560 (623) + 60
 Intelligence] 855 (950) + 40
 Fortune] 560 (623) + 200
 Skills: Summoning <4>, Generating <4>, Combining <4>, Strengthening <5>, Expansion <3>, Storing, Deleting, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 194,810 / 600,000

Skill level
 Summons 4
 [Born] 4
 [Combined] 4
 Enhancements 5

Skills Experience
 (1,000,000,000) [Born] 291,700/1,000,000
 Composite] 281,640/1,000,000,000
Obtainable Summons
 Bug ] EFGH
 [Beast] EFGH
 Birds ] EFG
 Grass ] EF
 Stone ] E

 [Insects] E2 sheets
 Beast] E14 sheets
 Bird] E4 sheets
 [Grass] E20 pieces
 [ Stone ] 

 In past goblin hunts, in order to gain as much skill experience as possible, I would wake up in the morning with about 30 spare magic power left and spend it all. I don't think I'll need that much today, but I'll take all possible precautions. I haven't spent any magic since I woke up in bed, so I'm at my maximum. If today's hunt doesn't pose any problems, I'll gradually reduce it.

 The enhancement skill level has been increased to 5.
 The effect is to add +200 to two of the summons' statuses that are a blessing.
 The enhancement skill level of 4 was +100, so the enhancement has been doubled. This is another reason why I decided to hunt a C-ranked monster.

 I'll run for a few hours to see if I've reached my destination.

(I've been running a lot, but I think I'm around here. (Hawk guys come out)


 Four summons of bird E appear.

(Let's see, I think there's a round armored ant called an ant in armor around here. Or I think there's a bipedal pig called an orc, go find it. They can be ten kilometers away. (If you don't see any, go find them farther away, and make sure there's only one of them, please.

 The four summons sounded a single word and spread out.

 I learned about C-ranked monsters from the adventurer Raven the other day. We're targeting armor ants and orcs. There are also other C-ranked monsters, such as death spiders, but they are small in number and use poison and paralysis, so they seem to take a long time to kill. These armor ants and orcs are often found in two or three individuals.

 I've set up quite a few conditions, so you have to wait more than 30 minutes.

(As expected, it was rare to find a magical beast alone. She's not coming back. I'm sure they move faster with the enhancements.

 While I was thinking about it, a bird E summoned back to me. I think we found the armor ant. It's ten kilometers away.

 I'm going to run to it. It's about ten feet high. There's a monster that looks like a pill bug with an ant's head and body.

(Is the body protected by round armor, or is it different from what I thought. Is the only thing ants look like is the head? If you get caught in the chin, it's not looking good. (Didn't that guy get to you, Mr. Raven?

 The jaws are quite vicious. The torso appears to be covered with what looks like a salad bowl turned on its head. It looks very solid.

Now, how do we bring it down? The focal point is the head that isn't wearing any armor. Well, let's just dump all our balls on it. Come out of there!

 As Allen calls out, 14 saber-toothed beasts E, which look like saber tigers, appear around an ant in armor. They surround them and use their signature clawing technique.

(You can barely scratch the armor. Their heads are pretty hard too, or their attacks aren't getting through.

 Allen analyzes the battle between the armored ants and the summoned beasts of Beast E from behind the trees. It seems that not only the armor of the beast E is impervious to attacks on the armor, but also on the head without armor. The sound of clawing at hard objects echoes around you.

 The armor ants aren't just sitting idly by being attacked either. They catch the beast E's summoner with their six-foot-long jaws. Unable to withstand the attack at all, the beast E's summons are diminishing in number, one by one.

 Each time it consumes magic stones and power to summon the beast E's summoner.

(Hmm, I guess that's not possible. Let's change our strategy. Come on out! (with scales)

 I decided that I couldn't defeat it at this point. Leave the beast E summons intact, and two insect E summons in the shape of a butterfly with a length of 1 meter will appear. It takes two summons to debuff a C-ranked monster beast with an E-ranked summoner.

 When an E rank summoner flaps its wings, yellow scales fly. The scales fly around the head of an ant in armor and it becomes motionless. It seems to have fallen asleep as its head is hanging down.

(Oh! It works on C-rated hexenbiests! (competent)

 Walk up to the sleeping motionless armored ant. The jaw seems pretty vicious, so avoid the jaw and look at the whole armor ant.

(Hmmm, those scratches are too hard for the attack to work. Too hard for the attack to work.

 Check the effect of the attack made by the beast E. The round body has considerable claw marks. There are quite a few claw marks on its round body. It's not unscathed by the beast E's summoner attack, but it seems to be harder than that.

Well, let's take it down before it wakes up.

 Allen clasps his hand on the bottom of his armor, like a downed bowl, around the scrape of the ground.


 Putting enough force into it to make you gasp. He flips the armor ants over with force.

It's pretty heavy. But they're light for their size, aren't they? (Was I told that armor wasn't that heavy?)

 According to the adventurer Raven, the armor of ants is very valuable and is used for the armor of adventurers. He said it was very strong but light.

 Balancing yourself on the edge of the still sleeping armor of the ant, you climb up onto the upturned armor. Inside the armor, it looks like an ordinary ant. Six legs sprouting from its chest. The girthy abdomen is also present. It's a perfect insect ant.

 Jump onto the chest section. With all his strength he slams his dagger into the knot between the chest and head. I decide that this will be the softest spot.

Hard, this one's missing the sword Dogora gave me. I guess we're too weak. I'm awake!

 Thrust the dagger vertically into the softest part of the knot. The impact is felt in your hand. A dagger with 50 silver pieces seems to be too tough to wound the body of an ant in armor.

 Then, awakened by the attack, the ant flurries about. Regardless, you keep slicing at the knot to avoid hitting the thorny leg.

 After ten minutes of stabbing, the dagger dug into the knot. It sticks in deeper, making your leg more and more floppy, but the movement of your leg slows down.

 Five minutes pass.

I killed an ant in armor. I've got 3000 experience.

(Beaten, I mean, this one's impossible. It's going to take too long!

 I'm upset with the armor ants I've finally defeated. Defeating the ants has been an unreasonable task.