67 Episode 67: C Rank Demon Beast ②

 Allen spent a lot of time killing the armor ants. It took me at least two hours to find and defeat them.

It took me a long time. Now we have to get the magic stone.

 Poisoning and hammering the dagger into the chest of an upturned armor ant.



 A gasp escaped my lips. The chest exoskeleton is only slightly dented by Allen's dagger. I try to drive the dagger in several times.

(Shit, could this dagger be used to collect the magic stone?)

 Apparently, 50 silver daggers will not be enough to dismantle the armor ants. The dagger is about to spill over and we can't afford to spend more time with it. This dagger will only cut a few knots.

 It would take too much time and we can't retrieve the magical stones. The beast E's summons were also killed, and my magic stones were exhausted.

(This isn't an enemy we can kill with physical attacks. Maybe a magic attack. If it's a physical attack, you'll need a large weapon like a two-handed sword to take it down.

 Among the Allen's, the armored ants decided to be a tough enemy to defeat.

 Allen looks to the heavens. The search is already over?

(Hawks, these ants are no good.) After finding an orc, Hawk comes down.

 Then a bird E summoner will come down. He will lead it to the orc.

 We have 20 minutes to run. There's a hexenbiest snoozing against a tree.

 It's a pig-faced hexenbiest in tattered clothes. He's so hunched over that you can only tell how high he sits. But she's definitely bigger than a full-grown human. There's a large spear on the ground.

Do Hexenbiests sleep too? No, I'm going to sleep with ants with my swallowtail skills. That's a little late for that. Still, whoa! Orcs have spears? If they're already sleeping...just as well. Come out of there!

 Peering out from behind the trees, he summons the 14 beastly E summonses.


 They are the summonses of the beast E that surrounds the orcs that sleep in the shade of the trees. I'll use my new level 5 strengthened special skill of scratching.


 Orcs scream as they are suddenly attacked. Orc blood stains the brown leaves.

(Oh! I knew it was only a level 5 enhancement, with an attack power of 250. (Scratch attack can be used to get through to orcs)

 The 14-to-1 ratio seems to be beaten without Allen joining in. Seeing an orc like that reminds me of something.

(Well, it's a good thing I arm-wrestled him.)

 I remember an arm wrestling match I used to do with Rodin and Gerda. Gerda won and Rodin lost.
 Based on Allen's attack strength of just under 300, I estimated a rough estimate of Rodin and Gerda's attack strength.

 Rodin, with an attack strength of 300-350.
 Gerda attack power 250-300

 The Great Boar was stopped by Rodin. It turns out that to defeat the Great Boar, you need an attack power of 300-350 and a spear.

 While Allen was thinking, the beast E's summons continued its attack, and an orc about two and a half meters long lay on the ground, shaking the ground.

'One orc has been killed. I've acquired 1500 experience.

 Now, a beast E summoned by a 250-attack beast summoned by Boa with the same C-rank hexenbiest as Boa has done damage and defeated it.

(That's a C-ranked monster beast that was defeated. The effect of the Scratch skill is to increase the attack power by 1.5 times, I guess.

 Based on the arm wrestling and the damage of the orcs, I'm guessing the effect of the Scratch technique.

 What's important in hunting C-ranked monsters this time is whether the attack of Beast E, an attack-specialized summoner, will pass or not.

 The 250 normal attack power of the beast E summoner is not as high as my father Rodin and the Great Boar hunters. I believe that the defenses of orcs and greatbore are different, but I was concerned about their attacks passing.

 If the attack didn't go through against the same rank orcs and armor ants, I was thinking of going back to hunting goblins.

 However, the armor ants were difficult, but with a combined attack power of 250 and a special clawing technique, the orcs seemed to be able to get through.

Three balls? (Three balls?) With Ageha's scales and my support, I should be able to prevent the magic stone from wearing out.

 Place the dagger on the fallen orc's chest to retrieve a C-grade magical stone. Unlike the armor ants, the dagger blade will pass through. A purple magic stone the size of a ping-pong ball will come out.

(I see, you can hunt C-ranked magical beasts in a year.

 It's very impressive. I can hunt a hexenbiest of the same rank as the Great Boar all by myself. I can now do it without falling into a trap like white deer.

 Thanks to killing more than 10,000 goblins in the past year and steadily growing my enhancement skills.

(Hmm? What do you think. (At least I won't be there yet.)

 I admonish my emotions for being soaked in emotion. Just a little over half a year ago, you were outclassed by Mihai, Cecil's brother.

 After more than eight years of hard work, you were beaten by a talented man who had spent only a year or so honing his skills in the school town. Only two months of dungeon crawling turned out to be far more than eight years of previous skill and leveling up.

 In the world of the normal mode, I discovered the growth rate of the talented and their power.

(I've heard that the school group is especially strong in this alternate world.

 Mihai has been good-naturedly telling me about the academy. To summarize his story, it seems that talent and lack of talent are not the only difference in power.

 The strongest ones are those who graduated from the school with talent.
 The second strongest are those who are talented and did not graduate from the school
 The third strongest are those blessed with no talent, size or ability value
 The fourth strongest are those who are not blessed with talent, size or ability value

 It seems that less than one percent of the population falls into the first category. The first and second fall into the first category, which is about ten percent of the population combined.

 The academy has exams and is expensive. There are several assignments to complete before graduation, or you will fail. It sounded like graduating from the academy was a pretty good status.

 So where does the Order fall into this group?
 The first one is a candidate for the highest office among the knights. Knights' captains and vice-captains are said to fall under the first category.

 This story reminds me of the vice-knight commander who was beaten up by Krsna when he was five years old. According to Mihai's story, the vice-knight commander is much stronger than Mihai. Even after hearing that, it's hard to believe that Allen actually saw the scene where he was beaten up by Krsna. Whether Krena was too strong or the vice knight commander was holding back is not clear.

 It seems that most people who become adventurers are in the third category. Adventurers have little or no talent. I thought it was natural that those with talent serve. Those who fall into the second category are in line for a B-rank. I heard from Raven that the first one may be able to reach A rank.

(So there's more to normal mode. Now let's continue the hunt, even if I'm in Hell Mode. Next, I'm going to try a pair of orcs. Find me two orcs within three kilometers of each other.

 Change of mind. Today's hunt is not over yet. At Allen's direction, the four bird-E summonses will disperse in search of the orcs.

 About four hours have passed since then.

 In the end, I killed an ant and 15 orcs that day. In terms of experience, that's 25,500.

 Insect E scale powder also works on orcs, but not as well as on goblins. My success rate was about 60%. I also found out that if I covered Beast E's summoned beasts with scales and iron balls, I could kill up to three orcs without too much damage.

Okay, let's go home now.

 Check the position of the sun. Since I don't have a watch, the position of the sun is one of the few ways to figure out the location and time. We've come farther than usual, so we'll pull out early. Don't forget to catch some edible monsters on the way back.

(Hmmm... I think I only had about 25,000 experience with the goblins even if I tried hard. If you focus on orcs and start hunting in the morning, you'll be able to get 50,000 experience. (So the quota to beat is just under 40 animals.

 The feasibility of leveling up by hunting Orcs was determined to be sufficient. From this day on, the leveling up of C-ranked monsters by hunting C-ranked monsters would progress.