68 Chapter 68: Magic

If you say anything rude to the teacher, you'll be in for a world of hurt!

"Of course, Miss Cecil.

 Allen is now talking with Cecil in the upstairs hall.

 It's early November now. At the end of October, Cecil called me, as usual.

 I thought he was going to be a regular guy, but he's not. Then Cecil said to me, "You've worked hard all year as my servant, is there anything you want? He said that Cecil would give me a reward for my first year as a servant. He wants to give you a reward.

 While the unintelligible word "servant's first year" fills my head, I think of a reward. I thought about getting a piece of candy that Cecil usually eats, but then I thought about it and asked for it.

 Cecil has a number of lessons. There are many teachers coming in a week. History, math, languages and many more, but one of them is a magic teacher. Maybe that's why Cecil is a talented mage.

 As a reward for my first year as a servant, I would like to learn from the magic teacher. I asked her to teach a class for Allen, preferably not to observe or anything like that.

 Oh, is that a good request? And a normal wish was granted.

 Today is the day the teacher will teach magic for Allen. A little past noon, an older man in a robe and carrying a wand will come in. He's Cecil's magic teacher.

"Aren't you today, Mr. Allen?

"Yes, nice to meet you.

 The bag the magic teacher holds in the opposite hand of his wand is bigger than usual. Cecil asked the magic teacher to teach Allen this time. She said she had preparations to make, so today was the next time instead of that day. It seems that she went out of her way to prepare for Allen.

 Allen and Cecil sitting in the center of the hall. The magic teacher sat in front of them.

"And you, Mr. Allen?

 The magic teacher takes off his hood and calls out to me. He's a wrinkled man of nearly 70 years old with gray hair in his mouth and chin.

"Yes, sir, good day to you.

Hmm, do you have any questions, by the way? It was only supposed to be for one day, so I prepared for it,

 Then he pulls out a thick book and crystal from the bag. The contents of the bag make it look quite heavy, but the teacher seems to have a lot of power despite its appearance.

(Oh! Good teacher. (If you want, I'll ask you anything you want.

 I'm going to hit the magic teacher with a question I was going to ask after the lesson was over.

Then, sir. What are the conditions for using magic?

 Ask the question you want to hear most. Hm," you say and rub your beard.

"There's only one thing that makes it possible to use magic. The only way to use it is to have a talent for it.

 I assure you it's only talent.

Are you a wizard or a mage?

That's right. You need to be a great mage, wise man, or great sage to be able to use magic.

So what about monks and saints?

"Hmmm, Allen, you are a man of knowledge. The magic that monks and saints use is strictly healing magic. And wizards use offensive magic.

"Huh? Isn't there any magic like auxiliary magic?

"Nuh? Allen, you really know your stuff. Auxiliary magic is used by wise men and great sages. Well, not that there aren't other professions to be precise, but that's just a matter of talent.

 The magic teacher stares into Allen's face because Allen knows too much.

(Oops, I guess I asked too many questions. (Oops, I guess I asked too many questions.)

 Cecil is surprised at Allen's questioning of his aspiring magic teacher. It seems that Cecil knows more about the subject than he thought.

 As he listens, Allen makes notes in his grimoire.

I understand. Thank you very much. Next question?

Of course.

"How does magic work?

 Huh," he said, taking one of the thick books the magic teacher brought with him today, "you have to remember the contents of these books.

"You have to remember what's in these books.

 He said this is a beginner's book that the Master Cecil has been studying and will give it to me. It's a very tattered book. I'm going to flip through it.

"Yo, I can't read this book.

I've never seen that symbol before. I've never seen that symbol before.

 As I was flipping through the book, I saw that it was draped in symbols. They weren't Japanese or some symbols I had seen in a previous life. There were countless complex, geometric symbols that I had never seen before. Each symbol had no unity at all.

Not really. You have to learn this. These letters are one piece of magic.

 The magic teacher will tell you. It seems that in order to use magic, you have to know this by heart.

Do you just have to memorize it?

(It's hard to memorize this or that, even for a wizard.)

Yes, you have to memorize it so you can draw it in your mind.

 You have to memorize enough of these complex symbols to picture them in your mind. Then, as you picture them, you spend your magic power and unleash your magic.

Can I use any of these spells if I learn them?

Of course it's not a matter of memorizing it.

 To learn magic, there is an order. First, memorize the symbols in the book. Then use a lot of magic. And I was told that I had to pass the god's test many times.

(Hoho, I have to use a lot and level up?)

 Allen tries to make sense of it all in his own way.

By the way, do you know if I can do magic or not?

"What? Allen has no talent! What were you listening to earlier? You can't do magic without talent!

 Cecil reacts to Allen's words. I'm talking about why you would ask that. Allen is supposed to have no talent.

I heard you wanted to take a class. Well, I heard you wanted to take a class. I brought a crystal to see if you can use magic. This will show you if you can use magic.

 The question of whether the magic works seems to be a common one among students. He explains that this is a simpler version of the crystal used in the grading ritual. It can tell you if you can do magic in your profession.


(What a wonder tool! (This is how I know if a summoner can do magic.

 The crystal is considerably smaller than the crystal you saw in the old days at the appraisal ceremony. A small crystal, about ten centimeters long, was placed in front of Allen. It responds to a talent for magic.

"Then hold out your hand.


 Allen cheerfully holds out his hands.

 But nothing happens. I held out my hands for a while, but the clear crystal did not respond at all.

"Hmm, I guess I can't use magic.


(Seriously? (As is ......)

 In Allen's mind, a nightmare that he has been thinking about, but has tried not to think about, passes through his mind.

Give it up. You can't use magic if you don't have a talent.

 Allen is too shocked, so Cecil tells him off.

'What does this mean, Cecil, when you hold your hand over the crystal?

"What? You're doubting your teacher's story!

 An angry Cecil strangles Allen. The teacher intervenes as they began to ramble around.

"Now, now, now, Miss Cecil, cut it out. Master Cecil will hold it up to you for good measure. Then I'm sure Mr. Allen will understand.

(I'll agree, show me where the mage held it up. (Painful.)

 I plead with my eyes to hold my hand over the crystal while it strangles me. He shook his hand off and Cecil held it up to the crystal.
 Then the crystal begins to glow yellow in response to Cecil's hands. The light is as warm as the sun.

"Hmm, yellow is a mage.

(Hi, glowing)

 Allen was so shocked that he looked at the scene in a daze. There were days until the magic teacher came to the mansion, and I was wondering what else I should ask him. I would have liked to see some magic if I could, but I had no time for that anymore.

This was no good. Summoner is a complete story.)

 The ability value of Allen's status as a summoner is this.

Strength A
Magic S
Attack Power C
Durability C

Quickness A
Intelligence S
Good luck A

 His status is SABCDE, with higher increases as he levels up. Allen's intelligence is S.

He can't use magic, but his intelligence is S. That's why he has only C attack and endurance. That's why his attack and endurance are only a C.)

 Allen believes that because of his high intellect, his other statuses are low. His high intelligence does not allow him to use powerful magic. Nor does a summoner's status increase as his intelligence increases.

 No matter how high their intelligence is, they are only good at remembering things and have no use for them. For a status that's useless, other skills are low.

 To Allen, having to attack with a sword in his hand is as inefficient as having a wizard carry a two-handed sword at this status.

This is a story. The summons give you a blessing, so this is a measure to lower your status. (How did this happen?)

 A few reasons come to mind.

 I once filed a grievance for six months, which incurred the wrath of God and was turned into a story job.
 Magic can be learned as the level and skill level increases with crystal failure
 Intelligence ability value S has a hell of a lot of meaning

(Could it be that this happened because I filed a complaint for six months at the appraisal ceremony? (Dear Mr. Elmea, dear)

 Allen is stunned looking into the distance. The magic teacher's lesson, which he had received as a reward for Cecil's first year as a servant, had ended quietly.