69 Episode 69: Marder Garsh ①

 It has been about a month since Allen took a magic class. It's December, and we've just recently had our first snowfall. It looks like it's going to start coming down in earnest soon.

 Today is the day that Allen is going to serve you. It's a fairly light lunchtime meal. In the evening we all get together for dinner. Sometimes we don't all get together for breakfast or lunch, but today we'll have lunch with the entire baronet family.

"Well, Thomas. Don't eat so much.

 The baroness chides Cecil's brother Thomas.

 Allen was put on hunting duty at the end of last December and has been hunting almost twice a week since then.

 Since then, he has been hunting almost twice a week, catching nearly 100 kilograms of prey twice a week. Lately, the only hexenbiest I see for hunting is the horned rabbit in winter, but it's still a large amount.

 The baron's diet, which was quite modest until a year ago, has been improved for its servants.

 The only problem is that Thomas eats so much that the baroness is worried about him eating too much. I've often seen her go directly to the head chef to ask him to eat a little less.

 Today, I was warned to take more bread from the center of the table because of the reduced food. Thomas apologized but wouldn't put the bread back in the basket.

(Well, he's 11 years old, he's growing up, he should be able to eat that much. I'm practicing my sword during the day.

 I think of watching Tomas squirm under attention while serving. Tomás has started practicing the sword this year. He has been learning the art of fencing in the yard with a sword instructor. Watching him practice from time to time, I wonder if it is the duty of a nobleman to practice with or without talent.

"Hey, Allen. When are you going to get Shiro Deer next?

 Then Thomas spoke to me.

Well, I'll look for it when it snows a little more.

 Thomas tells me he's looking forward to it. It was then that I thought it was the same old baronial lunch.

 Boom, boom, boom, boom.

 Can Can Can Can

 Can Can Can Can

 The city bell was rung again and again. Inside the building, the bells are not going to stop ringing. The bell of twelve o'clock was rung a short time ago, and now is not the time to ring the bell.

What's going on?

 Baron Granville stands up. Both the baroness and Thomas are worried. The ever-present ringing of the bell makes everyone here uneasy.

I'll see to it.

 The butler, who was standing by the baron, walks out of the dining room. Everyone waits in the dining room for the butler to come back. Allen is one of them. We'll find out what happened.

 About 15 minutes later, the butler comes back. There's a knight next to him.

So what's going on?

"There is an approaching Murdergarsh in the city,

 The butler answers the baron's question. The knight beside him nods strongly, out of breath.


 Allen's reaction to the name Murder Garsh. I'm told it's a B-ranked hexenbiest in the form of a large wolf. It's the same hexenbiest that Allen's brother mash got his name from.

What? Why didn't you let me know earlier! When will it come?

 The baron asks questions one after another. The knight from earlier kneels down and answers the baron's questions.

 He has found a group of knights on patrol. They are advancing straight into the city of Granville. They tried to lead them to change their route from the city, but failed, and some knights were killed on the spot. The monster is coming from the south, and if they continue on their way, they might end up at the city's south gate.

 And they will reach the city of Granville soon. We'll be there after three o'clock. We have less than two hours.

What do you say, my lord?

"What happened to Zenov? You're not back yet?

My lord, the knight-errant and deputy knight-errant leaders are currently absent due to the defeat of a hexenbiest. They won't be back for two more days.

 Did the baron know that the knight commander was gone?

Request an urgent request to the Adventurers' Guild. It's that time of year. There must be many adventurers in the city. If only the Silver Fang of the Gale were here.

(The Silver Fang of Gale is the only A-rated adventurer party in the city.

 A particular gathering of adventurers is called a party. The adventurers Raven, Rita, and Milsy also have an adventurer's party. The party leader is Raven, a C-rated adventurer party.

 Raven told me that the majority of adventurers in this city are C-ranked or lower. There are several parties of B-rank adventurers and only one party of A-rank adventurers, the Silver Fang of the Gale.

 It's winter now in December. Adventurers take their time in the city. Until the snow melts in March or so, they don't hunt unless they have a lot of trouble living. Only Allen is the only one who still hunts in the winter.

Very well then. Do you take care of the gate?

 While Allen remembers what Raven told him about the adventurer's situation, one by one the steward looks for instructions.

The people who go to the city will not know of Maedergarsh's approach. Shut the gates!

"But you may go into the city?

The gates must not be closed, but the Order and the adventurers must instruct them to get rid of the Murdergarsh.

"Yes, sir.

 The steward has heard all the instructions that need to be confirmed and will leave the dining room with the knight who came with him. I have to give instructions to the related departments in a hurry.

 Allen watched the exchange without saying a word. He waits until the baron and the butler have reached an end of their conversation.

(This is my job.)

"My lord, may I step outside the gate as well?


 Allen says as a matter of course, so the baron makes a face that says what the baron is up to.

What? What are you talking about? You heard the story. Murder Garoush is out! You can't get out!

"Miss Cecil,

"What, what?

"I have been assigned by the Baron Granville to be game keeper, sir. I believe my job has come to me now, sir.


 Cecil is surprised by Allen's statement, but Allen thinks it's the job of the hunter.

Hunting monsters to get their meat.
I'll help you if you find your people in trouble with a hexenbiest outside the city.

 For the past year, Allen has been working as a hunter. He has hunted the monsters, got the meat, and helped the people and adventurers if they were in trouble after being attacked by them.

 If it was game day, you would go out of town without asking the baron's permission. It's Allen's job to protect his people from magical beasts. Today is a serving day, so technically it's not strictly speaking a game watch day, so I'm asking the baron's permission.

 Since Cecil hasn't said anything, Allen turns to the baron again. The baron says nothing, lost in thought. Allen continues to plead for permission with his eyes.

...... Hmmm, that's right, Allen. You are a member of the House of Granville. If you wish to fulfill the office I gave you, there is no reason to stop you.

 Cecil tries to say something, but swallows the words. The baron's voice was so low and heavy. Allen's words also made sense, so he seemed to swallow the word no just in time.

Okay, then, I'll go now. I'll be going as I am.

 Allen is going as a servant.

"Mm, do not touch Murderer's Garsh, but evacuate your people first.

"Yes, sir.

 Allen replies and runs out of the dining room at once.

We're running out of time. The city's in this condition. It might be too confusing to run. (Or go out the gates of the highborn and around the south gate.

 Allen's location is on the north side of the city. It is much closer to the south side of the city, through the main street that runs the length of the city. But in this situation, the center and south side of the city could be a mess. I decided that it would be faster to go out the north gate and go around the city.

I don't have enough magic. Come quickly to restore magic.

 Nearly three hours ago, I spent all my magic power and turned it into skill experience. If there is no hunting day, you don't need reserve magic power, and you weren't expecting something like today's. Now Allen's magic power is zero. Now, Allen's magic power is zero.

 Passing through the north gate, he continued to run, picking up more speed in his servant's black uniform.

 Less than two hours had passed, and he reached the south gate on the outer route. The gate is filled with travelers in a procession.

 An overflowing procession is desperately trying to get through the south gate.

 Around it I see groups of adventurers. A band of knights can be seen. They seem to be guarding the overflowing procession.

 And, a little further from the city than the group, there's a huge mass that's over five meters tall. It seems to be clutching something big. It's clutching a horse that's headless, or at least no longer upper body. It's crunching and eating the horse.

(It's Murdergarsh!)

 I had heard that it was a wolf-shaped hexenbiest. But it wasn't what you would call a wolf. It had a face like a human dog. Big enough to hold a horse, with fingers like a man. Its arms look like human arms. The lower half of its body is definitely a wolf. It has thick legs like a wolf and a tail like a wolf.

 Beside the horse-eating Murdergarsh was a carriage with wheels off and tilted.

 If you look closely, you can see from which side of the road Mardagarsh had come. The ghastly corpses of horses and men lay scattered in countless spots, making a path of blood.

 Murder means carnage, but it only bears its name.

"Hey boy, what are you doing there! Evacuate quickly!

 One of the knights seems to have noticed Allen and urges his attention. But Allen is observing Mardergarsh's behavior. Because the horse Murdergarsh eats is a carriage horse.

 I see figures in the carriage that have lost their horses. There seem to be several of them.

 Suddenly, Murdergarsh rips the cloth off the top of the carriage with his free hand.


 Inside the carriage, adults and children are huddled trembling. They seem too terrified to scream. There was a mother there, desperately hugging her child.

 The maddergarsh's face is twisted and a grim smile escapes.

 Knights and adventurers alike seem intent on protecting the merchants and travelers who enter their gates. No one is trying to save the carriage. But that's not in Allen's sight.

 Allen took an iron ball from the chamber and grabbed it.