70 Episode 70: Marder Garsh ②

 Watching the trembling father and son hugging each other, Marder Garsh grimaces eerily. Its face like a human dog, the expression on its face is well visible. Blood drips from its mouth, which has turned red from eating the horse, and blood drips from its fangs.

 A father and son in the carriage, too terrified to scream.

 There was no knight to help. Even the adventurers are staring with bated breath.

 Then Allen pulls an iron ball from the chamber. Maybe someone had seen his storage skills, but it didn't matter.

 As if to inflict more fear, eerie paws like the human arm of the Murder Garsh slowly loomed over the father and son.

(To death!

 Allen throws the ball with all his might at Mardergarsh. The ball stretches out in a straight line and strikes one eye of Murdergarsh as if it were being sucked in.

 The iron ball caves into the eye. It seems to have obliterated one of Maddergarsh's eyes.


 Eerily squealing Murder Garsh .

"Hey! Over here! Come here, I'll kill you!

 He also throws the second pitch with all his might. However, with his attention already on Allen, Murdergarsh easily flicks the iron ball with his paw.

"What are you doing, kid!
"Run away now!

 You can hear the voices of the knights and adventurers behind you. Allen doesn't respond to any of their voices or their advice.

 Use all your strength to get the attention of the Murdergarsh. With his attention, Aren changes his position in an arc around the carriage, moving to the opposite side of the city. With the Shiro Dragon Mountains at his back, he continues to challenge them further.

'What's the matter! You're not coming! Doggone it!

 Even throwing iron balls. But Murdergarsh easily flicks the ball away. One eye is obliterated, but it seems difficult to do any more damage.

 Just as she was about to throw more ironballs, Madhagarsh, who until now had only her face toward Allen, slowly sat up.


 A single howl was raised, and then he slowly stood up on his hind legs alone. Standing up on two legs, the marder garsh reaches a height of six to seven meters. He threw down the half-eaten horse in one hand.


 Then his paws also landed on the ground and he turned his entire body toward Allen.

Come on!

 With a single voice from Allen, Madhagarsh marched forward, running at a faster and faster pace.

(Okay, he's got the target of a hexenbiest pointed this way.)

"I will take Mardergarsh in the direction of the Shiro Dragon Mountains!

 With a shout to the knights and adventurers, Allen runs as fast as he can. Empty the grimoire and check to see if the magic is restored. His magic power hasn't recovered, and he still has zero magic power.

Not yet! (I should be allowed to recover my magic by now)

 Saying that, you run as fast as you can. The Murder Garsh is coming up behind you like a snug fit.


 Murder Garsh seems to be faster. He catches up to Allen, who is about 600 feet quicker, and his paws are closing in on Allen's body. I ducked just in time to duck Madhagarsh's paw. But he lost his stance and fell to the ground.

 Allen rushes back to his position. You're out of sight for a moment, but you rush to bring Murdergarsh back into view.

 You expected a follow-up attack to come immediately, but Murdergarsh was grinning and made no attack. He seems to enjoy watching Allen, who has tumbled down. It's even creepier that he's grinning without anger at being blinded.

(Hmmm, there have been times when enemies have said they are grinning and have done nothing, but this is what happened.

 When Allen was Kenichi in his previous life, he saw a situation similar to the present one when he was playing a game where combat was turn-based and he and the enemy took turns attacking each other. When it was the enemy's turn to attack, the enemy didn't attack and didn't "grin" or do anything. At that time, I thought I was just lucky that the enemy didn't attack me.

 Now that the same thing happened to me in real life, I can understand why the situation was there. Maedergarsh seems to be playing with Allen.

(Well, I still consider myself lucky! (Okay, magic is back!

 Allen checks the screen for the status of the grimoire. At last, Allen's magic power has been fully recovered.

He's not fast enough! Do you want to raise it with the birds? (No, we want defense here, too.

The blessing you get from a summoner
Bird lineage: increased speed and intelligence
Insects: increased defense and quickness

 Allen takes a slow step backward. His body is trembling and his face is distorted with fear. Desperation is desperately staged to lure you to drop your guard.


 Apparently that Allen's appearance was very amusing to Marder Garsh. His dog-like face is twisted with delight.

That's really evil. Don't tell Mash about this guy. Dad, you have the worst taste in names.

 The hexenbiest who got his name from mash was not a very good hexenbiest to be named after anyone else. If Teresia had another child, I'd like to see her have a girl she could name.

 Pretending to be frightened, Allen uses his grimoire to change the composition of the summoner's cards all at once.

 Storing the magic stones in the grimoire, they can be generated and synthesized just by being aware of them, without Allen having to use his hands.

 To increase the maximum magic power, I had 20 grass E cards, but I changed them all to insect E summons. The grimoire moves very fast, deleting and generating repeatedly. Change all Beast E and Beast F Summons that you have been using to increase your attack power to Insect E Summons.

 The number of cards that have been changed and their configurations changed
36 cards of Insect E
4 cards of bird E

 Seeing that Murder Garsh is fast, I changed all the cards to ones that increase its speed. Also, the offensive power of Murder Garsh is unknown. We can't get caught.

 Allen backs away, slowly backing away. He decides that Murdergarsh won't close in soon, and when he's caught off guard, he begins to flee again in one fluid motion.

 I hear the earth shaking behind me. There's a terrible noise. Desperately trying to gauge the distance between her and Allen from the sound of Murder Garsh running.

(Almost there, just a little further away from the city.)

 Pull the Murder Garsh away from the city. I would do that, of course, but I'd like to bring it down if I could. We're still only a few hundred meters away from the carriage. It's gotten very small, but I can still see the knights and adventurers. I'd like to summon the summoner from a greater distance.

 You are more than a kilometer away from the city, and the desperate game of tag continues until the trees are sprouting. After a few hundred meters, the city has completely disappeared from Allen and Murdergarsh.

Okay, put the swallowtails to sleep.

 Summon three summons of Insect E behind Allen. Because Murdergarsh is a B-ranked monster, Insect E's speciality scale powder needs three of them to be effective.

 The yellow scales of Insect E's summoned beasts will rain down on Madhagarsh's face.

 As Murdergarsh stopped walking, Allen also stopped walking and turned around to see the effect.


 But Murder Garsh chirps, and with paws like a human arm, cleaves off three summons of Bug E. The three summons disappear at once into a glowing bubble. All three summons of Bug E disappear into a glowing bubble at once.

(Huh! It didn't work! Is it resistant? (Didn't work by accident?)

 The debuff effect, which is a special skill of insect-like summons, does not work 100% of the time. It's impossible to tell at one time whether it happened to be ineffective or not at all.

(Yikes, I'm catching up again.)

 Insect E's summons disappear and the frantic game of tag resumes. Generate the missing summons again, and Allen desperately runs away.

 Three hours later, Allen is hiding behind a tree.

d*mn it, I finally managed to spread it. But still, the scales don't work at all, or rather, none of the debuffs work).

 Allen took his cloak out of storage and put it over his servant's clothes.

 I tried all of GFE's summoner's specialties over and over again, but none of them worked. Since the debuff didn't work, I gave up on defeating it and decided to run away. I can't seem to beat it without a debuff.

Well, that's about it. I should go back to the city. d*mn it! (You've used quite a bit of magic stones)

 I was just poisoned by the fact that my magic stone was running low.

 Mekki Mekki!

 Suddenly, the five-meter-high tree on which Allen had been resting his back shook. And a strong, beastly stench was in your nose.


 Allen looked back in surprise. There was a grinning Murdergarsh. With human-like hands it pulled out a tree as easily as if pulling a weed.

 Allen ran away in a hurry, and Murder Garsh chased after it with a grin. The frantic game of tag resumes.

 Three days have passed since then.

 A lone boy dressed in all black and wearing a cloak appears at the city's north gate.

Thank God he's back at last.

"Ya! The "Monk

"Konni ......

 Allen is back in town after three days. His black clothes are muddy from three days of frantic tag.

 Allen couldn't finish his greeting to the usual gatekeeper, and he let go of his consciousness and fell to the ground.

"Huh? I'm sorry, kid, you're okay!

 The gatekeeper rushes over to Allen, who has let go of his consciousness as soon as he calls out to him, startled. The gatekeeper checks on him, but Allen seems to be alive. He closes his eyes and says ssshhhhhh. Allen falls asleep as if a thread had snapped.

 For the first time in three days, Allen was able to go to sleep. This was Allen's first encounter with the Murder Garsh.