71 Episode 71 Reward ③

What is this place?

 Allen woke up in bed.

(In the house? Hmm? Isn't this the guest room? Huh? What's wrong with me? (Maedergarsh?)

 Recalling the creepy man-dog-like face of Maedergarsh, get up out of bed in a hurry. My memory is still confused.

 Looking at the clothes, they are not the servant's clothes. I'm being changed into my nightgown.

Are you awake?

 As I'm reviewing what happened to me, I hear the butler say, "Hello, I am?

Hello, I am?

How much do you remember?

 The butler decided that Allen was confused. That's what he asked me, and I went down memory lane. The Maddergarsh followed me for three days and three nights. I managed to disperse them and try to get back to the city.

I don't remember ever going back to the city, sir.

Hmm, he was brought in by the gate guard after he collapsed at the north gate. Two days ago.

That's right.

I will now call the Knight Commander. Then I will ask the master to explain to me what the situation was about Mardagarche, is that all right?

"Yes, yes

Well, there's still time to rest up until then.

"Thank you.

 Then I slept for about three hours in a soft bed served to the house's guests. When I woke up, there was a meal next to the bed. When I finished eating, the Knight Commander came to the mansion and asked me to come to the conference room on the third floor.

(The conference room, I've never been there, but it's this way.

 I've been working here for more than a year, and there are many rooms I've never been in. In particular, I've never been in the baron's bedroom, study, or conference room, which the baron often uses.

"Allen, are you okay?

 When I get to the third floor I see eye to eye with the Knight Commander.

"It's okay. We're sorry for the trouble we've caused you.

 I apologize for collapsing at the gate and causing you so much trouble.

Well, I'm glad you're okay. The guild leader is here. Wait here for a moment.

"Oh, I see.

(Is this about the mess in Madergarsh? You said it was an emergency. But it was still a big deal.

 I recall how the chase started near the north gate of Granville and ended outside the city. By being chased by Murder Garsh this time, I found out that B-ranked monsters are quite strong.

 It seems that Allen's current power can only defeat C-ranked monsters. If I don't raise my level and summoning level, it doesn't seem to be able to work yet.
(It seems that most adventurers have no talent.)

 It reminds me of the adventurers and knights who stood still while their carriage was attacked by the Maddergarsh.

 It's not that they didn't want to help. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't, as he now knows firsthand. I'm told that knights and adventurers are no match for a B-ranked hexenbiest.

 Few knights and adventurers are talented enough and strong enough to fight B-ranked monsters.

 Raven told me that the first adventurer in this area who could fight B-ranked monsters was the leader of the Silver Fang of the Gale Wind party.

 And the strongest man in the territory, stronger than the leader of the Silver Fang of the Gale, is standing next to Aren.

(I heard the Knight Commander is the strongest man in the territory.

 I haven't seen much of him in action, but I'm told he's incredibly strong. Adventurers and those who are familiar with the Knight Commander call him Zenov the Warrior.

 We're told the captain's talent is as a swordsman. I've never heard of this talent, but I'm wondering if it's a two-star occupation, between a 1-star swordsman and a 3-star swordsman.

 The baron was also the first person to call when the Murder Garsh appeared, the first person to call was the Knight Commander.

"Now if you'll excuse me, quite the contrary.

 While thinking about the Knight Commander's strength, a muscular, skinheaded man comes out of the conference room with a butler. This skin-headed man is the head of the guild branch in the city of Granville. Allen is also a waiter and you've met him a few times.

 He's poisoned, but as Allen looks to see if something is wrong with his urgent request, he meets the branch chief's eyes.


"Hmm? Oh, Allen?

 Allen seems to know about it. Noticing Allen, the branch chief comes up to him.

"That's ......

"What do you want to do with the servant of the House of Granville? I would now like to speak to the master?

 When the branch chief was about to say something, the butler questioned the branch chief's words as if to cover them.

Huh? It's nothing. Glad you're okay.

 The branch chief popped Allen's head and was led out of the mansion by the butler.

(Hmm? Now what? (What?)

 It was an exchange that Allen didn't quite understand. It appeared to Allen that the head of the Adventurer's Guild was about to speak to him, but for some reason the butler stopped him.

 The butler saw the chapter leader off at the door and came back.

 The butler comes up to the third floor, and the butler, the Knight Commander, and Allen enter the third floor conference room. There is a round, aged table, and they take a seat in front of the baron, who tells them to sit here.

Are you ready to get up? I'm glad you're okay.

"Yes, I'm sorry for the inconvenience to the master.

"Hmm? You have nothing to apologize for.


"But since we're talking about the future, why don't you tell us what happened with Murdergarsh?

 Allen understands and tells the ending with Murdergarsh.

 The carriage was being attacked, and he threw an iron ball that he had been having made at a weapons store to Murdergarsh to save his son and daughter, who were in the carriage.
 He tells the story of how he was able to successfully change the target of Murdergarsh to himself and thus kept Murdergarsh away from the city.

 The baron listens with a difficult look on his face. Occasionally the baron looks at the knight-errant's face, and the knight-errant nods at him each time. Apparently, he's trying to see if that's possible.

"The Murder Garsh is a rather persistent character, and no matter how many times I scattered it, it always came after me.

"So you haven't been back for three days? I heard that a boy dressed as a servant was being chased out of town by the Mardergarsh. I thought they'd already been eaten.

 What happened at the south gate was seen by knights and adventurers alike. The baron's ears were naturally open.

Yes, I don't know how far he went, but I think I left him pretty far.

 How far they took him was muddled and explained, as it cannot be proven here. Allen was chased to the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains.
 He had taken Mardagarsh to the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains. He tried hitting Murdergarsh with white deer and armor ants along the way, but to no avail. I hoped that they would be satisfied with that, but they quickly killed the monsters and came at Allen again.

"I see, I understand. First of all, there's nothing to blame Allen for this case. You've saved the helpless subjects. And there's a reward.

"Oh, really?

(Prize. Long time reward!

The reward is this.

 Put two sachets in front of the table. Allen's heart flutters as he hears a clinking sound and wonders if they are coins.

(Two bags?)

 Allen stares at the sachet, wondering why there are two.

I'll count ten gold pieces as Allen's contribution to this case. Thanks to him, we were able to get this urgent matter off the ground quickly, and I believe that we were able to minimize the cost to our citizens, adventurers and knights.

 I use the word minimal because sacrifices were made.


(Ten gold coins, huh, good luck.)

 Allen has been in the mansion for a little over a year now, but I have learned one thing: this baronial family is very poor. This baronial family is very poor. I'd describe it as poverty.
 They live a pretty modest life. When I first became a servant, I thought the food would have been better if I had been a serf.

 Rodin and Gerda were rewarded with a commoner because they didn't have money, now I think about it. It doesn't cost anything to turn a peasant into a commoner.

 But I don't feel bad about such baronial poverty.
 The royal envoy has come twice in the past year. They came to talk about raising the capitation tax. Not as much as the neighboring Baron von Charnel, but there is still room to raise it, but the baron refuses, saying he has the people's livelihood. As a result, the barons have come up with the difference and paid the tax to the treasury, while the barons live in a modest manner unbecoming of a noble family.

 While I was thinking about this, the baron continued to talk.

And the other bag is ten gold coins. That's twenty gold coins. Allen. From the owner of the carriage you saved. Here's the second bag.

"Is the Lord?

 The baron gives his account of the owner of the carriage. He's the manager of a fancy inn on the main street. The story goes that the master came to the inn as a thank you for saving his wife and daughter.

Oh! Will this reach Mithril's sword? (You can buy weapons on the shelf!

 I was thinking about a steel sword with about 5 gold coins, but thanks to the rewards and thanks for the reward, I think I'll reach the budget for the Mithril sword.

 After this meeting, I want to run into a weapons store.

 The day's meeting came to an end when I was asked for a few more details to confirm.