73 Episode 73 Move

 The year has come to March. Allen is playing a game at the yard in the morning.

 Ding dong

(No, I'm not winning at all.)

 In March, Cecil's brother Mihai came back to town in Granville. I asked him for a rematch after last year and he said yes, so we are having a match.

 Allen thinks that you need to know about the growth rate of normal mode as well. Information is a weapon.

 I switched to hunting C-ranked monsters last October. In the past six months, I have hunted about 2000 C-ranked monsters and raised my level to 28.

 My level and status have grown, but Mihai's sword skills seem to be even better than mine. Allen's swordsmanship can be seen through and easily ducked and blocked.

 Mihai is still smiling as usual as if he has more time to spare.

(Good grief, your level and swordsmanship skill level has risen quite a bit. I can't win. It's impossible to win with 20 grass cards.

 Normal mode grows with 1/100th the experience of Hell mode. That's both the level and the skill level. The curriculum of the school has become more focused on leveling up and improving skills, and I can feel the difference from last year's. I don't know what kind of curriculum the swordsman has heard about, but Mihai is a talented swordsman, and I don't know what kind of curriculum he has, but he is a bit overwhelmed.

 I don't know what kind of curriculum Mihai has heard about his swordsmanship, but his growth rate is overwhelming. The gap between you and Allen, who needs 100 times more experience than Mihai, is growing wider and wider.

 In the yard, Baron Granville, the Baroness, Thomas and Cecil are watching the game.

 Allen has offered to play a match, but the match is soon settled. As before, Allen's sword is flung away by Mihai, ending the match.

Well done! Dear Mihai, you have grown up well.

 Last year, Mihai warned the Knight Commander about calling you by your nickname, so he changed his name from Little Mihai to Master Mihai.

Thanks, but you're getting stronger, Aren.

No, I'm not as good as Mr. Mihai.

 Mihai humbly responds to Mihai's compliment. Then Mihai shakes Allen's hand.

(You did it last year, too. Is it a school tradition?

 Allen responds to Mihai's handshake, wondering if a match at the school would end with a handshake.

"You are Cecil's servant. Take care of your sister.

"Yes, I will protect you to the best of my ability.

 Mihai smiled back, as if he was happy with that answer.

You know, Aren't you fought against Murder Garsh, right? Tell me how it went.

(I mean, we fought, but we just played tag. It was hard because they wouldn't replace me as the demon.

 He asked a family member if he had heard the story of Mardagarsh. It's lunchtime," he replied, "and we'll have dinner in the middle of the meal," and that's when we were all going back to the mansion.

Excuse me!

 A knight comes rushing into the hall.

(Bu, again?)

 I have a bad feeling about this. The last time the knight came to report, the maddergarsh showed up. I think we're going to play dead tag again.

What's wrong?

 Since we are dealing with a knight, the Knight Commander asks a question.

Ha, the white dragon has moved!

"What? True. Where did you move to, where did you move to?

 The baron begins to ask questions with a bite. His voice is full of glee.

"My lord, it's time. Shall we go back to our room for a chat?

(Huh? (I'd love to hear the story of how the white dragon moved)

 Allen is delighted as we all head to the cafeteria. Apparently, this story is one that Allen is willing to hear.

 I've been at the Baron Granvelle's for about a year and a half now, but the baron who rules the estate has received a lot of information. Depending on the confidentiality of the information, he pays people off.

 For the least sensitive information, as in this case, even the servants can be heard. Of course, not all the servants are called in. Only those who are at work in the service, or in positions such as a servant or squire in someone's service, such as Allen, can be heard.

 For even greater secrecy, only those who are related to the baron's family by blood are allowed. The baroness or the baron's children. In this case, Allen has been asked to leave the room and, in fact, has been kicked out of the dining room from time to time.

 The most sensitive information is not given in the dining room. It takes place in the conference room next to the baron's study. The baron, the butler, and the knight-errant speak together. That time is off-limits, including the hallway.

 Over lunch in the dining room, the knight will tell you the story.

"So, what do you mean by the white dragon has moved on?

"Ha! According to the report from the Silver Fang of the Adventurer's Party Gale, he has vanished suddenly from the place where he used to sleep in the Shiro Dragon Mountains. After that, they spent three days trying to track him down, but they couldn't locate him. He once returned to the city to report back!

"Whoa! You've finally moved on, hey, it's been a long time!

 In the midst of eating, the baron rises from his seat in delight. His hands are trembling in his grip. You're in awe.

I am going to ask the Silver Fang of Shippou to re-examine the matter now that he has returned to town. That's all we have to report.

 The knight commander tells the knight commander that he can step back and the knight who came to report leaves the dining room.

"I see, he's on the move. I'll have to look into the status of the mithril mining site from now on.

 For the first time in more than 100 years, a white dragon has migrated from his bed in the Shiro Dragon Mountains. And I'm told that its whereabouts are unknown.

Ha! But we don't know where the white dragon will appear. First of all, we have to hurry up to see where he has made his new bedding.

I know. But it is my duty to mine the mithril. I must ascertain the status of the mining area as soon as possible.

 The Knight Commander says his priority is to confirm the location of the white dragon. The baron wants to resume mining mithril as soon as possible for the first time in over 100 years.

Does that mean we need to hunt the magical beasts to the mining site?

Well, Mihai, if we find out that the white dragon has completely disappeared from the baronial side, we need to ensure the safety of all four mining sites.

I still have some time off, so I'll help you a little.

"I will not. We may run into the white dragon. Master Mihai's body is the most important thing.

 The Knight Commander doesn't seem to allow the Mihai to participate in the investigation. It seems that if they encounter the white dragon, it would be dangerous even for Mihai now.

(Isn't there a village of goblins and orcs at the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains?

 While listening to the conversation, Allen recalls a story the adventurer Raven told him.

 The foothills of the Shiro Dragon Mountains are dense with forest. In fact, Allen had been chased there by Murdergarsh, and it was indeed a dense forest.

 There is a village of goblins and orcs in the forest. According to Raven, a D-ranked goblin's den has a C-ranked goblin in it. The same is true for C-ranked orc nests, which have the top B-ranked goblins. The goblins and orcs with strong fertility will migrate from the foothills of the Shiro Dragon Mountains to the city of Granvelle.

 It is also said that on the mountainside of the mountain range, just beyond the forest, there is a nest of armor ants. In each nest are also said to be countless armored ants and their higher forms, the queen-armored ants.

 Goblins and orcs may come out of villages and attack villagers and travelers. If they are too numerous, they will come to the city for help. When this happens, not only adventurers but also knights may be dispatched.

(I see, I see...so a group of knights might end up killing the goblin or orc village. We can't let them beat us to it.

 I'm not going to let the knights take my precious experience.

 After several months of investigation, he found out that the white dragon had moved from Baron Granvelle's territory.

 The destination was the side of Viscount Charnel in the Shiro Dragon Mountains.