74 Chapter 74: Shared ①

 Time has passed since the end of March, when Cecil's brother Mihai returned home, and now it is early July.
 Allen is alone, more than a day's walk from the city.

(Okay, okay, we're quite far from the city, let's check it out. I have a lot of magic in my pocket, so let's make today a solid validation day.

 Allen was finally able to raise the summoning level to 5. With the summoning level increased, he did not spend magic power for the morning skill experience. I'll spend the day examining my newly acquired skills and summonses.

 Check the notes in the grimoire. The level-up sign on the cover of the grimoire disappears after a certain period of time, so I transcribed it to your notes.

The synthesis skill experience is now 1,0000000/1,000,000. The synthesis level has been increased to 5. Summon level is now 5. The grimoire extension has been upgraded to level 4. You have acquired a shared skill.

 Allen check the status.

(Is the newly acquired skill shared at summon level 5?)

 Name] Allen
 Age] 9
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 30
 [Physical strength] 688 (765) + 150
 Magic power] 1062 (1180) + 200
 Attack Power] 374 (416) + 140
 Endurance] 374 (416) + 20
 [Quickness] 701 (779) + 60
 Intelligence] 1071 (1190) + 40
 Fortune 609 (779) + 200
 Skills: Summoning <5>, Generating <5>, Combining <5>, Strengthening <5>, Expansion <4>, Storing, Sharing, Deleting, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 2,516,810/3,000,000

Skill level
 Summons 5
 [Born] 5
 [Combined] 5
 Enhancements 5
Skills Experience
 Composite] 0/10,000,000,000
 Strengthen】 680/10,000,000,000
Obtainable Summons
 [Bug] DEFGH
 [Beast] DEFGH

 [Bird] DEFG
 [Grass] DEF
 [stone] de
 [ - ] D
 [Insects] E2 sheets
 Beast] E14 sheets
 Bird] E4 sheets
 [Grass] E20 pieces
 [ Stone ] 
 [ - ] 

(Did it take me more than 2 years to raise one summon level? Does it take 30 million experience to get to the next summon level 6? It's getting endless.

1 year and 00 months, grimoire acquired, summon level 1, summoner H-rank
1 year and 10 months old, summon level 2, acquisition of synthesis skills
3 years and 00 months old, Summoner G rank
5 years and 11 months old, summon level 3, enhanced skill acquisition, summons F
-7 years, 09 months Summons level 4, storage skill acquisition, summoned animal E
9 years and 10 months Summons level 5, shared skill acquisition, summoned animal D

 Whenever he rose to the summoning level, he kept a record in his grimoire. It's like an album of my own journey in this different world.

Now let's check the holder first. If it's expanding, I guess 50 more will be next.

 The number of cards of the summoner you own will increase by 10 cards each time the expansion level is increased. Last time it was expanded to 40 cards, so I expect 50 cards this time.

(So, 50 cards. That's a lot of blessings.

 As expected, this is an expansion every time the summon level increases, so I'm not that impressed. With 50 D-ranks now available, it seems that we will be able to own more cards and increase the status of the protection.

(Okay, analyzing D-rank summons will take some time and we'll see about sharing the new skills.

 Six new summons were added to the list. Rather than take the time to check the six summons, do the effect of the shared skill first.

(Then again, isn't the skill supposed to make the summons stronger, like an enhancement?)

 The ranks of the monsters I hunt keep going up. I mainly hunt C-ranked monsters now. But I want to be able to hunt B-ranked monsters as soon as possible.

 This is because my level has risen a lot and my experience level has also risen a lot. I need three million experience to reach level 30. To level up, you have to hunt 2000 orcs. You can hunt 40 to 50 Orcs in a day. You need to hunt higher-ranked monsters to get more experience. Also, the number of orcs that roam around here has recently dwindled and is on the verge of extinction.

(Stowage was a great skill, too, so we'll just have to hope for the best. Do you share, or do you share something with a summoner, in terms of name? (Hawke coming out)


 Summon the summoner of the bird E in front of you, as needed for verification .

(Alright, alright, share!)

 Try to invoke the sharing skill.

"Huh! Me?

 Then Allen appears in front of you.

 There are several mirrors in the Granvels' mansion. The servants' dining room is also furnished with large mirrors for personal grooming, and since becoming a servant, Allen has gotten into the habit of looking at his own face.

(Whoa! You can see Hawk's vision! (Shared vision or)

 Seems to be able to share the view of the bird E summoner .

(What's this? Both me and Hawk's vision look exactly the same. (Hawk, let's look around a bit.)

 Just because Bird E's summoner's vision became visible does not mean that Allen's vision is no longer visible. Allen is uncomfortable with the lack of discomfort. Hawke moves his head and looks around at Allen's direction.

(Hmm, you can see me and Hawk's vision at the same time, even though Hawk's vision is gunning for it.

 No burden and not even discomfort with increased vision. You can see different views at the same time and understand different views at the same time.

(Okay, Hawk. Flying!)

 Hawk takes off into the sky. Allen can look down on the world from the sky while sharing Hawk's view, also going up into the sky. I can see the horizon, which was previously hidden from view by the trees.

(Holy shit! I'm kind of impressed. (Okay, let's move on.)

 At Allen's direction, the summoner of Bird E flies slowly forward in the sky. Allen joins in and grasps its view.

(Wow, what's this, using Hawk's special skills, wow! (Seriously, you can even share a sense of hawk eye skills)

 The bird E summoner activates his special skill, the hawk's eye. Then your field of vision will expand even further. You can see several kilometers away. The bird E's summoner's senses will directly transmit to Allen what is in the circular area of several kilometers. It wasn't just sight that could be shared, but also the effects of their specialties.

It's like being possessed by Hawk. Could he be able to tell them what to do from 50 meters away?

 As one ponders, a new question arises.

 Tell the summoner of bird E to go farther. And it flies more than 50 meters away from Allen.

(Okay, I think I've left the maximum area where I can tell him to go. (Try to stop the hawk-eye technique you're using now.)

 Previously, the summoner's instructions were within a range of 50 meters around Allen. This time, I checked how far I could direct the summoner in a shared situation.

 Then, Bird E's summoner stops activating his hawk's eye. It seems to be able to direct from 50 meters away. And the shared vision continues to exist.

 Allen is astonished. Keep going, give some instructions. From 50 meters away, they can still hear Allen's commands and can tell him to circle around and do whatever he wants.

 The shared vision allows for direct transmission of instructions.

This is like multiple activations! Maybe more than that?

 He was too excited to speak out. For Allen, who was a gamer, there was déjà vu in this shared skill situation.

 When Allen was Kenichi in a previous life, he would play as two characters in a game. This was called multiple activations. Some game distributors recommend it because the more accounts you control, the more you pay a monthly subscription fee.

 Why would you buy multiple consoles and TVs with increasing monthly subscription fees? Because the items you get from hunting will be yours if you hunt alone. Since you don't hunt with others, you don't have to spend time recruiting friends and it is time efficient.

 In order to get such an environment, I prepared several game consoles and TVs for video games. I remember frantically operating two controllers, watching two characters moving on different screens in turn.

 But this situation is far more than that now.

 It's as if you see with your right and left eyes, instantly understanding the summoned beast of bird E and your own vision. The scenery you see is completely different between the sky and the ground, yet there is no discomfort at all.

I see...so this is a shared effect. So this is a shared effect. Isn't this outrageous?

 Realizing one possibility, Allen had a feeling that his activities as a summoner would change dramatically.