75 Chapter 75: Common ②

 Consider the possibility of shared skills.

(Isn't this maybe a way to get a summoner to hunt? (Can we make a summoner unit or something?)

 Right now, I'm hunting in this big place, moving frantically around. I'm using Bird E's summoner to find the hexenbiest, run towards it, and then kill it.

 If the summons can be directed to the beast from more than 50 meters away with this share, then it is possible that the summons can hunt on its own. I have a feeling that if I let the summoner act separately, the efficiency of the hunt will increase endlessly. This is because once a summoned beast is summoned, it can stay summoned for 30 days straight.

 The entire time Allen is in the mansion, he can still hunt.

We need to find out how many we can share first. Hawk and his friends come out.

 In front of us three new bird E summonses come out. I'm going to share them with each one.

(Now you've shared with four Hawks. (About the fact that you have five views, but they don't feel different.

 Even in a previous life there were gamers who could control four characters by themselves using multiple activations. I remember when I was Kenichi, I was limited to two characters. However, with four summons of Bird E and five of Allen's, the field of vision is not burdened at all. I can understand all five views at the same time, as if it were obvious.

It's like multiple activations or parallelism. Okay, okay, we're out of Hawke, so let's get our balls out.

 Take them out one by one and try to share them. That's when.

"Pow! There it is!

 Sharing the sixth summoner, I felt a sharp pain in my head. The pain was so great that I fell to the ground holding my head. In a panic, I cut off the sixth summoner's share.

(Huh? Gone? I thought I was going to die: ....... I don't know if sharing can be cut off normally. The 6th one made me feel extreme pain. (Is it impossible to share 6 of them?

 I found that if I was conscious, the sharing could be cut off at any time. Then, after four summons of Bird E, I shared a second summon of Beast E, and a sixth summon of Beast E, and I felt a sharp pain.

 I got a strong headache, and the pain was too much to share.

(Does this mean I can only have five summons of the same rank?)

 I'm afraid it's going to hurt, but I really need to find out how many summons I can share. Fearfully, I delete the card of Bug E's Summoner and try to summon Bug G's Summoner to generate it.

(Okay, I'll share it with Pionta then! (BAM!)

 When I summoned and shared the sixth summon, the summon of Insect G, I was in terrible pain.

(Impossible. Does that mean I can only share 5 summons, regardless of rank? (Mmm, why not?)

 Allen's summoning level has been raised and he can now summon 50 summons. However, it's a shame that only five summons can be shared. Let's look at why there are only 5 summons.

 I'm missing some information, so let's check the status again.

(Sharing is like storage, there's no concept of skill level. This makes me think that the five summonses will stay the same because their skills have no growth potential. No. I don't understand why you can only share five for no reason. (Why five of them?)

 Allen thinks. Does it have to be five for no reason, or is there a condition for five of them, or if there is a condition, what is it?

(Will there be more of them at higher levels? I'm at level 31 now, so if you can share more summons every 6 levels, you can share more summons. And, uh, hmm? (Is this intelligence?)

 One big revelation occurs. Now I'm thinking about five of them as they are shared. That's quite a strain on your head. And when I try to share the sixth body, I get another headache. It's all happening in my head.

 My intelligence is now 1075 combined with my blessings. Maybe this amount of intelligence will change the number of summons to share. This may be verified before we level up.

(If intelligence is a requirement, then we can think of one to share per 200 intelligence. Let's try to increase the intelligence. (D-rank is fine.)

 Now that we can create a D-ranked summoner, we're going to increase the number of bird D summons. Our goal is 1200 intelligence. If I'm right, we can share it with one summoner per 200 intelligence. With 1,200 intelligence, we should be able to share it with a sixth summoner.

(Okay, we'll talk about grass D later, but that's 1,200 intellectually.

 The insect G summoner is still summoned, so he is next to Allen.

(Okay, Pionta, share.)

 As soon as you get a headache, try to stop sharing and be prepared to minimize the intense pain.

 Then my fears are unfounded, and my vision of the lowest ground scrape ever widens.

"Oh! I could share the sixth body. Intelligence! Sharing is intellectually dependent! One for 200 intelligence?

 It's an exciting thing when the validation goes well. Allen lets out an exclamation of joy.

 Then an hour goes by.

 The shared verification is mostly complete.
No magic spent.
Share can be used for one summon for every 200 intelligence
Consciousness can enter the summoner and give instructions, including special skills.
Cannot direct a summoner to another summoner via a shared summoner
Sharing is visual and auditory (taste has not been tested)
There must be a summoner within 50 meters to share
Unsharing can be done from more than 50 meters away
Summons with less than 100 intelligence may be shared but do not accept instructions
Can card a summoner beyond 50 meters if it is shared
Cards are automatically stored in the holder when carded beyond 50 meters

(Well, something like this. It's not an operation, it's just a set of instructions. I'm not going to be a summoner.

 Sharing allows Allen to give instructions to the summoner, but it's only instructions. Allen does not control the summoner. So there is a time lag between giving a command and the summoner starting to move. I expect that the only reason it moves as closely as Allen does is because it has a shared consciousness on an imaginary level.

(Now, if I can kill a hexenbiest from more than 50 meters away, I'll gain experience.

 When organizing the summoner team, I checked to see if I could get experience from more than 50 meters away, and I got experience normally. Obtaining experience beyond 50 meters seemed to be no problem.

(I see, this was how the summoner's intellect was used.

 I remember taking a magic class last November for my cousin's first anniversary.

 I was shocked that I couldn't use magic back then, but the S had a hell of a lot of meaning.

(Mages and wizards must be highly intelligent. (I'm sure both wizards and mages have high intelligence.

 In magic class, I was taught that one had to memorize a myriad of geometric, complex, and geometric symbols to activate magic.

 In games back in Allen's previous life when he was healthy, the professions that used magic were often high in intelligence and cleverness. I vaguely believed that this was because they could use difficult magic.

 I learned that the high intelligence and cleverness of this world had a meaning.

 High intellect is there because it allows you to do things that cannot be done by ordinary people's intellect, such as memorizing complex symbols and grasping the vision of multiple summons at the same time.

(What we can share and do, we have to make sure it's verified. Now let's examine the D-ranked summons. (We have a lot of D-ranked magic stones, so let's quickly examine them.

 Sharing feels like a great expansion of the summoner's activity. The next step was to verify a D-ranked summoner.