76 Episode 76 D Rank

 Allen finished the verification of shared skills.
 I started in the morning, but quite a bit of time has passed so far. It's already around 3 p.m., and I'm filling my stomach while chewing on dried potatoes and mormo nuts.

 I had packed a month's supply of food (dried sweet potatoes, dried meat, marmosets, etc.), and a blanket and other camping gear to reflect on my experience in the Mardagarche. You are also equipped with torches and fire-making tools. It's designed to prevent you from returning to the city for days at a time. The stockpile does not age and so it will not go bad even if you put in a little extra food. I'm wondering if you didn't need a fireman's magic tool because I was able to store the torch while it was still lit.

(Well, there are more than 10,000 D-ranked magic stones. (Well, there are more than 10,000 D-ranked magical stones.

Shape of the spiderworm D status
 Species】 Insects
 [Rank] D
 Name】 Spyder
 Physical strength] 120
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 140
 Endurance] 200
 Quickness] 200
 Intelligence] 125
 Fortune 60
 Protection] Endurance 20, speed 20
 Special Skill] Spider's thread

Shape of the Bear Beast D status
 Species】 Beast
 [Rank] D
 Name】 Bear
 Physical strength] 200
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 200
 Endurance] 128
 Quickness] 80
 Intelligence] 130
 Fortune 60
 Protection] Strength 20, Attack Strength 20
 Special Skills] Biting down

Shape of the owl bird D status
 Species] Birds
 [Rank] D

 Name] Hollow
 Physical strength] 76
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 83
 Endurance] 67
 Quickness] 200
 Intelligence] 200
 Fortune] 160
 Protection: 20 speed and 20 intelligence
 Special skill] Night eyes

Shape of the potato grass D status
 Species] Grass
 [Rank] D
 Name] Jagabata
 Physical strength] 50
 Magic] 200
 Attack Power] 40
 Endurance] 35
 [Quickness] 40
 Intelligence] 60
 Fortune 200
 Protection: magic power 20, luck 20
 Special Skill] Magic Fruit

Shape of the statue stone D status
 Sort] Stone
 [Rank] D
 Name] Bron
 Physical strength] 200
 Magic] 0
 Attack Power] 180
 Endurance] 200
 Quickness] 100

 Intelligence] 140
 Fortune 108
 Protection] Strength 20, Defense 20
 Special Skills] Protect yourself

Shape and status of the salmon fish D
 Species] Fish
 [Rank] D
 Name] Harami
 Physical strength] 80
 Magic] 200
 Attack Power] 54
 Endurance] 34
 Quickness] 160
 Intelligence] 200
 Fortune] 170
 Protection] Magic power 20, intelligence 20
 Skills] Splattering

 In front of Allen are two armored ants. Their armor, which resembles a round salad bowl, has been largely destroyed, and their bodily fluids are flowing.

 In front of the armor ants is a grizzly brown bear about six feet long. I'm proud of my victory over the armor ant. This bear is the beast D's summoner.

 Beside the bear-like summoner is a huge spider that's 1.5 meters long and 0.6 meters tall. The pitch-black spider holds up its two front legs and continues to threaten the armored ant even after its victory. This spider is the summoner of Bug D.

(Okay, okay, Bear chews on it and the armor of the ants shatters. It's not a crushing blow, but that's a combo with the spider.

 Crushed armor ants with tangled threads. The Summoner of Insect D uses a special skill of the spider's thread.
 The effect is to shoot a white, sticky thread from the tip of its abdomen, which entangles the enemy and stops or slows it down.

 Beast D's summons are still attack-oriented.
 Insect D's summoner is still a debuffed summoner.

 Summons of the insect and beast lineage are the main members of the hunt. I'm pretty happy to see my intelligence is over 100.

 Allen sees a large owl perched on a tree branch. It's a bird-D summoner that could be a meter and a half with a wing spread. It's staring at Allen with wide eyes.

(The rest of the hollow's night eyes could not be verified. But if it can see at night, as its name implies, it makes up for the fact that Hoke can only search for it during the day. (Hawk's eye during the day, and then the night eye when the sun goes down.

 I'm going to verify after the sun goes down, hoping that the summoner of bird D is as good as his name suggests.

 Allen sees a potato-limbed wonder creature at his feet. This mysterious creature is Grass D's summoner.

(Thank goodness the magic fruit will restore 1000 magic power)

 From the name "magic fruit," I expected it to be a magic restorative. To check the effect, I reduced the magic power to 0 before using the magic fruit. The fruit, which is about the size of a plum seed, disappears in your hand when you use it.

 And the magic power was restored a thousand times. I finally got the magic potion. There are more than 10,000 D-ranked magic stones, so it's unlikely that you'll have any trouble recovering your magic power for now.

 Just like in FE, once you use a special skill, grass-type summons will be lost in place of recovery items.

(Now you won't have to worry about your magic when Murder Garoush attacks.

 Allen can't afford to spend magic power to increase his skill level. I need 30 million skill experience before the next summon level 6. Magic power recovers over time and I want to use it all up.

 It's a good idea to always have the magic fruit on hand in case something goes wrong.

I've never had a chance to use the bronze stone or the E rank caboose after all. A bronze body and a stone? This other world's gods are so open-minded that this is included in the range of stones.

 Beside Allen is a summoner that looks like a western armor made of copper, about two meters long and two meters wide. It has a large shield that can reach two meters in length and width.

 Allen's style of hunting is to hunt and move in parallel with searching and hunting. If I were to describe the way he hunted in his previous life, he hunted on the move. It is not a waiting-and-hunting style. For this reason, the summons of Stone E have not been utilized so far. I have not put them in the holder.

 I don't intend to change the way I hunt, but I'm thinking about the use of stone E.

Now we have five summons verified. Finally, there's Harami. So the blessing is increased magic and intelligence. (An increase in intellect would be nice to have more magical beasts to share.

 Finally, we analyze the newly added summonses of the fish strain.

It takes 15 magical stones to create and synthesize a fish. This shows that insects and beasts are excellent with only one magic stone. It increases attack power, speed and stats, and it's a good thing I got this early on.

 After E rank, you need magical stones to generate summons. Since the synthesis of summons requires magical stones as well, the summons that require complex synthesis require a lot of magical stones. As for the fish-type summons, 15 magical stones are needed to create one of them because of the repeated creation and synthesis.

 The number of magical stones needed
1 insect strain
1 piece of animal lineage
3 bird strains
5 pieces of grass strains
Stone system 9 pieces
15 fish strains

(Okay, let's get it out. Come on out, Harami.

 Summon a single fish D summoner for verification.

 A large salmon with the same design as the card appears in front of you. It looks nearly a meter in size. It was wiggling on the ground.

This is the worst-looking thing I've ever seen. This is very reminiscent of Denka.

 I can't help but gasp . A new summoned beast added over two years was a fish that couldn't even move.

 So this is what a fish on land looks like.

(Shall I use my skills anyway? (Use Harami and Scatter.)

 Then Fish D's summoner flaps its body on the ground, spraying glowing water. And then

"Oh! Let's get into the ground! Hmm, body glows, huh?

 The fish D summoner uses the "Splash" skill and melts into the ground as it dives into the ground. Its dorsal fin and back are slightly visible from the ground. Fish D's summoner is swimming leisurely on the ground.

 And as Fish D's summoner flutters to dive, a splash rises. This splash caused Allen's body to glow faintly.

The glow has subsided. What's going on?

 Allen checks the status in the grimoire.

"Oh, it has an evasion rate!

 In the status column, there is an unprecedented display under the name.

 Allen Physical magic evasion is increased.

 Next to the name field there is now an unprecedented display, and the evasion rate of physics and magic has been increased.

(Do fish use buffs? I just saw that other summons were splashed. Is this supposed to work for me and all other summons within 50 meters?

 All the summons that have been tested seemed to glow. There seems to be a range to the summons of the bird D that perches in the tree, so we think the effect has a fairly wide range. Since something is often determined by a range of 50 meters, I would expect this effect to have a range of 50 meters as well.

But that's a relief. It's easy to get hit by a hexenbiest. This will help reduce the consumption of magic stones. I'll have to check the effect's duration as well.

 I wanted to analyze the new D-rank summons and expand the range of tactics.