77 Chapter 77: Summon the Veteran Team

Well, it was another fun day of hunting.

 Today is a hunting day. It's past 16:00, so I'm going to hunt some hexenbiest meat before I leave.

 In front of Allen is a dead ant in armor. It's an ant whose head was chewed off by a beast D-ranked summoner.

 Last time we hunted, we found out how strong these D-ranked summons are. Now that I know I can hunt armor ants consistently, I've decided to add armor ants to the list of targets I've been hunting, which has been entirely devoted to orcs.

 I searched for armored ants with the eagle eye of the summoner of the shared bird E. I found that there were considerably more ants than orcs. I wonder if ants are more fertile than pigs.

 Sharing feels like a pretty good skill, since the information from the search for enemies comes directly to you.

(Well, I got permission from the butler, so let's bring it back.

 Turn over the armor like a salad bowl of armor ants, crushing the head. Separate the torso from the armor with a mithril sword. Also retrieve the magic stone on the chest.

 Basically, for the past two years, I've been prioritizing the hunt and not bringing back any materials. This is because it takes two or three hours just to go to the store to buy or sell them. It's quite a distance from the building to the store. It was more of an experience than a moneymaker.

 But now that he was at summon level 5, he could beat the armor ants consistently.

 Allen came up with the idea of using the ant's armor instead of baskets to hunt monsters for meat and return. That's why I have them aim for your head to prevent breaking the armor of the ants.

 This armor can be sold for a gold coin. The price per piece is very good. I thought I'd take one home with me after the hunt.

 Then I talked to the butler. He asked if I could sell the armor to the armor shop since I'll bring it home with me every time I hunt. The baronet could buy it for you, but there is no reason for the baronet to buy it.

 The butler said it was no problem. I also asked for one more favor. He asked if I could ask one of his servants to go to the armor shop on condition that I give him one piece of armor for every ten pieces I carry. He agreed, saying that they would probably be happy to do so.

Okay, dismantling is done. Then let's get started.

 Allen's hunt doesn't end here.

 With 30 Fish D summons in his holder, Allen has an intelligence of about 1600. He can share one summons per 200 intelligence, so he can share with eight summons.

 Also, I've finished verifying some of the things I couldn't verify about D-rank summons since then.

 Bird D's Summoner's special skill "Night Eyes" is a search skill that is effective at night, as expected. However, I couldn't see what was beyond the obstacles.
 Fish D's Summoner's special skill "Scatter" is effective for 24 hours.

 Now that I've made some progress on the D-rank summons, I'd like to experiment to see if I can continue the hunt while giving shared instructions to the summons.

(If possible, I'd like to create two squads, but that would be four summons per squad. Or we could have a group action with all 8 summonses.

 Eight bodies were configured as follows
One Bug D Summoner
4 beast D summonses
1 bird E summons
1 bird D summoner
1 Fish D Summoner

 The first thing to do when hunting with only summons is not to get hit. If you die, you won't have a summoner by your side to replenish your summons. Their strength will be reduced by that. So, the debuffs and buffs from Bug D and Fish D's summons are essential.

 Use bird E's eagle eye during the day and bird D's night eye to search for them.
 Of course, it's the role of beast D to kill the monsters. It's also the job of the beast D to protect the insect D and fish D.

 I think this is just about as good a lineup as you'll find for hunting C-ranked monsters.

Then you'll take care of the rest. Don't attack the other adventurers!

 And the most important thing in this Summoner Squad is not how many monsters you can defeat, but that you don't attack other adventurers. Of course they will follow your instructions, but you must also make sure that they do not fight back if they attack from the adventurer's side.

 I've told the summons of birds E and D to stay away from other adventurers. The reason I have to include them is because Allen is asleep. Even while he sleeps, the sharing is unbreakable.
 We're still in the middle of testing, but the effect of this sharing is likely to last 30 days. I figure that's the same amount of time I can summon a summoner.

 Sharing while asleep is like falling asleep while playing a game in a previous life. Noises come normally to my ears.

 While Allen is asleep, each summoner must act at his or her own discretion. So I had to include some warnings.

 As Allen returns to the city, use the share to instruct all eight summonses.

 The instructions are not given one at a time in sequence, but all eight of them at the same time. You can see the eight summonses and understand their physiques and specialties while giving them instructions at the same time. This is probably due to his 1600 intelligence.

 The summoner of bird E does the searching. The summoner of bird D will have to wait until it's a little darker before he can search for the beast.

We've got to find the hexenbiest first. Less is better to start with.

 Bird E's summoner's hawk-eye skills look around. This hawk's eyes also get out of range when there's a cloak. There are some things to share.

 And there are two orcs three kilometers away.

(Oh, just in time.)

 This time, Bird E's summons won't bother to come back to the remaining seven. The seven summons will go to the hexenbiest found by bird E. The speed of information transfer has been greatly increased because they can now share.

 The speed of information transfer is greatly increased by being able to share. Now that they can share their vision and skills, they don't have to come back. Time loss is also greatly reduced.

 Seven summons on their way to the two orcs captured by Bird E's summoner.

 There are trees around here, but we are not in a forest, so of course the orcs will find them. Since there are seven of them, the orcs are aware of them and are ready for battle.

 When the Orcs come at you, the summoned beast of Insect D will fire its special spider web to stop them. This spider web is very sticky and will slow the orc down.

 The bear-like beast D summoner catches the slowed orc. Four beast D summons use their special skill "Crunch" to kill two orcs without any difficulty.

One orc has been killed. I have gained 1500 experience.
I have killed an orc. You have acquired 1500 experience.

It's a bit slow going, but that's OK. He's moving a little slow, but that's bearable.

 Allen's speed is considerably higher than that of a D-ranked summoner. Although his movement speed is a bit frustrating, I'll be patient and continue the hunt.

(Now we just need to let the summons gain experience.)

 A summoned beast accumulates experience. After being defeated, the newly summoned beast will be summoned with its memories and experience from before it was defeated.

 The goal is also to teach this summoner squad how to hunt.

 The next morning I sent the summoner squad out.

 When Allen woke up, he checked his grimoire to see if his experience level had increased, but there was no increase in experience level. Although the monsters were defeated overnight, they didn't seem to gain any experience while they were sleeping. This is indeed not a game to be left alone. Only the summoned beast will accumulate experience. We will further investigate the conditions for gaining experience.

 Then a few days later.
 Allen is trying something else with the share.

 This is Krsna village.
 Allen has returned to the village of Krsna as a parrot, a summoner of bird G.

 A five-day trip on foot, one way, can be flown in a few hours with the enhanced summoner of bird G.

My name is Krsna the Knight! Go!

"Come on!

 Nearly two years later, Krsna and Dogora have grown up and are having a match. It's no longer a game of knightly games. Dogora's father, a weapons dealer, has apparently fashioned an iron sword and axe for them. The clashing of weapons seems to have gotten much louder.

 Beside the gunfighting, Mash and Peromus are playing knightly games. This one is using a wooden sword.

 I've been back in the village of Krsna for a while, so I stop at a nearby tree and take a look.

(Now we just need to give you something.)

 Checking everyone's growth to some extent, aim their homes from the yard of Krsna's house.
 In the dirt floor is Teresia.

There's Mom. Murat has grown up a lot.

 The bird G summoned by the summoner of G, who invaded the dirt floor, Teresia does not seem to notice. Seeing his mother for the first time in a long time, Allen's heart is burning in his chest as he shares. It hasn't been two years, but it feels like a decade.



 Teresia turned around to notice a metallic sound.
 The summoner of Bird G was already gone.

 A gold coin gleamed on the floor of the dirt floor.