78 Episode 78 Survey

 It's October and Allen has turned ten years old. This month, Allen had worked here for two years.

 Before coming here, he had planned to serve as a servant for two or three years, tell the butler that the job wasn't right for him after all, and leave. I'm still planning to leave the house when I'm twelve years old, but I think I've become very involved in the Granvelle family in the past two years.

 Although I think I'll say goodbye to them in the next half of my two years, I'm trying to do my job properly every day.

 In the morning, I have breakfast with my head servant, Rikker, while chatting with him. If Allen is 10 years old, then Rikker is 20. I told him that I worked here for two years, and he said he's been here for 12 years. The servant was a veteran who worked as a maid for many years. He's always willing to help me out.

 There have been some changes in Cecil's care. Cecil is now ten years old like Allen, and I think his selfishness is decreasing as a child. I'm not going to go shopping in the city with Pasiris as often as I used to. Well, my personality is still the same.

 The other thing that's changed is that the butler said I'll only get one gold coin a month for hunting duty from today. Now I have two gold coins from this month's wages together with one gold coin for the servant. I've already skipped the servant leader's pay.

 The squire will be back from surveying the mithril mine today. If I had hoped with all my heart that he would report in the mess hall instead of in the conference room, he said he would report in the mess hall. The mess hall is very helpful because you can get the status of the investigation of the Order.

 Since the report will be given over lunch, Allen listens attentively as he serves himself.

So, how's the mithril mine?

 Quickly, the Baron will check the status of the mining area with the Knight Commander. As soon as I found out that the white dragon moved into the Baron Karnel's territory in March, I immediately ordered an investigation.

 It seems that the baron wants to start mining the mithril ore right away. He was quick to give the order to investigate. Since he is a poor lord, Allen wonders if it's because he wants to make a little profit.

"Now, from the ground up.

 The report begins as the baron listens with a bite, as if his hips are slightly floating from the chair he is sitting on.

 After all, the mining area used more than 100 years ago has become a den of magical beasts. The baron scowls as he listens to the knight commander.

 At the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, there are several goblin and orc villages, and several armor ant nests have been discovered in the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

"And the transport routes?

 It is not enough to eliminate the hexenbiest only around the mining area. So, it took more than six months to investigate.

 A refinery with furnaces and other equipment to process the mithril ore from the mining area into mithril, the construction of roads for transportation, and so on are quite extensive.

 Now, the Commander is talking about the discovery of a number of monster dens on the road connecting the mining site to the site of the village that was used for processing in the past and the road used to transport mithril from the village to the city of Granville.

So how long will it take to actually clean out all the hexenbiests and start mining mithril?

 Listen to what you want to hear most. When can we start mining?

It may take at least five years. We also need to recruit miners and people to work in the furnaces to process the ore.

 Five years minimum. The Knight Commander explains that if you count the re-creation of the mines and villages, it could take close to ten years. The butler agrees that it will certainly take that long.

We can't wait five years. Isn't there a way to make it faster? For example, it would be possible to start mining one by one from the closest place to the city of Granville?

 In the baron's opinion, there are four mining areas. It is not necessary to be able to mine mithril in all the mining areas at the same time.

 The Shiro Dragon Mountains run from north to south. The northernmost mining area is at roughly the same latitude as the city of Granville. That's why he wants the mining areas to be built from the nearest north to the city.

Indeed, it may still take three years to complete.

"Well, three years. I know that's impossible. As soon as you can.

 The baron looks up to the heavens and wonders with closed eyes if it will still take three years. He can't wait to start mining.


(Ho, still attacking from the north?)

 Allen was listening to the story as he served himself. This time I was listening to him while watching the mining area of the mountain range from above. He is flying over the mountain range, letting the summoner of Bird E use his hawk's eyes.

 Allen uses the share to locate the most northern mining area in the Shiro Dragon Mountains. Turn around and start looking for goblin villages, orc villages, and armor ant nests.

 As Allen is checking with the share, the steward says, "Then we will start recruiting people to work in the mining area and so on".

So, what's the status of Viscount Karnel's estate?

 Now that the baron has reached some consensus on mithril mining, he asks the following question.

Ha! There is a white dragon, but I have heard that he was still forced to mine, which drew the wrath of the white dragon,

 It was said that a white dragon, enraged by a human wandering around near him, breathed out fire and wiped them out.

. (Shit! It's still pretty wide for searching. It's a higher level version of the Hawk's Eye. I'm glad I didn't go to see the white dragon)

 Allen has yet to see the white dragon. He could have gone to see it if he shared it with the summons of Birds E and D, but he hasn't done so.

 That's because considering the performance of the Hawk's Eye speciality and the white dragon's behavior, it was deemed to be quite dangerous.

 The falcon's eyes couldn't see behind the cloak, but its range was several kilometers in radius.

 Why does the white dragon allow mining behind the mountain range? Sometimes the back of the mountain range is closer to the farthest mining area on the front of the range from the white dragon's point of view.

 The mining area is farther away than the white dragon, but not mined, and the back of the mountain range close to the white dragon can be mined.
 I suspect that the white dragon's search for the white dragon has characteristics similar to that of a hawk's eye and is unable to detect what is on the other side of the cloak. That cloak is a mountain range. However, we believe its range extends over tens of kilometers, far beyond the eye of the hawk.

 What if Bird E's summons came within the white dragon's scanning range and the white dragon that reacted came back to the baron's side? I can't take such a risk just to have a look.

''Hmm, I knew you would force them to mine.

 The baron is listening with a difficult face.


Lord Charnel continued to ignore the territorial decree, claiming that the mining of mithril made the new villages unmanageable.

 It is said that Mithril continued to flirt with some of his profits and disregarded the orders of the royal family. Sounds like he was doing some pretty nasty things with his money.

It's true that you can't get mithril in Viscount Charnel's land anymore.

(After all, it's neighboring territory, so you're checking the situation.

Well, this year you'll have your money in reserve, but after next year you can't be too sure. They might do something crazy. Make sure you keep checking.

"Yes, sir.

 The Viscount Carner could manage to pay his reserves to the royal family this year or so. But I expect that after next year, he will also be behind in paying taxes to the royal family. Since I don't know what they will do in the future, I'll instruct the butler to constantly check on the situation of Viscount Carner's estate.

Also, as you know, I have no plans to meet with Lord Charnel. It would be useless to talk to him.

Then, like that

 The butler bows his head and replies to the baron's words of refusal when asked for a meeting.

 It seems that the debriefing in the dining hall is over.

 From now on, the knight's group will take down the monsters from the north of the Shiro Dragon Mountains.
 The steward will recruit new miners and confirm the barony of Charnel.

From the north, then we'll attack the monsters from the north.

 Allen's schedule is set. There is a limited number of goblin villages, orc villages, and ant nests in armor. It's going to be more than 100 nests and villages, even if they are limited.

Well, that's what I'll be doing for the next two years.

 A decision rises in Allen's mind. Two years later I'm going to become an adventurer and leave the mansion. But first, I'm going to clean up the demon beast to thank him for his help. Especially if the baron wants to start mining mithril soon.

 Our goal is to clear out the goblin and orc villages and armor ant nests that stand in the way of mining mithril.

(Let's start with the weakest goblin village.)

 And he couldn't let the Knights take his experience. They thought that they would defeat the monster beasts from the north.