79 Episode 79 Goblin Village

 This is the first vacation in October. After receiving the knight commander's report the other day, Allen has come to the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains. Strictly speaking, this area is already at the foot of the mountain range.

 From this forest, the Shiro Dragon Range begins, and after a few days of walking, the slope will become more and more severe and the landscape will change into a desolate mountain range.

 There are goblin and orc villages throughout this part of the forest. Armor ants nest a little further on the desolate mountain slope and live in large holes.

 We're going to kill one of the goblin villages today. I've selected a goblin village where the Order will be arriving in a few days. I will not give up my experience to the Order.

 For the time being, I plan to focus on killing the goblin village.

 The boss of the Goblin Village is a C-ranked monster called the Goblin King. Since he's C-ranked, he should be able to beat it easily.

 However, the boss of the Orc village is a B-ranked monster called the Orc King. After playing tag with Madhagarsh, Allen thinks it's too early to tell. He'll at least defeat the goblin village and gain experience before he tries.

 And the armor ant nest, which is also quite tough. It seems there are over a thousand armored ants and their queens in the nest. We're told that the queen ant is a B-ranked monster.
 You can get this hole by defeating the queen ants and sweeping the queen ants. The sheer number of them and the situation of entering the hole is even more challenging than in the orc village.

But there's a big advantage to defeating the armor ant nest. The hole the giant body goes through is so large that it may even lead to a vein of mithril ore. If we destroy the armor ants, we will have tunnels in the mountain range that humans can comfortably enter. In fact, two of the four mining sites that exist now were originally armor ant nests.

 Allen was in front of a goblin village captured by the summoner of the bird E that they shared. In the sky, multiple bird E summons continue to circle and observe the entire goblin village.

(Now let's eradicate every one of them!)

 The goblin village was surrounded by a fence of sorts. The fence was crudely constructed and had a gate, guarded by two goblins.

Okay, go! (Bears!)

 Four beast D summonses head for the gate. Blink and kill the two goblins that notice the summons. They are already almost as good as D-ranked monsters.

 Of course, I've fortified it with Fish D's special skill "Scatter".

 One of the goblins notices what's happening and rings the bell from the turret. With a booming sound, four summonses enter the village.

 Goblins are coming out of a house made of rags and wooden sticks. Use your "crush" skill to crush the approaching goblins.

 Goblins with bows will appear from the top of the walls and turrets. The goblins will attack from a distance. Use Insect D's Summons to block the goblins from attacking from a distance with the special skill "Spider's Thread". The debuff works well against goblins.

It's a nice long range attack. My summons don't have any ranged attacks for now. I'd like to get some of those ranged attacks.

 I envy the long-range attack on the turret, looking at the bow held by a goblin turned white by a string. While I'm glad to have a summoner that can buff, long-range and ranged attacks still make the hunt far more efficient.

 Allen also walks into the village. It looks like a village of 200 to 300 goblins. Allen watches the battle between the summons and the goblins as they come through the gate.

(Hmmm...still, if there are that many, don't let them get away.)

 This is the first time we are attacking a goblin village. We discussed whether a shared summoner squad could clear the goblin village alone, but it seems impossible. If there are so many of them, we'll miss half of them. If possible, I'd like to kill them all.

 I'll try to clean up the goblin village when I can get as many summons as I can.

Well, let's just kill them all. Come on out, bears!

 Six more Beast D summons will appear and join the four Beast D summons that were there to defeat the goblins.

 The goblins are being killed at an overwhelming speed. Some of the goblins begin to retreat from the rear.

 Then 10 more Beast D Summons appear from the opposite side of the entrance to the village where Allen entered.

 They wait on the other side of the village and tell them to come into the village when the bell rings. The goblin bell was not stopped for that reason.

 They kept getting fewer and fewer of them.

 Then one by one, a large goblin emerges. Unlike the three-foot goblins, these are big, two-meter goblins. It has a big battle axe!

(Oh! (The Goblin King)

 They push past the other goblins and come at you.


 The summons of Insect F also use their special skills and are defeated by the summons of Beast D to surround them.
 It looks like it's not a problem.

It's still a quick and easy hunt. The Goblin King is a C-ranked monster.

 I've already killed thousands of C-ranked monsters. Even the Goblin King is a C-ranked monster, so it doesn't seem to be a problem. Finally, she drops her battle axe and falls.

"I've killed the Goblin King. I have gained 4200 experience.

 After defeating the Goblin King, take down more remaining goblins. I finished wiping them out by summoning the beast D to surround them.

(Alright, defeated, now let's see if there are any still in the building.

 Walk into the stinking goblin house. There doesn't seem to be anything in particular.

(A couple of bears are following me, and the rest are in the center of the village, collecting goblins.

 Ransack the goblin's house, directing the summoned beast of Beast D...

(Well, I thought it would be a frightened child of goblins, but it's not. (They attacked me like a rabid dog earlier.)

 I thought there would be immature child goblins in the goblin village, wondering what to do if there were frightened child goblins. In fact, both little goblins and old goblins attacked me with all their might like rabid dogs, and I took them down just like any other goblin. Goblins seem to have nothing but murderous intent at the sight of humans.

 Thinking about this, one of the buildings frowns.

 It was a human corpse that had been kidnapped from somewhere. There were many of them, most of them ossified and lifeless.

They must be destroyed, after all.

 Goblins are a valuable experience. In a previous life as a gamer, you might have felt that the number of goblins was too small to waste on them. However, if you leave the goblin village with that mindset, you will only add to the casualties. Once again, I'm thinking of eradicating the goblin village.

 Ask the summoned beasts to gather the human corpses in the center of the village.

 Allen will retrieve the magical stones from the goblins. D-ranked magic stones have valuable uses, such as the "magic fruit" skill of the grass summoner. Collect them all. Collect the Goblin King's C-ranked magic stones.

 It took me about two hours to collect them all.

(Bears, bring the building materials for the house.)

 Hustling along, the summons of the beast D bring a pillar, a piece of cloth, that used to be used for the house. Instruct them to lay it on top of the pile of dead goblin bodies.

 Once the building materials have been placed on the goblin corpse, take out a torch from the storage room. These torches will be left lit. They can be stored when they're lit.

 Use the torch to set fire to the building materials piled on top of the goblin's corpse. Then a large pillar of fire rises. A few days later, the knights will arrive at the village, strewn with decaying goblins, and may cause an infection. They will burn it all in one place.

(Now what about the kidnapped humans? I could cremate and bury them, but the Order may have different methods. (Shall we lay them out neatly and leave it to the Order?

 I didn't want to bother you with too much trouble.

I guess we can kill the goblin village now. Then we'll try the orc village.

 The destruction of the goblin village was no longer a problem. There was still more to come in the foothills of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, and the cleanup of the goblin village had begun.