80 Episode 80: Work

 The year has come to March. Allen is checking his equipment. The mithril sword he bought as a reward for keeping Maedergarsh away from the city is in good working order without spilling its blade.

 Aren is clutching his beloved sword, which he has been using for over a year. He doesn't wear a cloak because he is uncomfortable moving around. He is dressed as a servant. I don't have any more comfortable clothes to move around in, so I guess that's what clothes are for.

 In front of Allen is Mihai. I wonder why he looks different somehow.

 Mihai has successfully graduated from the school for three years. Cecil is overjoyed at the thought of living with Mihai at the mansion again.

 Mihai has returned on a magic ship. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.

 I want you to have a real fight with me.

 There was no smile on Mihai, who always had a smile and was always somewhat smiling.

 I understand. 
 Serious Fighting

 Allen replied. For some reason I was asked for a real fight. Now the battle against Mihai will begin right here in the yard. As usual, the barons will line up to watch the battle. The head of the order will be the judge.

 Last year and the year before, Allen played against Mihai. But this year the atmosphere is different. I sense an extraordinary resolve.

 Allen pulls out a grimoire and confirms its status.

 Name] Allen
 Age] 10
 Occupation] Summoner
 [Level] 34
 Body strength] 865 + 400
 Magical power] 1340
 Attack Power] 472 + 400
 Endurance] 472 + 600
 Quickness] 883 + 600
 [Intelligence] 1350
 Fortune 883
 Skills: Summoning <5>, Generating <5>, Combining <5>, Strengthening <5>, Expansion <4>, Storing, Sharing, Deleting, Swordsmanship <3>, Throwing <3>.
 Experience] 1,490,410 / 7,000,000

Skill level
 Summons 5
 [Born] 5
 [Combined] 5
 Enhancements 5
Skills Experience
 Strengthening] 2,455,180/10,000,000
Obtainable Summons

 [Bug] DEFGH
 [Beast] DEFGH
 [Bird] DEFG
 [Grass] DEF
 [stone] de
 Fish ] D
 Bug] D30 sheets
 Beast] 20 D
 [ birds ] 
 [ Grass ] 
 [ Stone ] 
 [ Fish ] 

 Allen is now 10 years old and his status is no longer subtracted by age. I think this makes the status much easier to see.

 Unlike the last two games, I changed the card structure with the intention of going for the win. I don't have any grass cards. I also put away all the summons I had you hunting out in the open.

Thank you.


 Mihai thanked me for my help. Somehow, he sensed that Allen was serious about fighting for us. After saying that, Mihai also drew his sword and went to face Allen.

Then, Mihai-sama, Allen. Are you ready?

 In the middle, the Knight Commander confirms that he is ready for the match. Both Allen and Mihai say "yes".

Then begin!

 At that moment, Allen, whose speed finally exceeds 1400, closes the distance at once. I'm going to end this moment.

 Mihai has a momentary expression on his face, but he catches Aren's sword strike.

I'm faster than you!

 Mihai's move convinces me that I'm faster than him. Allen's offensive begins.

 Mihai shows no signs of frustration as Allen goes on the offensive. Continue to take it carefully. It's as if something similar happened in class.

 Allen is faster than you, but Mihai seems to have more power than you. Every time Mihai and his sword clash, Allen is pushed to the side. But the sword fights continue unabated.

 The baron watches the match between the two and looks puzzled. The baroness, Thomas and Cecil are watching the match with surprised expressions.

Hmmm, I can match them. I wonder if they can read my sword movements. Is it because my swordsmanship skill level is too low?

 Suffer from Mihai's model of swordsmanship. You are moving fast, but your skill level makes you look weak.

 They are fast, but are attacked by Mihai who is on the back foot. It's as if they are fast and expect monotonous movements.

 Then, as he continued to move and gasped for breath, the sword loomed at Allen's throat.

"That's it!

 The Knight Commander ends the game. Mihai wins.

d*mn, I lost. I felt like I was faster, but I couldn't attack fast enough. Is this because of the hit rate compensation by skill level? Want to make it a little quicker? (No, their offense is much stronger than ours, and they were quite outnumbered.

 When examining the difference in status and skill level between Mihai and the power increase and hit rate correction, the

That's great. That's Cecil's servant.

 Mihai seems to be out of breath too.

Yes, thank you.

(Huh? (No handshake?)

 For the second year in a row there was a handshake after a game, but today it seems not. Back inside the pavilion with the barons who watched the game.

 Then time went by, and the evening.

 Allen was working at the tavern.

"So you're very strong, aren't you?

 The baroness didn't have time to give me a compliment at the end of the game.

Thank you, I'm not as good as you, Mr. Mihai.

That's right, you're not nearly as good as Brother Mihai. You will learn swordsmanship from tomorrow.

 Cecil says while grinning. This is the same as Mihai coming back to the mansion, but he is also happy that his servant is strong.

Well, I'd like to have some more lessons in swordplay when you're free.

 Then he bowed his head lightly to Mihai and replied to Cecil's words.

"Yeah, about that, Cecil.

"What is it? Mihai Brother

I'm on royal business for the next three years or so.


 Mihai, who thought he was going to stay in the mansion from today, said he would leave the mansion for about three years. Cecil froze in shock.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

"Oh no, since when?

"Maybe tomorrow.


 I'm even more shocked. I can't even say the words anymore.

"Don't worry, I'll write and send you a letter next time.

 Cecil froze in shock, no matter what else he said, he seemed to not hear Mihai's words.

You're going out on royal business tomorrow? Something that reminds me of the words of Viscount Carnel.

 This reminds me of how Viscount Carnel was once happy that his child had no talent. I wondered if he would have some kind of troublesome job after graduating from school, and it seems he was right.

 I wondered if I was going to work hard to graduate from school and have a job away from home for three years.

 The next morning. Allen is having breakfast when the butler comes into the servants' dining room. Mihai is leaving the house at nine o'clock, and he wants everyone to see him off.

 I asked the servant-general, Rikker, what he does for a living, but he did not know. I headed for Cecil's room, thinking that there are things even a servant who has served for 12 years does not know.

 Mihai will leave at nine o'clock, but I have to take care of Cecil from eight o'clock.

 While you are cleaning up your room, you see Cecil with his clothes changed and he still seems to be in low spirits. Three years is a very long time. Remember what Mihai said about working for the royal family being nothing but letters, since there is no such thing as a spring break.

 The servants are gathering at the entrance. The front door is wide open and a carriage is already parked in front of it.

 Across the stairs to the second floor, the servants stand two by two in front of the doorway. Allen, the youngest of the servants, also stands at the end of the servants. He's the youngest, so he's next to the front door.

 Click, click.

You're wearing armor. You're going to work for the King in that outfit.

 Mihai descends, armored and with a sword at his waist. Behind him, all the barons are slowly descending. Cecil tends to keep his face down.

 As Mihai descends to the first floor, he taps Cecil on the head.

Brother Mihai, we're waiting for you to return.

"Yeah, see you later, Cecil.

 With that, Mihai heads for the door.

(Have a good day, huh?)

 I thought he was going to leave, but he comes straight up to Allen.

 I stared at Mihai as he came toward me, wondering what was going on with Allen.

 Then Mihai hugs Allen.


Allen, take care of Cecil. Take care of him.

"Yes, yes

 Mihai, who is a head taller than Allen, hugs Allen and asks him to protect Cecil. Allen is surprised, but manages to reply.

 Mihai breaks the embrace with Allen and takes a few steps to the front door and announces with his back to the carriage.

Then I will do my duty for the Granvelle family.

 Mihai gets into the carriage while being seen off by the barons.

(Huh? (Wasn't that trembling?)

 When Mihai hugged him, Allen felt as if he was trembling somehow, though he couldn't see it clearly because of the armor he was wearing. Thus, Mihai left the house again for his royal duties.