81 Episode 81: Oak Village ①

 In May, about two months after Mihai left to work for the royal family.

 Allen was at the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains.

 The clearance of goblin villages that began in October last year has continued after that, and they have disappeared from the foot of the long white dragon range.

 Allen has cleared 52 goblin villages. There were more than 200 goblins per village, so you've killed more than 10,000 goblins.

 The Knights also swept the goblin villages, but Allen swept more than 80% of them.

 Now that the Goblin Village is over, we're here to clear the Orc Village.

 In the Goblin Village, the Goblin King is a C-ranked monster beast, so he can be defeated with ease.
 However, the Orc King in the Orc Village is a B-ranked monster monster that I've never defeated before, so today I'm going to challenge a B-ranked monster.

The knights are going to be here tomorrow. Let's defeat them quickly.

 According to the information shared by the summons of Bird E, it is likely to come to this village tomorrow. If possible, we should clear the village today.

 Again, we will follow the method we learned from the goblin hunt. I have five beast D summons and an insect D summoner waiting at the back of the village. The plan is for Allen to attack from the front gate, and after about 10 minutes, he will attack from the back of the village.

(Let's get started, Bear, Spider, Halami and Bronn.)

 6 beasts D, 1 insect D, 1 fish D, and 2 stones D summons appear. I put them out in the blind spot at the gate, but there are quite a few of them, so the guards at the village wall are likely to find them.

 I changed my strategy with the goblin village and prepared two stone D summons. There were also many goblins that used bows and spears. With Orcs, it will take longer to defeat them than with goblins, so quite a few long-range attacks could reach Allen.

 I decided to fortify my defense by placing a statuesque stone D summoner with a two-meter-long shield in front of Allen. This also serves as a practical test of the stone D summoner. I'll always keep the possibility of new summons under review.

 The Fish D summons will use their special skill "Scatter" to buff everyone. Make sure everything is ready.

(First orc village hunt, let's go!)

 Under Allen's direction, the sweep from the front gate to the imposing orc village begins.

 As in all goblin villages, there is a sentry at the gate. The orc village is also guarded by two spear-wielding orcs. A formed force closes in and roars.

 Tensions can be felt on the watchtowers and walls. A loud alarm bell sounds through the village.

 Beast D summonses in the form of bears at the front line chew up and slaughter two orcs. The beast D summons are enhanced so that even one on one they are no match for the orcs.

(Mmmm, there's a lot of arrows flying around.)

 Arrows will come flying at Allen and his summons. I hold up my shield to prevent the stone D summons from hitting Allen. But the beast D's summons are pierced by a barrage of arrows.

(Each summon is assigned a health level, but you don't know how much health is left, which is a pity. You're hunting and suddenly you fall down. Let's get some more spiders. (Come on out)

 There is currently no way to monitor the health of the summoner. You have to pay attention to how it's being attacked or it will suddenly collapse and turn into a glowing bubble.

 To prevent the beast D's health from being drained any further, I will add two more Summons of Insect D to the game. I will keep a record of these adjustments and use them as a reference for future cleanups of the orc village.

 Three summons of Bug D in the form of a spider will scatter their "spider thread" on the walls and watchtowers.

 Once inside the gate, there are more than 100 orcs in the swarm. There must be at least 200 of them.

There's a lot of experience. We'll be home.

 Allen joyfully steps forward a bit from the gate. There are too many orcs coming at us to advance much. The summons of Beast D will chew them up with their special skills.

 Then there's the reinforcements that Allen had prepared from behind the orc village. The beast D and insect D summons attack the orcs from the rear as if they were sandwiched in between.

 After attacking for half an hour and killing about 100 orcs, that's when the orcs were killed.

Hmm? (Fire or defend yourself!!!)

 To Allen, who was watching the scene ahead, it appeared as if a light source arose from behind the group of orcs.
 A bright red flame appeared a few meters in the air and turned into a fireball that flew toward Allen at once. Allen quickly raised his Stone D shield to the top and activated his "Defend Yourself" skill.


(Well, magic?! No, it's still okay, buh! (Guns are going to come flying in)

 There are several orcs in fluttering clothes and holding staves behind the orc pack. Several fireballs appear in the sky. The fireballs are relentlessly closing in on the camp where Allen is!

 You'll be eaten by the first magic from the orcs in the other world.

So there's someone who can use magic? No, the summoner on the other side is down. We've got to keep the summons out.

 It seems that all the summons we had prepared to intercept have been killed. Check the number of cards on the status screen to see how many summons you have now.

 Create, strengthen and summon more and more beasts of beast D. The grimoire that floats in the air continues to move at a dizzying pace. The number of summons is the lifeblood of this hunt.

(This one needs more broncs too. Or rather, you're dead!

 Remove an iron ball from the chamber while continuing to summon. Put all your strength into crushing the face of the magic-using orcs behind you.

There's one less orc. Let's increase the guards and destroy the magic-using ones first. I can't see him anymore!

 One of the magic-wielding orcs was killed. The magic-wielding orc beside him saw it and hid behind the stone D summoner. It seems he used Stone D's summoner as a shield to protect himself.

d*mn it, that was clever! (Hawk, catch the magician in the back)

 A shared Hawk continues to observe this battle situation.

 However, although he catches them in his shared vision, Allen's projectiles are interrupted by his own Stone D Summoner.
 That doesn't mean you can't use Beast D's summons to defeat them, but there are still more than 100 orcs in front of you. You won't be able to get to the magic-using orcs because the orcs are blocking you.

 The stone D shield has flicked off the magic-using orc's fireball several times, and the area is on fire. The wall and the watchtower are burning brightly and it looks like a picture of hell.

This can't be helped. The strategy has failed. You can't lose the war on numbers, so be prepared.

 I did not take into account the existence of magic-using orcs, and so I was behind in my actions. It could be that magic-using orcs have superior wits.

 However, after hunting for the past two and a half years, Allen now had more than 20,000 D-rank magic stones in his possession. A beast D summoner can produce more than 20,000 of them. I decided it was only a matter of time before they got a little messy. I decided to endure the magic and kill the orcs in front of me one by one.

 He had fought for half an hour, and had killed dozens more orcs.

 An orc is approaching from further in front of the magic-using orc. It fends off the orcs and closes in on them.

The Orc King.

 It's a Hexenbiest that's obviously not an orc. This monster beast, which is about two sizes larger than an orc, is instantly recognizable as an orc king. It wears armor and carries a large halberd as it weaves its way through greatly reduced numbers of orcs and leaps to the front lines.


 With a single roar, the two beast D summonses turned into glowing bubbles with a single swing. Allen hurriedly re-summoned them.

 It seems that the Orc King's speed of destruction is faster than the speed at which he summons them. Thinking of it as an endurance battle, I kept adding more beasts, and the number of Beast D summons, which has grown to more than 30, is gradually decreasing.

(The speed of reducing the number of summons is faster than the speed of summoning beasts. Maybe we should take a step back.

 That's when I decided it was best to back off. The fireball struck Allen again. The stone D summoner finally turned into a glowing bubble.

d*mn it, Bronn is down.

 More fireballs are flying in. The summons of Beast D quickly take a stand to protect Allen, but the blast blows him away.

(Oops, this means we should retreat before the situation gets any worse.

 That's when I got up from the ground at the end of the blowout.

"Hmm, looks like you're having a hard time.


 The Knight Commander appeared in front of Allen, who raised his head.