82 Episode 82: Oak Village ②

"I saw the flames going up, so I came over, and what's this?

 A knight commander with a beard and countless scars on his face and arms appears beneath Allen. While questioning him, the Knight Commander pulls his sword from his waist and slowly walks past Allen.

It's the Knight Commander. It was going to arrive tomorrow, did you run?

 The knight commander seemed to have seen the flames in the orc village or heard from his men and came in a hurry.

I'm going to attack the orc village.

 He asks me, and I answer truthfully. I know at a glance what I'm doing when I see more than 100 dead orcs spread out in front of me. Allen also gets up and puts the summons away in his card, telling the Knight Commander not to target the summons. I thought about leaving the summons of stone D for protection, but when I saw the Knight Commander strolling in front of the orcs, I felt that even that was unnecessary.

(You've got a summoner in your sights.)

 The timing of the summons was such that the Knight Commander could see it perfectly.


 The Orc King thinks that a new hand has appeared and goes to alert the Knight Commander.

"The Orc King, this one I shall defeat. You take out the other small fry, vice-chairman Raybrand.

"Ha! Knight Commander

(Yes, the Vice Knight Commander was there too.)

 The vice-knight commander with his spear, who was behind Allen, also walked past him.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.


 The Orc King's longest swing, which might reach a height of four meters. The halberd looks more than two meters tall, but the Knight Commander easily catches it with his sword in hand without a hitch.

 Then the Knight Commander flicks the halberd with a sword that's not even half as long as the halberd. It seems that the halberd wasn't enough to kill the power. The four-meter-long behemoth floats in the air for a moment! Perhaps the blow has pissed off the Orc King, and he swings his halberd with such force that his eyes can't catch up with it!

 The fierce battle between the Knight Commander and the Orc King begins.

 With the sparking battle between the Knight Commander and the Orc King behind him, the Vice Knight Commander carries his spear on his shoulder to the still surviving Orc crowd. Not a trace of fear can be read from his expression.

 Seeing this, a few more magic-wielding orcs invoke their magic. Three or so fireballs will appear in the sky above.


 The outline of the deputy knight commander murmurs a single word, and the outline of the vice-knight commander refracts like a shimmer. I thrust my spear at the orcs in the front row of the pack with such speed that they momentarily disappeared from sight.

 Something like a shock wave shoots out from the spear point, creating a large circular hole in the bellies of five or six orcs. The bleeding seemed to be delayed for a moment by the sheer speed. There's an orc behind it that can use magic. It seems he aimed for the magic-using orc first.

 One of the fireballs may have lost its magic and dissipated. But the remaining two fireballs are closing in on the vice-chief.


 With a single swing, the fireball slices through two fireballs, which break their shape and scatter in all directions.

 The magic doesn't get through to the vice-chief, and the orcs, who seemed to be frightened for a moment, attack at once. The vice commander, who has been walking slowly until now, runs towards the orcs as if in response. The vice-kommandant cuts through the orcs like butter in every direction.

 The battle between the leader and the orc king seems to be settled. The knight commander's sword swings down from above, defying the halberd and sturdy armor to cut the orc king in half. The Orc King seems to be no match for the leader.

 Within minutes, the leader and vice-chairman have cleared out the Orc King and the rest of the Orcs.

He's insanely strong. That's the strongest man in the territory. The deputy commander was really strong too.

 Those who know the Commander of the Order have heard from Raven that he is called Xenoph the War Demon.
 The knight-errant and vice-ruler were overwhelming. I'd heard from Mihai about the vice lord's strength, and it seems he was right. It's hard to believe the vice knight commander was beaten up by the Kurena.

(Could that be what the Vice Commander was using, an extra skill? So not only the Swordsman has extra skills, but all professions have them? (By the way, the Knight Commander didn't use extra skills.

 While analyzing the battlefield, the Knight Commander comes up to Allen.

"The Knights will be here in the late afternoon. We'll take care of this before then.

 Apparently, you don't ask why Allen is here. The Knight Commander, Vice Knight Commander, and Allen will gather more than 200 orcs in the center of the village. There's no need to show them the summons, so they will carry the orcs by themselves.

 It looks like they will be cremated in the same way as Allen did in the goblin village.

"Sir, I'd like half the magic stone.

"Nuh? Well, yeah, no problem.

 Since Allen is the one who defeated more than half of them, he demands his share of the magic stones. I'm going to retrieve the magic stones from the orcs I've collected. I'm sure you'll be able to find the right one for you. You'll be able to see what you want to see at last.

 I wanted a B-ranked magic stone as well, but I didn't ask for it when the head of the order put a stop to it.

 Check what to do after gathering all the orcs in one place. The orc village needs to be burned as it might be used by the orcs again if it is here. It seems that Allen's burning the goblin village was the right thing to do.

 Also, since the family might ask for the relics, if they found the bodies in the orc or goblin villages, they would only need to pack them in one place.

 As the three of them are settled in one place in the village, the Knights of the Order will arrive. It seems that the Order has also arrived ahead of their normal schedule.

(We have to leave soon, or we'll miss it.)

 Allen checks the position of the sun. The sun is setting pretty low.

 We are far enough away from the city that if we stay any longer we won't be able to return to the city today. When I said I'll return to town, the captain told me to stay at the camp and tell the baron later.

 If the leader tells you so, you'll have no choice but to stay at the knight's camp.

 The orc village smells bad, so the knights start to prepare the camp and dinner at a distance from the village.

 I watched from the sky with the summoner of the bird E. It looks like a group of about 100 knights. It looks like there will be this many knights to clean out the orc village. Honestly, I think the leader of the group could do it by himself, but I'm sure each of them has their own role to play. Strength alone doesn't seem to determine the number of people.

 Prepare the camp as the knights become accustomed to it.

Come on in, Allen, we'll eat.


 Allen watches in the corner and is told by the Knight Commander to eat dinner with him. As you sit by the fire, you gobble down some wild bird thighs that were handed to you.

The goblin village was attacked, and that must have been Allen.


 The Knight Commander frowns.

"As the head of the Order, I would like to know what the situation is, is there a goblin village ahead of us?

Maybe not. We've destroyed 52 or so goblin villages.

(I don't know if there are any more goblin villages in the foothills of the Shiro Dragon Mountains, though I don't know of any new villages that have recently opened.

 The goblin village has been carefully examined and crushed with the summons of the bird E. The knight leader frowned even more when he heard that. The knight commander frowned even more when he heard that and made a difficult face.

''Is it as we heard it, or is it more than we thought?

 Start mumbling something.

"Huh? Did you hear that? What were you asked?

 The Knight Commander speaks out in response to Allen's question. That's what Allen has been doing.