83 Episode 83 Camp

 The knight commander began to talk to Allen about what he had done so far. Allen stops eating wild bird thighs and listens in.

 In the village of Krsna, Allen began hunting the Albaherons at the age of six. By the age of seven, he had hunted more than 50 albaherons.
 Only in the past two or three years, a large number of Albaheron feathers from the village of Krsna arrived in Granville.
 And at the age of seven years old, he also began to lead the way in boa hunting against serfs and commoners. As a result, the number of boas killed more than doubles from the previous 10 or so a year.

(Huh? How do you know that? Well, you can find out if you check out Krsna Village, but why? (I'm pretty familiar with it)

 The Knight Commander's story continues as a question mark appears on Allen's face.

 As soon as Allen arrived at the mansion, something strange began to happen between the city of Granvelle and the Shiro Dragon Mountains. The corpses of goblins with wounds that looked as if they had been cut open by something began to scatter. Each one had been drained of its magic stone. The number began to grow, with reports of more than a thousand goblin corpses alone.

 A year later, the same situation as the goblin corpses began to affect the orcs. Since last year, even armor ants have been defeated in the same way, and magic stones have been removed.

 The reports coincide with Allen's day off and hunting duty.

 And most recently, after the goblin village, to which the Knights were headed and to which they were headed, was attacked and burned to the ground.

(What's that about being almost perfectly clear. Well, come to think of it, there are magical beasts all over the place that were killed and had their magic stones removed. I've never bury a hexenbiest in the ground either. (Do you think a knight commander in charge of the group would normally report this?

 Then the question arises about Allen's appraisal ritual. It's hard to believe that he has very little talent or ability. His spring fights with Mihai for three years have been pretty good.
 I summoned all the priests who were in charge of Allen's evaluation and asked them for details on the status of the evaluation.

 The priests said that there was no talent. His words raise more questions.

 The appraisal began in the royal capital and moved to each fiefdom and village. You've done a lot of appraisals, and why do you remember Allen's appraisal results when they happened so many years ago?

 That being said, the priests questioned their own statements, saying that it was indeed true.

 Then, as if to scoop up their memories, the priests remember. Depending on the talent, the crystal will glow differently. Come to think of it, Allen's appraisal of the crystal was so bright that he couldn't keep his eyes open. He was a wonder child with dark eyes and black hair. As if we were all trying to answer each other's questions, I vividly recall the situation at that time.

 And then all the memories were scooped up.
 The priest who was in charge of the appraisal ritual remembered the jet-black metal plate that was displayed at that time.

 And he replied, "I had talent.

 But the writing was written in arcane script and was impossible to read. His ability was low, so he didn't see it as a problem and reported that he had no talent.

"So the beasts were that talent.

Well, yes.


 The Knight Commander was convinced by those words. Allen knew he had a gift. That's why he didn't tell you.

So that's what I thought. Are you going to ask me about the summoner? (I'm not going to answer that.)

 Allen is not going to answer for his talents. If he asks for details, I'm going to deceive him.

 But he doesn't seem to be asking for anything else. The Knight Commander is eating wild birds roasted over a bonfire.


 The silence continues, causing Allen to stare at the knight commander peeringly.

"My Lord knows all about it.

 It's been almost three years since Allen arrived. The baron knew everything. And you've been letting him do what he wanted. Even being put on hunting duty early was what Allen wanted, as he loved to hunt.

"Huh? Why are you willing to go that far?

 Ask the Knight Commander in no uncertain terms.

...... Well, I guess so. I'm sure you're curious, but it's not my place to say that. Listen to what the master will have to say sooner or later.

(Will I listen to you? There's something wrong with the language. (You sound as if the Baron is going to ask me, his servant, to do something for him.

 They don't seem to have anything more to say about the summons or their daily activities. He doesn't say anything about the summons or about his daily activities.

 But there will be more activities of the Order in the future. So far, we've been equipped and prepared, and everywhere we've gone, we've seen a goblin village burned to the ground. From now on, when the head of the order comes to the mansion, I've been asked to give him information on what I'm doing.

 As you can imagine, there is no reason to refuse him if he lets you go this far, so you reply that you will handle it as such.

 After dinner, while you are working over the fire, one of the knights says that the bath is ready. A bath is just a matter of filling a tub with water and wiping off sweat and dirt.

 The knight leader begins to take off his armor.

 I haven't thanked you for your help yet, so I say, "Shall I wipe your back? I'll wipe the knight leader's sweat off his back.

 The half-naked knight commander is over 50 years old and is covered in scars. Allen gulps. I thought he had a lot of scars on his face and arms, but underneath his armor he's also covered in scars.

 He wondered how many fierce battles he'd lived through and turned to wipe his back. Allen gulps more. The knight commander's back is badly flayed and his flesh has been shaved. There are numerous near-fatal wounds.

Huh? What's up.

Oh, excuse me, I'll wipe up now. But...

(Old wounds, but still painful.)

What's up?

"Isn't this wound sinking in? I have a recovery pill, would you like me to use it?

 Allen smarts and tries to recover with the grass of life.


No, no, I have a lot of medicine. Then I'll use them.

"No, I told you not to use it. Stay tuned.

"Oh, I see.

 I didn't think he was going to say no. I thought he meant "good" as an affirmation. I thought he meant "good" as an affirmation, but apparently he wants the wound to stay that way. Allen continues to silently wipe your back.

(But then again, today's hunt wasn't very good at all. That was a slow march through the gate, but it was fortified and poorly defended. That was also a fatal mistake on my part, wasn't it?

 As I wipe his back impatiently, I reflect on today's hunt.

Is hunting fun?

 I was thinking about the hunt, and I feel as if my mind has been read somehow. I've been thinking about the hunt, and I feel as if my mind has been read somehow.

Yeah. It's a lot of fun.

 The knight commander only said so, but he didn't say anything else. It was a somewhat lonely back, but I didn't see that expression on Allen's face.

 The next day, I returned to the mansion a day late and explained the circumstances of the unauthorized overnight stay, but there was no blame. I was told I was lucky to be safe.

 From this response, Allen learned that he had been allowed to hunt pretty freely until now. But he didn't know why.

 Then two weeks later, at the end of May


 The Orc King bleeds and roars and falls to the ground.

I have killed an Orc king. You have gained 25,000 experience.

(Hmm, is this the right way? I've spent 120 D-ranked magic stones. (This is the first time I got a B-ranked magic stone.

 After much trial and error, Allen finally succeeded in clearing the orc village.
 We shouldn't have entered the village slowly at the entrance. If we did this, the orcs would form a formation and we would be left with nothing.

 After reflecting on this, we changed our strategy.

 First, I will attack the orc village with about forty beast D summons from all sides, ten at a time. If we defeat two beasts with one summoner, we will have killed 80 orcs with 40 summons. Reduce the number at once and don't let the orcs form a formation.

 Use about four of them to share a beast D summons to take out the orcs that can use magic. I tell the other summons to give priority to defeating magic-capable orcs as soon as they are found.

 Even if the summons are defeated and the number of summons is reduced or the Orc King appears, he will still summon summons the beast and defeat it in a battle of mass. It was a race against time, as long as the main body, Allen, was in a position where he would not be attacked.

 The Orc King was outnumbered and fell.

He was a bit drained of his magic stones, but he knew he could win if he insisted on winning. (I failed on my first play, but that's okay too.

 Taking on something for the first time was called a first-time play in a previous life. I consider the failure of the orc village to be a failure of the first play. If you're a gamer, it's important to gain experience and use it next time.

(Well, for now, I think I've made it to the Orc Village cleanup. Let's try to be a little more efficient in our mission.

 Starting with this clearing of the Orc villages, Allen aimed to clear all the Orc villages at the foot of the Shiro Dragon Mountains.