85 Episode 85 Runaway

"CeCe, Cecil lady!

 When the maidservant enters Cecil's room, Cecil, who is always lying in bed, is not there. Allen also heard the maidservant's cries and went into Cecil's room.

(Well, the window is open! (You got out of here!

 Cecil's room is on the third floor. I peer out the window to see if that's really possible. I don't see Cecil anywhere in the yard that I can see from here.

What's going on here?

 The butler also notices something is wrong and rushes in. When the maid explained the situation, the butler said, "Everyone search the building! And begins to instruct.

 Both the baron and the baroness notice something is wrong and start looking around, but they can't find it.

 The baron and his servants all begin to look for him. They are nowhere to be found, not even here...they search the yard and even the stable, but they are nowhere to be found.

 Allen calls out to the butler.

"Steward, he may be in the city. May I search the city, sir?

I know. You're up!

 Saying yes, Allen runs out of the mansion dressed as a servant.


 Allen had just sent eight birds E summons into the sky when he looked out of the window of Cecil's room. When summoning a summoner from inside the house to outside the house, you can't summon it unless you can see outside.

 The shared skill of Bird E's summoner, "Eagle's Eye", keeps the whole city on the lookout.

This city's so big for nothing. Don't let them come inside the house.)

 It's the city of Granville, which more than 100 years ago flourished in Mithril or feels uselessly large. Wish you were outside, because the inside of the building cannot be spotted by a hawk's eye.

(There it is!)

 Allen discovers Cecil. Allen discovers Cecile sitting in the corner of an alleyway many streets down from a downtown avenue he's never been to before. In the unflattering place, there is a girl with lilac hair, slumped and expressionless.

 As Allen hurries over, the place looks almost like a slum as seen from above. The landscape and air was stagnant, and Cecil was sitting alone in a somehow gloomy place.

 Cecil looked up, startled for a moment by the sound of Allen's footsteps and jolted by his shoulder.


"Yes, it is.

 Having replied, Allen says goodbye and sits down next to Cecil. As Allen sits beside you without saying a word, Cecil utters the words.

'Have you come to bring me back?


"Huh? Then?

I am the Master Cecil's servant. You were able to go out alone, so I came with you, as usual.

 Cecil and I have been to many places in this city as servants. Sometimes it was for shopping and other times she was in town for events as a nobleman's daughter. I'd go for walks with him when he wasn't busy.

 I'd say this situation is the same now.


 The words have not come out of Cecil's mouth, as if he did not expect such a thing to be said. Allen noticed that her feet were barefoot. If you look closely, you'll notice that the sole of her foot may have been cut by a floor stone, or it's bleeding in places. Apparently, she was sitting here because she couldn't walk anymore.

"Miss Cecil, I know you have an injury on your foot. I have the herbs to help you.

 Then Allen will let you recover with the grass of life.

Eh ......

 You'll be amazed at the herbs that heal the wound in the blink of an eye. For a moment, Allen sits beside Cecil without saying a word, and Cecil's stomach grumbles. Cecil shamefacedly holds his belly.

 It seems that she hasn't eaten anything since yesterday and is hungry.

"Miss Cecil, here's what I have for you.

 Take the mammo nuts, dried meat, and dried potatoes out of storage. Where do you get them out of? But he was hungry or maybe he was desperate to eat. All the while, Allen continues to stare at the end of the alley in silence.

Well, I'm not going to get tangled up here. Hmm?

 When Allen, who is concerned about security, said he didn't want to get entangled with the thugs, he did his best to search for them from the sky with the eyes of a hawk.


 A full belly seemed to give him more room in his heart. Remembering yesterday, Cecil is sobbing. The little "I don't want to die" can often be heard sitting next to her.

(Hmmm, I've never encouraged an 11-year-old girl before, but it's no use.)

"Miss Cecil,


"Why don't you come back to the mansion and leave the city with me? As I recall, tomorrow the magic ships will be here, and you can go overland from the city to other territories.


 I guess I didn't expect you to help me run away from home. You'll be able to see that the person you're looking at is a very good person.

"Why don't we forget about home and go to different cities together and see different worlds?

(I'm mainly looking at hexenbiests rather than cities. I was just missing the rear guard.

 Hexenbiest changes its expression to city because it is associated with death. None of Allen's summons can attack from a distance.

It doesn't make any sense!

"That's not true. Look.

 I've got the money for your escape from the city, and I'll show you a few gold coins.


Well, we can go back to the house and wait until you are twelve years old. Once you turn twelve, you can register as an adventurer, and then maybe you can start.

"Oh no, the school

 I thought Cecil was supposed to go to school town all the time when he turned twelve. That's what I was told.

"You don't have to go to the academy.

"No need?

"Yes, you don't have to go if someone tells you to go. What do you want to do, Miss Cecil? It's all up to you, Miss Cecil.

"What I want to do: ......

 Allen just wanted to tell you that you have a choice in life. Hearing that, Cecil started to think and waited in silence. Maybe for the first time he thought about what he wanted to do.

 An hour or so passes, sitting quietly beside you.

 The commotion can be heard in an alleyway here in the back, away from the main street. It's getting to be a big search.



I'm going back to the house.

I understand.

"Allen, piggyback

Please come in.

 Allen puts his back out and carries a barefoot Cecil on his back. He walks out of the alley toward the main street.


"Yes, what is it?

"Thanks ......

 Embarrassed, they thank you with their faces on your shoulders.

"No, no,

 Carry Cecil on your back and meet the knight's eyes as you step out into the main street. Tell him that you've found the Master Cecil and return to the pavilion slowly, not running with Cecil on your back.

 It took me quite a while to return on foot. There is news of Cecil's discovery, and the search seems to have already been called off. I don't see any knights running around anymore.

 The barons are waiting in line at the front of the building. Shortly before his parents stand, Cecil asks me to "drop you off here" and I'll drop him off at the door.

Cecil: "Cecil......

 The baron hugs Cecil.

"Oh, father, I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you. ......

"It's good, it's really good.

Yes, Cecil. Cecil doesn't have to be the only one who has to carry it.

 Beside her, the baroness also tells Cecil's return with tears of joy.

 The baron, who had been holding her, stretches out his arms and takes Cecil by both shoulders and says to her, "Soon, it's almost time.

"Soon, very soon!


The mining of Mithril will begin soon. If you give part of your mining rights to the crown, you may be relieved of your duties. I'll see to it that the royal family is well taken care of, Cecil, you have nothing to worry about.

 Maybe it's because Cecil got angry yesterday and went up to the third floor and couldn't tell you, or maybe it's because the baron tells him not to worry.

(Okay, that's why I was in a hurry.)

 Last year, when I heard the white dragon had moved on, I had the feeling that the baron from it was in a hurry to start mining as soon as possible. It seemed that Mithril's mining was at stake for his daughter's life.



 Cecil rejects those words. That's not what we decided in the alley.

I, Cecil Granvelle, will do my duty as House Granvelle. I will no longer flee, as my brother Mihai has done.

 The girl with the crimson eyes that tended to fish, said so in a trembling voice.