86 Episode 86: Gold coins and sweets

 One day, a few days after Cecil's runaway fiasco, Allen had come to the village of Krsna as a bird G summoner. Allen had come to the village of Krsna as a summoner of the bird G.

 Today, he's bringing the gold he's been sending back today. This is the tenth time I've sent money back since last July.


 Teresia, who had turned her back at the sound of Allen the Bird G dropping a gold coin on the dirt floor, noticed.

Hi, Pippi, did you bring it back? You also have a letter today.

(Chappie though)


 At the feet of the summoner of the bird G is a gold coin and a letter written on parchment. He brings the gold coin in his beak and the letter in his foot.

 Teresia approaches and picks up the letter and the gold coins that have fallen into the dirt.
 On the third sending off, the summoner of the bird G was found by Teresia. Or rather, she went into the dirt floor to be found.
 The third time I sent money, I made him bring me a letter for the first time. My first letter contained only one word.


 And that's all I wrote. My parents can barely read. I could only recognize my family's name. But that was enough for them to figure it out.


 From the living room, a four-year-old Murat comes out to the dirt floor to try to catch Pippi. The name "Pippi" has stuck with me, not "Chappie" as Allen named her.

(Doesn't matter if it doesn't grab you.)

 The summoner of Bird G has a speed of over 200. Even in the confines of a small room, it will still be able to brilliantly escape the clutches of my sister Murat.

No more Murat...


"Oh! You're coming back. Is he okay?

 Rodin comes into the house. He is thirsty with water from a water jar in the earthen floor.

 It's around noon and the family is about to have lunch. Rodin, Teresia, Mash, and Murat are having dinner. You are now a commoner, but your house is still the same and your meals are the same.

"Are you working on it? Let me see.

 Then Mash takes the letter that Teresia picked up.

Oh? (Can you read now?

 The reason for sending out letters was not only because the family would be suspicious of the gold coins that were falling. Last year Mash began to learn to write.

 Last year, an instructor came to the village, and Krsna's examinations began. It's a two-year study for the academy. The mayor has allowed me to study with you. There are several other students, including Dogora and Peromus, studying with Krsna.

 I've never seen the study itself, but apparently there are lessons on memorizing letters and math. I bring the letters written on parchment back to the house and mash is struggling to remember them aloud.

 He begins to read the words in broken English.

"Daddy, mommy, mommy, mula, how are you?
  The absence of oxygen is a source of rage.
  Don't drink too much sake.
  The muller is a good boy to sleep with.
  I'll send you more letters.

(Hoho, you're learning to read a lot better. Your studies are going well. Honestly, I think you could learn it faster if you wanted to.

 It's a world where the speed of memory changes with the increase in intelligence through leveling up. Even if Rodin's intellect is at D or E, he thinks that he would remember things better than others because his level was raised by boa hunting. I believe that he can read and write at least a few sentences after a year or so of diligent study.

Murat, the boy wants you to get it right.

"I'm getting it right!

 Clutching a handful of steamed potatoes, Murat insists on being a good boy and sleeping.

"But is it still okay for you to send money like this, Allen?

 Although several times the letter says that sending money back is okay, still Rodin worries. A piece of gold is quite expensive for a peasant and a commoner alike.

 Allen has earned more than 10 gold coins a month along with his salary since he started selling his armor ant armor. Sending money back to him for a gold coin is not a burden to Allen. I just use one gold coin to keep him from worrying too much.

 I've been a servant for more than a year and a half, and although I haven't done anything for my family, sharing makes it easier for me to send money. In another world, life isn't as secure as it was in previous lives. I don't know what I'll need, so I'll continue to send money for the time being.

 I'm sitting in the common room directing the summons of bird G, making sure my family is safe, when Cecil calls out to me. We're currently in the dining room during the baron's lunch.

"Come to your room later, Allen.

"Yes, Miss Cecil.

 Cecil seems to have managed to get his mind back on track over the past few days. He's not as unstable as he was before the royal messenger came, but he doesn't feel like he's going away anymore.

 She seems to have become a little kinder to Allen as well. His tone is still the same, but his gaze has softened a bit.

 You finish serving and head to Cecil's room shortly afterwards. When you knock, you'll be allowed to come in.

Allen, you spotted me the other day.

"Thank you.

 As soon as you enter the room, you are thanked for running away the other day.

Come here.


 Because of the scenery of my parents' house earlier, Cecil's room looks gorgeous.

 Cecil asked me to come over to the small round table in the room, which is small enough for two people to have tea.

 You are told to sit down. On the table are tea and sweets. It looks more luxurious than the sweets Cecil usually eats.

"Allen, you've been my servant for three years now. You found me the other day. This is my reward.

(Oh! It's candy! Treats! (Still, there was no cousin's second anniversary, but is there a third anniversary?

 He told me that he would give me a reward for my first year as Cecil's servant. Allen named it the first anniversary of my first year as a servant, and I was able to take a class in magic. That's how I learned about the relationship between wizards and intelligence in this world.

 Last year I was going to ask you for the first anniversary, I was going to ask you for some candy, but there was no second anniversary to begin with. I thought you had forgotten or got bored with the first anniversary, but it seems that the third anniversary will include a reward for running away from home the other day.

 Allen is made to sit in a chair.

 Cecil begins to explain how he prepared this snack.
 You asked the baron for some pocket money and the head chef made it for you. It seems this snack includes a thank you from the baron.

Oh! (That's the chef, a former court chef!

 Seeing the gorgeous sweets reminds me of something I once heard from Rickel.
 There are two people in the mansion who used to work at the castle.

 One is the head chef. He served as court cook in the castle until he was over 50 years old and returned to his hometown of Granville after he retired. I wondered if he could still serve as court chef with that tone of voice.

 The other one is Cecil's magic instructor. The older one who taught Aren all about magic worked for the royal castle. Granville is not the home of magic instructors.
 The reason why he's teaching in this house now is all for Cecil.

 Even customarily, if a noble had a talent for magic, he would hire a lecturer to teach magic.

 However, Cecil has a rather valuable talent as a mage. A wizard-level instructor wouldn't come all the way from the royal castle.
 He was chosen to teach because he had the same mage talent and said he wanted to retire soon. You'll be able to find out more about the best way to get the most out of your new job.

Come on, eat.


 Eat a crunchy, sweet baked good as you are told you can eat.

(Mmmm yum!)

 Allen has a sweet tooth to begin with, but he doesn't hold back as he gobbles up the candy.

Allen, you don't have to worry about it.


(What are you talking about?)

 As I was eating, I stopped to listen to Cecil as he seemed to still want to talk to me.

Allen is worried about the future and told me about the adventurer, but I'm not worried about that.

(Adventurer? (Ah, talk about in the alley)

 When Cecil was sitting in the alley after running away from home, he talked about becoming an adventurer to cheer him up.

Allen is working hard. I told my father to get him a squire as soon as possible.


 Cecil said with a smile that he would bring out the servant to the squire. All Allen could only say, "It's too good to be true.